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Ancient China

Ancient China. Chapter 7 Terms by G. Dao. The proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of Heaven. Anyang. The first capital of China under the Shang dynasty. Dynasty. Line of rulers from the same family. Social Class.

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Ancient China

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  1. Ancient China Chapter 7 Terms by G

  2. Dao The properwayChinesekingswereexpected to ruleunder the Mandate of Heaven

  3. Anyang The first capital of China under the Shang dynasty

  4. Dynasty Line of rulersfrom the samefamily

  5. Social Class Group of people whoshare a similar position in society

  6. Silk Road Trade route thatstretchedfrom western China to southwestAsia

  7. Huang He A river in China alsoknown as the Yellow River; flowsfromMongolia to the Pacific Ocean

  8. Bureaucracy A group of annointedofficialswho are responsible for different areas of government

  9. Rudder Allowed the Chinese to betternavigatetheirships; allowedships to sailinto the wind for the first time

  10. Ideograph A characterthat joins two or more pictographs to represent an idea

  11. Chang Jiang A long river in China alsoknown as the Yangtze River

  12. Legalism Chinesephilosophydeveloped by Hanfeizi; taughtthathumans are naturallyevil and thereforeneed to beruled by harshlaws

  13. Daoism Chinesephilosophybased on the teachings of Laozi; taughtthat people shouldturn to nature and give up theirwordlydesires

  14. Confucianism System of beliefsintroduced by a Chinesethinker; taughtthat people needed to have a sense of duty to theirfamily and community in order to bringpeace to society

  15. Filial Piety Children’s respect for their parents and older relatives, an important part of Confucianbeliefs

  16. Aristocrat Noble whosewealth came from land owndership

  17. Pictograph A characterthat stands for an object

  18. Great Wall Chinesefarmersbuiltthiswith stone, sand, and pilledrubble in order to keep out invaders

  19. Mandate of Heaven Based on this the kingwaschosen by heavenlyorderbecause of his talent and virtue; hewouldrule the people withgoodness and wisdom

  20. Zhou Dynasty Defeated the Chang dynasty; ruled longer thananyotherdynasty in the history of China

  21. acupuncture Chinese practice of easing pain by stickingthinneedlesinto patients’ skin

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