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CANADIAN GOOSE. A WILD GOOSE BY: SILVANA RODRIGUEZ. INTRODUCTION. The family is Anataide The species is Canadensis The scientific name of the canadian goose is Branta Canadensis They are not endagered of extintion It is an omnivore.

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  2. INTRODUCTION • ThefamilyisAnataide • ThespeciesisCanadensis • Thescientificname of thecanadiangooseisBrantaCanadensis • They are notendagered of extintion • Itisanomnivore

  3. They are 7 subspecies of thecanadiangeesebutyou can alsocallitthe Canadian Goose • The animal kingdomis a bird • Thegroupstheylive in are anataide and theymigratewiththem • Thelifespanis time in years

  4. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Theirheightis 75 to 110 cm • Theirweightis 3.2_ 6.5 kg • Theyhavefeathers in allthebody • It has webbedfeet • Theyhave a peakthatallowsthemtoeatbetter • It has black head • It has blackneck • It has white chin • It has brownfeathers • Theireyes are always of color black • Theyfly • Theirfeathers are brown and big

  5. HABITAT • Theylive in the tropical rain forests • Thecanadiangeesemost of the time are in lakes • Theclimate in the tropical rain forestsisgoodforthecanadiangeesebecausethereisalot of water.

  6. PHYSICAL ADAPTATIONS • Thecanadiangeesefeathershelpthemtoresisistcoldtemperatures • Withitspeakis more easertoeattheirfood • A canadiangoose can be veryagressiveprotectinghisterritory • They can be more agressiveiftheyhavebabies in histerritory

  7. PREYS AND PREDATORS • Thecanadiangeese are herbivores, theplantsthattheyeat are: Grasses Catails Sedges Rushes Pondweeds • Theowlseatthecanadiangeese • Peoplehuntthem

  8. REPRODUCTION • Duringthesecondyear of hislifes, theyfind a mate. • Withthat mate staytherest of hislifes • Whenone mate dies, theotherfindsother mate • Thefemale lay 3 to 8 eggs • Theparentsstaywiththebabywhen he knowshowtohunttheirfood • Thegestationperiod of thefemale i of 30 days • Thename of thebabyis a gosling

  9. BEHAVIORAL ADAPTATION • Theymigratefortheclimte and food • Theymigrate in winter • ThecnadiangoosemigratefromCanadatoUnitedStates • Thedangers in theirmigrationisthatthepeople can huntthem • Themigrationisnot so long

  10. FUN FACTS • Whenthecanadiangoosemigrate, they can cover 1500 miles ( 2.400 kilometers) in just 24 hourswith a goodweather • Theynotonlylive in thelakes, theylivealsointhestreams and ponds • Itisfound in theUnitedStates and Canada

  11. BIBLIOGRAPHIES • En.wikipedia.org.wiki.canadiangoose • Allaboutbirds.com • Animals.nationalgeographic.com • Nathistoric.bio.uci.edu

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