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  1. Portfolio By Constance Murtaugh

  2. Table of Contents • Direct link to Wikispace: • Slide 1 Cover • Slide 2 Table of Contents • Slide 3 Mission Statement • Slide 4 What is Essential • Slides 5-9 Proposition One; Introduction, Rationale, Artifact, Reflection • Slides 10-14 Proposition Two; Introduction, Rationale, Artifact, Reflection • Slides 15-19 Proposition Three; Introduction, Rationale, Artifact, Reflection • Slides 20-24 Proposition Four; Introduction, Rationale, Artifact, Reflection • Slides 25-29 Proposition Five; Introduction, Rationale, Artifact, Reflection • Slides 30-31 UNE: Reflection on my Experiences • Slides 32- 38 CAGS Advanced Educational Leadership Artifacts • Slide 39 The Journey Continues

  3. Mission Statement and Educational Philosophy • Maria Montessori said, “Look to the child.” This small yet profound statement has been my beacon through nearly all of my teaching career. • My philosophy is my action, is my mission. It must be for what are the value of words if not translated into deeds. • Whatever can help me identify the needs of my students and access their unique potential is where I go. • Development of the whole child, that is, academically, socially, and emotionally is the fulfillment of my mission as a teacher and the flowering of a philosophy I hold dear.

  4. What is Essential • Each image, photograph, and quote contained in this portfolio expresses my beliefs, aspirations, and ways of viewing the world around me. They say more than I could explain with a multitude of words. • “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry • “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson • My resume can be accessed through: Resume

  5. The beginning is the most important part of any work especially in the case of [the] young…for that is the time at which the character is being formed.Socrates

  6. NBPTSProposition 1 • NBCTs are dedicated to making knowledge accessible to all students. • They treat students equitably. They recognize the individual differences that distinguish their students from one another and they take account for these differences in their practice. • They are concerned with their students’ self-concept, their motivation and the effects of learning on peer relationships. • NBCTs are also concerned with the development of character and civic responsibility.

  7. NBTPS Proposition 1 Artifact Rationale • Diversity in the classroom reflects the nature of our society at large. Students come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and economic conditions. To produce a classroom climate that promotes inclusion and equal representation is one of the first keys to learning. The emotional environment can promote or deeply hinder the education of those within our classes. It is my belief that that before the three R’s there has to be the big E and the immovable I, that is the Emotions have to be engaged and there can be no exceptions to the feeling of being Included.

  8. Artifact for NBTPS Proposition 1 Please access artifact by right clicking on image and opening hyperlink.

  9. NBTPS Proposition 1 Artifact Reflection • The Friendship Ceremony or Candle Ceremony was special. The day after the information packet went out a parent called with the lovely quote from Buddha to add to the affirmation; a great beginning in our quest for a sense of community and caring. • The ceremony gave a beautiful start to the school week and taught me the warm patience of waiting as I watched the candles slowly being lighted. I believe it helped unify our class. Regardless of age each student had a turn to lead the ceremony and they often had to help one another to attain a full circle of light. • As the ceremonies progressed they noticed when friends entered the classroom late and learned how to quietly make room for them. They learned to be still as the leader went around the circle and they learned how to hold a candle so the flame would not extinguish. • As time progressed it was not easy to be consistent especially when there were many absences. When I do this activity again I will anticipate the absences more. I will find the true dripless candle (though the wax did provide some interesting observations. Lastly, I will laminate the affirmation and post it on the wall for reference and a visual reminder of our goal.

  10. Let me go where’er I will, I hear a sky-born music still: It sounds from all things old, It sounds from all things young, From all that’s fair, from all that’s foul, Peals out a cheerful song. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  11. NBPTS Proposition 2 • NBCTs have mastery over the subject(s) they teach. They have a deep understanding of the history, structure and real-world applications of the subject. • They have skill and experience in teaching it, and they are very familiar with the skill gaps and preconceptions students may bring to the subject. • They are able to use diverse instructional strategies to teach for understanding.

  12. NBPTS Proposition 2 Artifact Rationale • Linking classroom learning with real-life experience creates deep and lasting learning. In this unit on volcanoes concepts and hands on experience culminated in presentation in a science fair and a three day, two night camping trip to a volcanic park which united not only classmates but the families involved in organizing and attending the science fair and joining the camping trip. • This experienced deepened my knowledge and understanding that shared experience toward a common goal linked with a sound conceptual background produces optimal learning. • I have included the unit under Proposition 2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects. to Students. The detailed lessons show differentiation of instruction through the technology links, adaptations, extensions, and step by step outlining. • What teaching this unit, participating in the science fair, but especially the camping trip produced was challenging, exciting and profound. Several parents who attended the camping trip commented it was a life-changing event. It is my hope to reproduce learning experiences like this, ones that produce community and investment in learning.

