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Business Insight in Distribution & Services Retail Hospitality Consumer Goods PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Insight in Distribution & Services Retail Hospitality Consumer Goods

Business Insight in Distribution & Services Retail Hospitality Consumer Goods

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Business Insight in Distribution & Services Retail Hospitality Consumer Goods

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  1. Business Insight in Distribution & ServicesRetailHospitalityConsumer Goods Name Title Date, 2010

  2. Agenda • Retail Business Challenges • Business Insight Scenarios • Retail • Hospitality • Consumer Goods • Microsoft BI Solution

  3. Business Insight The Power Shift to Shoppersdriving need for more information • Observe & Serve the • Shoppers • Predict & Produce • to • Consumers • Buy & Leverage • by • Retailers • Produce & Push by • Manufacturers 1900 19802000 2007

  4. Business Challenges Expansion Formats Collaboration Channels Global and Green New Formats Without Walls Digital Reach Business models are changing at an unprecedented pace due to global and technological opportunities and challenges

  5. New Business Disruptors • Mobile Shopping • Disruptor: Shelf Edge Price Compete • Response: Branded Mobile Experience (product details, location) • Customer Control • Disruptor: Empowered Consumers • Response: Empowered Stores (Real time, S+S, Managed) • Multi-channel Digital Marketing • Disruptor: Conversion to Digital and Social Media • Response: Integrated Digital Platform (Search, Ads, Social, Analytics) • BI Across Borders • Disruptor: Virtual Organizations • Response: BI to the masses (Analytics, UC, Portal, Collaboration)

  6. 2009 Aberdeen Report – x,000’s and counting!Top 5 Technologies that will impact business over the next 2-5 years NEW! -4% NEW! NEW! (#1 is BI) (#2 to #3!) Aberdeen Increasing Retail productivity by Enterprise performance Management. March 2009

  7. Technology Trends in Business Insight

  8. Barriers for use of BI DifficultTo Use “Foreign” tools inhibit adoption and use Functionality split across multiple tools Fragmented Rigid and unable to change with the business Inflexible Narrowly deployed without a complete view Departmental Too costly for broad deployment Costly

  9. Agenda • Retail Business Challenges • Business Insight Scenarios • Retail • Hospitality • Consumer Goods • Microsoft BI Solution

  10. The Need for Better Insight & VisibilityExists Throughout the Organization CEO “I need to know that the people in my organization have the right goals in place to understand and execute on the strategic initiatives of the company – and do soin the most cost-effective way.” VP, Sales and Marketing “I need better visibility into our performance and promotions so I can focus on deals that help me grow business with my most profitable customers.” CFO “I need to improve our analytics capabilities so we can understand our current business performance and do a better job of planning for the future." People Customer Support “I need better access to information to make better decisions on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.” Sales/Store / Property Manager “I need to have more timely information to improve the efficiency of operations” VP, Operations “I need better visibility into my cost of operations so I can target specific cost reduction opportunities that won’t have a negative impact.”

  11. Business Scenarios - Retail Store Manager Sales Associate Customer • Store Profitability • Sales Performance • Stock Control • Loss Prevention • Task Management • Customer Insight • Sales and Service Performance • Profitability • Loyalty and persistency • Market basket analysis Marketing / MM Supply Chain CFO / CEO • Price optimization • Campaign results • Assortment Planning • Demand planning • Vendor performance • Inventory optimization • Out-of stock prevention • Financial Reporting • Business KPIs • Strategy & Planning

  12. Business Scenarios – Hospitality Property Manager Front desk Customer • Profitability • Sales Performance • Inventory Control • Task Management • Property execution • Customer Insight • Sales and Service Performance Management • Profitability • Loyalty and persistency Marketing Property Owners Corporate • Campaign results • Demand planning • Inventory planning • Fianncial reporting • Business KPIs • Strategy & Planning • Financial Reporting • Business KPIs • Strategy & Planning

  13. Business Scenarios – Consumer Goods Category Manager Retail Customer • Profitability • Sales Performance • Stock Control • Promotions • Store execution • Trade promotion Management • Sales and Service Performance • Field Management • Profitability • Loyalty and persistency • Market basket analysis Marketing/Merchand. Supply Chain CFO / CEO • Campaign results • Assortment Planning • Demand planning (DSR) • Inventory planning • Inventory optimization • Out-of stock prevention • Financial Reporting • Business KPIs • Strategy & Planning

