specific issues linked with sports excellence n.
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Specific Issues Linked with Sports excellence

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Specific Issues Linked with Sports excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Specific Issues Linked with Sports excellence. Wk 14 Hooliganism & drugs. Ethics in Excellence. Abiding by rules Taking part rather than winning HOWEVER VAST AMOUNTS OF MONEY HAVE HAD A GREAT EFFECT ON THESE TRADITIONAL IDEALS!!! HOW?. Pressure from where?. Self – to gain finances

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specific issues linked with sports excellence

Specific Issues Linked with Sports excellence

Wk 14

Hooliganism & drugs

Contemp Studies yr 12

ethics in excellence
Ethics in Excellence
  • Abiding by rules
  • Taking part rather than winning


Contemp Studies yr 12

pressure from where
Pressure from where?
  • Self – to gain finances
  • Coaches/ Managers – to perform well
  • Spectators- for the team to succeed
  • International pressure – e.g. match fixing and the need to be seen on a world stage.
  • Traditionally, the UK has been associated with honesty and fair play.
  • However in recent years the win ethic has become more evident in British sport, which has seen an increase in cheating & deviancy

Contemp Studies yr 12

the win ethic
  • So what lengths will athletes go to, to ensure that they win?
  • Bending/ Breaking rules
  • Less credit given for taking part
  • Task: think of ways in which top class athletes bend/ break rules?

Contemp Studies yr 12

what is hooliganism
What is Hooliganism?
  • Includes physical assaults, verbal abuse, vandalism, missile throwing theft and possession of weapons.

Contemp Studies yr 12

culture of hooliganism
Culture of Hooliganism

Analyse this picture

Contemp Studies yr 12

violence amongst players
Violence amongst players
  • Mental & physical aggression are commonplace
  • Sport and its culture of violence e.g. rugby/ boxing
  • Frustration can also lead to violence (think of your own experiences)
  • Corruption at a higher level, e.g. gambling rings and big business

Contemp Studies yr 12

Violence is associated with masculinity

Violence on pitch is channelled aggression, sport is cathartic


Rule breaking has become more socially acceptable

Contemp Studies yr 12

what causes this violence
What causes this violence?
  • Violence on pitch
  • Alcohol
  • Boredom
  • Organised groups e.g. combat 18 & the national front
  • Unemployment
  • Ritualised behaviour of fans e.g. Swansea & Milwall
  • Culture of violence and its association with sport

Contemp Studies yr 12

media influence
Media Influence
  • Media report from a bias viewpoint as it is difficult to remain impartial.
  • Think about the difference between Welsh & English commentary for an international match!!
  • This said, there have been many highly violent hooligan incidents

Contemp Studies yr 12

media influence1
Media Influence
  • The media has a great deal of say, of how, when and where games are played.
  • American football is a prime e.g. of this
  • Can make or break certain sports e.g. rugby league.
  • What influence do you think this has on sport. (think about corruption, sponsorship, media demands & pressure)

Contemp Studies yr 12

is commercialisation professionalism to blame
Is Commercialisation & Professionalism to blame?
  • So what is deviant?
  • Taking instances out of a sporting situation e.g. boxing
  • A hit in a rugby game
  • A scuffle in the tunnel
  • Positive deviance (no pain no gain)
  • Negative deviance (violation of rules)
  • Do the actions of sportspeople filter into larger society via role models

Contemp Studies yr 12

consequences of violence
Consequences of Violence
  • All seater stadiums
  • Crowd segregation
  • Heavier policing
  • CCTV
  • Known hooligans banned from matches
  • Alcohol banned from grounds

Contemp Studies yr 12