  13. Artifact for Proposition 2 Climbing the cinder cone Please access artifact by right clicking on image and opening hyperlink.

  14. NBPTS Proposition 2 Artifact Reflection • In his unit the science experiments connected to the volcano unit, building a classroom volcano, and the camping trip were all exciting and engaging. The visit to Mount Lassen Volcanic Park enabled the students to apply concepts learned in the classroom to a real life setting. The instructions given for each assignment were specifically written out in each lesson yet were flexible enough, that if the activity or children’s interest pointed in a related direction of a new discovery or deeper understanding we could go there. Most of the assignments included a hands-on element. The products themselves showed clearly whether directions had been carefully followed. Other assessments included an evaluative rubric and the judging of entries by community members in the science fair. • Reflecting on the student and parent comments throughout the process, I would extend this unit and include related studies for example, plant growth cycle. We noticed when climbing the cinder cone, except for some bushes at the top and a few evergreens in the distance, it almost devoid of life. Other topics might include lava flow studies and the effects of local volcanic eruptions.

  15. They go! they go! I know that they go, but I know not where they go, But I know that they go toward the best-toward something great. Walt Whitman

  16. NBPTS Proposition 3 • NBCTs deliver effective instruction. They move fluently through a range of instructional techniques, keeping student motivated, engaged and focused. • They know how to engage students to ensure a disciplined learning environment, and how to organize instruction to meet instructional goals. • NBCTs know how to assess the progress of individual students as well as the class as a whole. • They use multiple methods for measuring student growth and understanding, and they can clearly explain student performance to parents.

  17. NBPTS Proposition 3 Artifact Rationale • The care with which instruction is organized and aligned with instructional goals can have a lasting impact on a student’s educational path and assessment and redefining of those goals can build brick by brick, steps to success. • This artifact was chosen because it exemplifies diversity of techniques designed to meet this student’s specific needs. • The case study using the SETT framework takes into account the student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests such as the student’s enjoyment of technology. Providing opportunities for success, as described in the artifact is what teaching is about and as we know, supported and designed successes in the educational setting help students to craft their own personal avenues for learning. • In addition to the case study are examples of a writing rubric and student respect rubric designed through an online rubric makers and modified to meet the needs of my classroom.

  18. Artifacts for NBPTS Proposition 3 Please access artifacts by right clicking on images and opening hyperlinks.

  19. NBPTS Proposition 3 Artifact Reflection • Delving into the many possibilities of support technology was invigorating and brought new insights into my teaching. This study made me more open to viewing technology as a tool not only for intervention, but also for the advantage of students within the general classroom setting. • Funding of the computer and technology literate classrooms can be difficult especially for schools in poorer districts. Working in a school where approximately 50% of the student population place at or below the poverty level, price was a strong consideration in the search for support technology. • In searching, I discovered free and low cost solutions many of which I have passed on to parents to use as a support at home. • This has made me feel inspired to search the world wide web for solutions more often. The world wide web can bring the connecting of many resources which used rightly can assist students, parent and teachers in the classroom. Exciting!

  20. I celebrate myself, and sing myself,And what I assume you shall assumeFor every atom belonging to me as good belongs to youWalt Whitman

  21. NBPTS Proposition 4 • NBCTs model what if means to be an educated person- they read, they question, they create and they are willing to try new things. • They are familiar with learning theories and instructional strategies and stay abreast of current issues in American education. • They critically examine their practice on a regular basis to deepen knowledge, expand their repertoire of skills, and incorporate new findings into their practice.

  22. NBPTS Proposition 4 Artifact Rationale • Motivation the key to everything we do, sometimes straight forward and visible; others times hidden and obscure. The role of the teacher is to engage the child. Educare – to draw forth; to educate to find the string, the motivational key that connects the child to his or her potential; that draws forth that which is unique to the child; that engages and fulfills the promising potential that each child has. • Teachers through experience develop their own personal bag of tricks to get their students ‘motivated’, engaged, and excited about their own learning. Though extremely valuable, it is important for teachers to educate themselves in the newly developing theories, methodologies, and strategies. Differentiation is a needed tool for every teacher. It can create the climate students want to learn in. For these reasons I include this artifact.

  23. Artifact for NBPTS Proposition 4 Please access artifact by right clicking on image and opening hyperlink.

  24. NBPTS Proposition 4Artifact Reflection • Though concepts were taught and standards met, the most enlightening experience of this artifact was how the interest in poetry, form, and self expression carried throughout the rest of the school year. • The success in the activities seemed to create a sense of expectancy of success in extensions and related lessons. • The efforts made in the planning stage to relate lessons to their background experience and differentiate for full inclusion proved more powerful than anticipated in developing positive attitudes toward poetry, form, and artistic expression. • That is, poetry is not just for those who can ‘write good’ and ‘read good’ and expressing oneself artistically whether with drawing, graphics in other modalities can be part of who one is.