  14. Agenda • Retail Business Challenges • Business Insight Scenarios • Retail • Hospitality • Consumer Goods • Microsoft BI Solution

  15. Microsoft Vision & StrategyDemocratizing Business Intelligence Improving organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions • Delivered through a familiar environment • Integrated into business productivity infrastructure • Built on a trusted and extensible platform

  16. Microsoft Business Intelligence Enabling you to… Empower Your People • Self-service access to data reduces the dependency on IT • Delivered through agile tools people use today to accelerate end-user adoption • Empower all users to access, analyze and collaborate on critical business information to make better, more informed decisions Improve Organizational Effectiveness • Integrated workloads enable a highly efficient workplace • Define, drive and manage organizational success by aligning key metrics and strategy • Empower users to create and manage information in their sites and workspaces as part of a system Enable IT Efficiency • Complete and integrated self-service Business Intelligence platform reduces the IT Backlog • BI delivered as part of your extensible and trusted platform through SQL Server, SharePoint, and Excel. • Enhanced IT monitoring and improved resource utilization

  17. Empower your People People Ready BI • Introducing PowerPivot for Excel • Enable users to perform self-service analysis and intuitively build their own BI solutions • Allow users to interactively explore and perform calculations on very large data sets • Integrate data from multiple sources • Minimize dependence on IT • Share Insights • Rich, interactive SharePoint-based dashboards and scorecards • Self-Service Reporting with Reporting Services with central report distribution and management through SharePoint • Access and analyze corporate data from Excel and shared workbooks centrally through Excel Services in SharePoint

  18. Improve Organizational Effectiveness Amplify your organization’s productivity • Increase Organizational Visibility • Dashboards increase visibility into key team and organizational objectives • See interdependencies with Strategy Maps • New chart types enable continuous analysis and iterative decision making • Embed and reuse content in personal, team, and departmental/organizational sites • Business data displayed in context

  19. Enable IT EfficiencyRapidly integrate, build & deploy enterprise applications • Reduce cost and complexity • Complete BI capability as part of SharePoint, SQL Server, and Excel to address a variety of business needs and requirements • Scale-out to support BI for all users at lower TCO • BI Application Monitoring, Multi-Server Management, and BI Server Provisioning with SQL Server • Manage and facilitate access to secure organizational data • Familiar and intuitive development & management tools

  20. Connected Enterprise through Business InsightMore than just Business Intelligence Sites • Making the most of your critical Business Information • Major industry trends • Microsoft strategy Composites Communities Content Insights Search Power Pivot SQL Data Warehouse Search SharePoint

  21. Major Customers Implementations - Retail • 50,000 global users of SharePoint • Used at all levels in the organization in 30 countries • Increased sales, better service for customers and driving down operational costs in major South African retailing group • Geek Squad mobility for scheduling and Routing • Real-time collaboration and Intelligence • Grocery Retailer uses Business Intelligence to strengthen supplier negotiations • Real-time POS data processing w/1,500 transactions/sec • Real-time analysis to sales floor • 3-TB retail data warehouse on HP Superdome • Uses SQL Server OLAP, SSIS, SSRS

  22. Major Customers Implementations - Hospitality • Real time delivery to support Customer Service • Delivered on Mobile platform across the chain • Catering Planning System used in 2,300 hotels • 25% time savings in catering forecast generation • Enterprise Data warehouse and BI solution • Integrated with Customer Care Framework • 700 restaurants, 30,000 users, 700+ concurrent • OLTP/LOB reporting on inventory & sales data • Real time integration with Property Management System • Teradata / Microsoft integration to deliver reporting and scorecards scalable to 65,000 employees

  23. Major Customers Implementations – Consumer Goods • Velocity Demand Signal Repository application • Improve in-stock %, cash flow and revenue • Integrated Trade promotion. Category management and • Field Sales Management • Multiple country implementation of mobile field solution • Integrated with current LoB systems • Company wide collaboration and workflow integratedwith Microsoft Office System • Innovation through web based collaboration portal • Implementation of demand Signal repository, expected improve of revenue by 3% and reduce out of stock by 2%

  24. SummaryWhy Microsoft Challenges • Global expansion and green requirements • New formats • Collaboration without walls • New channels and better reach Microsoft helps to • Empower your people • Improve organizational effectiveness • Enable IT efficiency More information: