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Discovery Education streaming Overview: More Than Just Videos PowerPoint Presentation
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Discovery Education streaming Overview: More Than Just Videos

Discovery Education streaming Overview: More Than Just Videos

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Discovery Education streaming Overview: More Than Just Videos

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  1. Discovery Education streaming Overview:More Than Just Videos

  2. Discovery Education streaming Leading video-on-demand service for schools • Over 4,000 videos/ 20,000 images • All K-12 subject areas • Correlated to standards • Rich professional development included in subscription price • Used by more than half of US schools

  3. Discovery Education streaming Plus Access More Digital Resources in More Subjects • Expand the Discovery Education streaming video-on-demand library with 3,700 additional digital videos from AIMS Multimedia, Clearvue & SVE, and PBS®. • Access to PLANET EARTH • Thousands of audio files including audio books, famous speeches, classical music, and more. 7,700 total videos 3,000 Clearvue audio programs

  4. Existing username and password

  5. New User Login Enter Passcode

  6. Me and My DE Your landing page and easy access to all of your DE products, Discovery Educator Network, and free school resources!

  7. Biomes Searching for Content Type in keyword in the Search Box Search within specific content Advanced Search Curriculum Standards search

  8. Advanced Search Drill down even finer using drop down boxes Quickly find Editable, Close Captioned and Spanish Titles

  9. Search Results Dynamic return – you can toggle between videos, images songs, articles, subjects, etc Asset Detail

  10. Asset Detail…in detail Video title and run time Video Description Teacher’s Guides, Blackline Masters, Curriculum Standards

  11. Let’s look at a video Full Video tab: Segments, Description, Grades, Play & Download Adjusting your Media Settings:

  12. The Media Settings controls are located directly under the viewer and give you the ability to enable the closed caption text display and select the media player you prefer to use as you watch full video files and segments.

  13. All videos are segmented You can play or download individual pieces of the full video When you click on Play you stream live over the internet. (bandwidth intensive)

  14. Download InstructionsDownloading a video or segment saves a copy of the file to a computer or network for future access. For many, it is the most reliable way to deliver video in the classroom.Windows Download Instructions • Right-click on the download icon • Select "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Mozilla Firefox) • Navigate to the location where you would like to store the video • Click the "Save" button • Mac Download Instructions • Hold down the cntl key and click on the blue download icon • Select "Save Link As..." (Mozilla Firefox) • Navigate to the location where you would like to store the video

  15. All videos are cited and include related materials

  16. Printer Friendly View Print out a description for your binder or Sub folder

  17. E-mail your findings!

  18. My Content Internal bookmarking for all your streaming assets.

  19. Organize your bookmarks with folders

  20. Teacher Center Access to all DE streaming tools

  21. Over 600 pre-populated prompts or create your own with over 20,000 images Create interactive quizzes and polls tied to videos, sounds, speeches and more! Combine all these tools and assign it to your students as homework, lab work, or for use in a learning center

  22. Use the interactive Calendar as an activator in the classroom

  23. Access hundreds of editable k-12 lesson plans Want a ready made unit? Check out the weekly or archived Thematic Foci Stay informed with the DEN and DE newsletters

  24. Professional Development Access to training tools, integration ideas, and webinars

  25. Webinars Teaching Tips Live online training One page fact sheets that show you how to integrate streaming into your classroom Trainer’s Toolkit Everything you need to train your teachers on streaming Interactive Training Always on tour of streaming DEN Access to the largest online community of tech savvy educators

  26. Discovery Educator Network

  27. …a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating and networking.

  28. Take it to the next level. Become a STAR.