  25. …the goodness of the sky make them near, as a circle of friends.John Muir

  26. NBPTS Proposition 5 • NBCTs collaborate with others to improve student learning. • They are leaders and actively know how to seek and build partnerships with community groups and businesses. • They work with professionals on instructional policy, curriculum development and staff development. • They can evaluate school progress and the allocation of resources in order to meet state and local education objectives. • They know how to work collaboratively with parent to engage them productively in the work of the school.

  27. NBPTS Proposition 5Artifact Rationale • Benjamin Franklin said, “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” • In the busy world of teaching it is easy to become encased in your own bundle (classroom) and even though we, as teachers, know the value of connection and input from colleagues it can be difficult to do this consistently without a formalized structure and definitive plan. • Peer coaching is an effective, personal way for teachers to support one another, engage in productive problem solving , and professional development while learning about each other, their classrooms and their students. For these reasons this artifact on Peer Coaching is included.

  28. Artifact for NBPTS Proposition 5 African rock art courtesy of A. Zboray Please access artifact by right clicking on image and opening hyperlink.

  29. NBPTS Proposition 5Artifact Reflection • The peer coaching project I was involved in creating and participating in was a valuable learning experience for me. Although I’ve mentored several teachers over the years, this was different because of the structure and nature of the assignment. • It was fun to observe in a colleague’s class with specific observational directions. The sharing of the notes taken during those observations helped me invite new viewpoints and ways of looking. • It was exciting to brainstorm with my colleague, share strategies and connect professionally in an intentional, planned, manner. • In these times of budget cuts, peer coaching can be a way to continue professional development within the school and it can also I see, be a way to unify and invite teachers to share and support one another. This was my experience. Though not easy to arrange, this peer coaching project gave me a sense of empowerment and reminded me that we as teachers can do for one another.

  30. UNE: Reflection on My Experiences When I first started looking for a school to attend to pursue my master’s degree, my main requirement for a graduate program was that it had to be completely on-line. The reasons for this were due to living in a rural community and living a good distance from a university that offered a graduate program. However, as I have learned through participating in this program that reasons are sometimes convenient truths. What is driving one is not always if even seldom seen. Now I know that what I was looking for was a reputable school with people that cared about education and the students they taught. This I found at UNE even before attending any classes. The summer before starting I had occasion to be in New England and visited the university. I at once fell in love with the green grass, lush trees, quaint buildings, and fragrant air. The first and only live person I met was Martha Corkery. As we sat and talked in her office my eyes moved from one child/student created object to another all displayed without pretense. The thought came, a real teacher, one who has experienced the classroom, this is the place for me.

  31. Reflection continued… It was good this positive and intuitive knowing took place prior to my enrollment for my time at UNE was a struggle – hard - but though I often felt alone, I never felt unsupported. I don’t know what I would have done without Dayle Bryant who ushered and helped me through each crisis and answered every question I asked with kindness and respect. The same could also be said of each instructor I had. They were respectful and helpful and I think for the first time in my life, I kind of developed a bit of trust for the ones teaching me. What has been learned from this whole experience, though it may sound like a cliché, has been invaluable and will guide me as an educator. With each struggle has come the emergence of seeds of compassion for students such as myself. With each struggle grows the determination and confirmation that education has to be about educating guiding, caring, loving.

  32. Certificate of Advanced Graduate StudyEducation Leadership “This child has dignity built right in. It’s already there; we don’t have to put it there. Our job is to acknowledge it and work with it.” “Only students with a strong sense of their own dignity can grow up to be adults who can take risks, handle minor failures, and act to protect other people’s dignity.” Senge, P. (2000). Schools that Learn

  33. Reflections on Good Leadership Skills and QualitiesExample of School Scenario

  34. Where does the Money Go? • I am familiar with small school budgets and how they operate so this exercise was not entirely a foreign experience. However, the constraints regarding monies and actions helped give this assignment a realistic edge. • Simulated Budget

  35. School LawA course for all teachers and administrators Exciting, Informative, Breathtaking….and Scary Compendium Notebook

  36. Organizational Theory SWOT

  37. Supervision “The key to quality is slowing down…” Marshall, K. (2009). Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Observation Time

  38. Time Well Spent: Reflecting on the CAGS Program Perhaps there is a developing maturity that comes with not only struggle but the acceptance of oneself and one’s strengths and weaknesses. What kind of leadership role will I meet on my path? I do not know, but I can say the instructors and UNE staff have proved themselves sincere investors in the cutting edge of the educational world.

  39. The Journey Continues“Let me go where’re I will,I hear a sky-born music still:It sounds from all things old,It sounds from all things young,From all that’s fair, from all that’s foul,Peals out a cheerful song.”Ralph Waldo Emerson