ear barotrauma causes symptoms and treatment n.
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Ear Barotrauma: Pressure in The Ears - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment) PowerPoint Presentation
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Ear Barotrauma: Pressure in The Ears - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)

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Ear Barotrauma: Pressure in The Ears - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ear Barotrauma: Pressure in The Ears - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)
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  1. Ear Barotrauma: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment:- It is discomfort in the ear due to pressure differences between the inside and outside of the eardrum. Source - Hearing Solutions

  2. What is Ear Barotrauma It is a biggest ear problem for people, and it is painful for baby and also for young kids because their ear are not fully developed. In ear there is a tube that connects the middle of your ear to your throat and nose. It help to regulate ear pressure. Tube is known as eustachian tube. When tube is closed, you experience ear barotrauma. It is common especially in environments where weather changes.

  3. Ear barotrauma is physical damage to body tissues, Barotrauma affect the Inner, Middle and External Ear, Middle barotrauma is most common experienced and is due to insufficient equilibration of the middle ear. External ear barotrauma may occur if high pressure air is trapped in the external auditory canal. Inner barotrauma less common than middle ear barotrauma.

  4. Causes of Ear Barotrauma:- Ear barotrauma happens when sensitive to change in air pressure, And Eustachian (Eustachian is a tube) is blockage it is one of the main cause of ear barotrauma. The eustachian helps to restore equilibration during changes in pressure. The problem often occurs with altitude change like: flying, scuba diving, and diving in the mountains. It also be caused by swelling in the throat.

  5. Here some points of Ear Barotrauma:- ● Pressure differences while diving ● Blast-induced barotrauma ● Ventilator-induced barotrauma ● Ear infections ● Ear Congestion (This Fluid not only causes ear pressure, loss of balance, tinnitus”ringing in the ear” ● Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

  6. Symptoms of Ear Barotrauma: The main symptoms of ear barotrauma you feel discomfort in the ear like pain in the ears, sensation of fullness in the ears. When babies and young kids cry on an airplane takeoff or landing, it is happen because they feel ear pain and blockage it means there happens ear barotrauma. If in your ears pain and bleeding it is sign of ear barotrauma.

  7. Ear barotrauma is usually temporary. If you feel ear pain and hearing power decreased, you should consult with doctor. Doctor will treat you and give you some suggestions and tips to help prevent any complications.

  8. Common symptoms:- Common symptoms:- 1. Ear pain and bleeding 2. Feeling pressure in ear 3. Nosebleed 4. Dizziness & feelings of unbalance 5. Hearing loss 6. Sensation of fullness 7. Ear infections 8. Recurring pain

  9. Treatment of Ear Barotrauma:- Treatment of Ear Barotrauma:- If doctor diagnosis ear barotrauma, you can take steps to open eustachian and relieve the pressure or pain. Here some selfcare steps you can take immediate relief. You can help relieve the effects of air pressure on ear by:- ★ Breathing exercise ★ Yawning & Drinking ★ Chewing gum ★ Taking decongestants ★ Ear Planes

  10. When flying, always try to do not sleep as the plane prepares to land. In ear barotrauma hearing loss is always temporary Now discussing some treatments steps:- Treatment is depend on the symptoms:- First aid:- First aid:- Pre-hospital care for barotrauma includes basic life support of maintaining breathing and circulation, neurological assessment and managing any immediate life threatening conditions. Emergency Treatment:- Emergency Treatment:- You need to take medicine to relieve nasal congestion and allow the eustachian tube to open, such as- Decongestants taken by mouth or by a nose spray, steroids. ❏ ❏

  11. Surgery:- Surgery:- In many cases of barotrauma, surgery is the best for treatment. In Chronic case of ear barotrauma can be aided with the help of ear tubes. Ear tube also known as tympanostomy tubes. This treatment used in those who want to change altitudes like who need to fly or travel often. The ear tube commonly remain the place within 6 to 12 months. But it is not a permanent solution. ❏

  12. Prevention Prevention:- You may decrease your risk of experiencing barotrauma by taking decongestants before diving and flying. Steps for you can take to prevent barotrauma:- ➢ Descend slowly while diving ➢ Breathing exercise ➢ Avoid wearing earplugs while diving and flying.

  13. I hope you get some relief from negative pressure I hope you get some relief from negative pressure build in your ear by following our treatment and build in your ear by following our treatment and prevention. If you still have some difficulty consult prevention. If you still have some difficulty consult a professional for a professional for consult consult or call on this number or call on this number 1800-121-4408(Toll Free) 1800-121-4408(Toll Free)1800-121-4408 (Toll Free)1800-121-4408 (Toll Free)