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Ancient China

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Ancient China
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Ancient China

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  1. Ancient China

  2. Ancient China was a fascinating mix of extreme extravaganceand extreme poverty. The Introduction ancient Chinese inventedpaper, gunpowder, matches, umbrellas, and the compass. They created incredible art, wrote marvelous literature, and held splendid festivals.

  3. For thousands of years, the ancient Chinese thought they were pretty much alone on the planet, except for the barbarians to the north, the Mongols. Natural Barriers China’s natural barriers to the west, south, and east helped protect these early people from invasion.

  4. China’s natural barriers include deserts. Deserts The Gobi is one of the driest deserts in the world. In the Gobi, there is at least the hope of water, although an oasis is rare. The Taklamakanis called the “Sea of Death.” It is the second-largest desert in the world. It offers poisonous snakes, sandstorms, boiling days, freezing nights, and intense water shortages.

  5. Mountains China’s natural barriers include huge mountains. The Himalayas are very rugged, with ten of the tallest peaks in the world. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

  6. China’s natural barriers include three vast seas: the China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. Seas

  7. Rivers Not all of China’s geography acted as barriers. Some of its geographic features provided fertile soil and safe drinking water. China has two major river systems: the Yellow River (Huang He) and the Yangtze River.

  8. Rivers The Yangtze (Long River) is the fourth-longest river in the world. It’s nearly 4000 miles long. It has high banks. The Huang He (Yellow River) is about 3000 miles long. It has low banks.

  9. The ancient Chinese called all rivers in China “The Great Sorrow” because each year during the annual flood season, the towns along the rivers were destroyed. Each year, they were rebuilt. Rivers Over time, people learned the techniques of flood control. Some built their homes high above the river to avoid flooding.

  10. Civilization in ancient China began along the Yellow River about 5000 years ago. These early people harvested silk and used it to weave fine fabrics. They used a potter’s wheelto make Early People beautiful pottery. They baked strong bricks and used them to build their homes. They worked together on flood-control and irrigation projects.