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The Social Statistics Database: PowerPoint Presentation
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The Social Statistics Database:

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The Social Statistics Database: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Invaluable source of micro-data for socio-economic statistics Johan van Rooijen. The Social Statistics Database:. Contents of this pesentation. What does the Social Statistics Database (SSD) contain? Linkage keys Standardization Data and metadata Process Privacy-protection

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The Social Statistics Database:

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contents of this pesentation
Contents of this pesentation
  • What does the Social Statistics Database (SSD) contain?
  • Linkage keys
  • Standardization
  • Data and metadata
  • Process
  • Privacy-protection
  • Output-examples
ssd contents
SSD: contents

The SSD is a central database containing microdata on:

  • Persons
  • Relations between persons
  • Households
  • Jobs
  • Self-eployment
  • Social security benefits
  • State and employer pensions
  • Income
  • Education
  • Hospitalizations
  • Causes of death
  • Criminal offense reports
  • Houses
  • Vehicles

and more……


Many administrative sources, such as:

  • Population Register
  • Register Income Tax Declarations
  • Administration of Employee Insurance Schemes
  • Police Register
  • Valuation of real estate registration system


  • Labour Force Survey

Future developments: more administrative sources, more surveys, big data?

ssd linkage keys
SSD: linkage keys

All mirco datafiles stored in the SSD contain a LINKAGE KEY:

Interlinking microdata is what the SSD is about!


linking microdata on graduates with data on persons and data

on employment in order to describe the transisiton from

education to labour market participation


SSD: contents and linkage keys

PIN: person identification number

HIN: household identification number

AIN: adress identification number

EIN: enterprise identification number

ssd standardization
SSD: standardization

standardization is an important aspect of the SSD

  • organization of the IT-infrastructure
  • file formats
  • linkage keys
  • names
  • metadata

In conclusion:

Microdata-files are linked to other microdata-files by means of a set of standardized linkage keys

Microdata-files are linked to their metadata through the name (file-name / variable-names)

ssd privacy protection
SSD: privacy-protection


  • Statistics Netherlands Act
  • Netherlands Data Protection Act

These laws:

  • authorize Statistics Netherlands to use personal data
  • oblige Statistics Netherlands to take adequate measures aimed at privacy protection

Privacy protection measures:

  • Linkage keys are anonymous, original personal identifiers are removed from the data
  • Access rights to the SSD are restricted
  • Limited e-mail facilities
  • Staff members have to take an oath
  • Check on disclosure risk of output
research by external researchers through centre for policy related statistics
Research by external researchers (through Centre for Policy-related Statistics)
  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute: linking SSD-data to cancer registration
  • Municipalities: evaluation of their social assistance policy by enriching own data with data from the SSD