invasion of the boy snatchers
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Invasion of the Boy Snatchers

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Invasion of the Boy Snatchers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Invasion of the Boy Snatchers. Written by: Lisi Harrison By: Micayla St.Aude. About the Author.

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invasion of the boy snatchers

Invasionof the Boy Snatchers

Written by: Lisi Harrison

By: Micayla St.Aude

about the author

About the Author

Lisi Harrison- She was born in Toronto on January 20th 1975. She has written The Clique, Best Friends for Never, Revenge of the Wannabes, The Pretty Committee Strikes Back , and Dial L for Loser ( etc…). Her main occupation is a writer. She got started when she worked on the channel MTV.



In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers the setting takes place in the state Westchester. There are also multiples settings like Massie’s house, OCD (there school ), her friend Alicia Rivera’s house, and the soccer field. This all takes place around late winter early spring.



Massie- She like the head of the Pretty Committee. She very bossy and doesn’t show her feelings to her friends.

Claire- She is the more quiet person in the group and is always thinking about her boyfriend Cam Fisher. She kind of just became friends with Massie.

Alicia- She likes this new guy Josh Hotz. Her new cousin Nina just came into town. She doesn’t like her cousin when she starts stealing not just items but her guy.

Dylan- She is very insecure about her weight. She thinks everybody is talking about it but they are really not. She gets the flu and starts losing weight because her month is on fire and she cant eat.

Kristen- She just got a new hair haircut and everybody is mistaking her for a guy because she sometimes dresses like a guy. She is obsessed with soccer and sports.

Nina- Nina is Alicia’s cousin. When she gets to Westchester she is known for being a s-l-u-t. Massie doesn’t like it when she noticed derrington is looking at her with stars in his eyes. Nina and Massie butt heads through out the story.



The Pretty Committee are wanting to get the first kisses at the big Love Struck Dance, but there is only one person standing in there way. She is Alicia’s cousin, Nina. All of the guys are in love with her including Derrington, Cam, and Josh. Massie, Claire, and Alicia are not to thrilled about it because they really like them and make up a plan to get rid of her.

conflict resolution

Conflict/ Resolution

Massie vs. Nina

The conflict is between Massie and Nina. Massie doesn’t like Nina the first time she saw her when she catches Derrington looking at her. Throughout the story Nina is takes her friends away from her, but only Kristen and Dylan fall into it. Now she finds out she is stealing stuff and goes an frames her at the Love Struck Dance. The conflict is resolved when Nina goes home after they embarrass her. Then things go back to normal.



I think the theme or moral in the story is things might back fire. I think it would be that because Massie is rude to Nina and sees her as a treat. Nina knows that Massie likes Derrington and Nina kinds of uses that to her advantage and makes Massie jealous.

personal book review

Personal Book Review

In Invasions of the Boy Snatchers the Pretty Committee is getting ready for the big Love Struck Dance. At the same time Alicia’s cousin, Nina is coming for the semester. The Pretty Committee is accepting at first, but when she starts not just stealing stuff to make herself look good she starts stealing guys too. Not just any guys but Massie, Claire, and Alicia crushes. They get furious and find some plan to get rid of her. They do it by humiliating her at the dance. They bring embarrassing photos and frame her for stealing. This book was really good and I would recommend it for teen girls and in the middle school. I give this book two thumbs up and you should read this book and the series also.