To Mull and beyond!
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To Mull and beyond!. Tina’s diary & other thoughts by the crew Sailing with Westward Quest 1 – 6 June 2008. To Mull and beyond. Captain: Robert First Mate: Maura The rest: Richard & Brenda Martine & Myra Keith & Tina. THE CREW. DAY 1 All aboard the Weaver

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To mull and beyond

To Mull and beyond!

Tina’s diary & other thoughts by the crew

Sailing with Westward Quest 1 – 6 June 2008

  • To Mull and beyond

To mull and beyond



First Mate: Maura

The rest:

Richard & Brenda

Martine & Myra

Keith & Tina


To mull and beyond


All aboard the Weaver

After gathering at Maura and Robert’s house and being issued with life jackets and instructions on their use, luggage and two of the crew (Martin and Keith) were taken by the Captain to the Weaver. Then the rest of us were transported to the vessel.

After much debate, and no-one wanting to choose first, sleeping arrangements were settled and waterproofs allocated. Then the all important safety check and instructions on use of loo, water, fire drill and man overboard procedure were given.

Dinner and wine ended the evening but not without Robert having to return back to mainland twice for things forgotten. (I know someone else like that!)

Richard’s non-rhythmical snoring was a bit disconcerting at first but eventually we all managed to get some sleep - ~I suspect some more than others.

The Weaver remained moored in Seil Sound overnight.


“25/5 lights out”


To mull and beyond


Outward Bound

Blimey! This lot get up early! Toilet pump quite interesting – each individual seems to have their own style of flushing.

Breakfast a bit filling! Richard and Keith on washing up duty – then all ready for the “off”. The weather was glorious.

Heading up through Cuan Sound, apparently dodging rocks that I couldn’t see, we sailed off to the Garvellachs where we spotted a Golden Eagle.

After mooring for lunch we set off to explore the Beehive cells and rest of the ancient monument and scenery.

Back to the boat and off we sailed past the Ross of Mull, missing the Toran Rocks, with Keith at the helm. We anchored at Tinker’s Hole near the island of Erraid.

Dinner – haggis, neeps and smash. Martin gave a marvellous the address to the haggis. Richard delighted us all with peach crumble dessert, much to Brenda’s surprise! Jolly conversation and lots of hilarity ensued.

Arriving to explore the Garvellachs

To mull and beyond

View from Garvellachs

To mull and beyond

Quote of the Week

“Which way round’s the boat going - clockwise or ant-clockwise? I need to know which way to feel dizzy!”


To mull and beyond

Puffin and Razorbill

Brenda in the pink!

Choppy seas and the smell of pasties and burgers will no doubt have a long lasting effect on Brenda! So we were all very grateful when we came to calmer waters heading towards Loch Na DromaBuidhe – Loch of the Yellow Ridge. We all enjoyed a game of trying to

To mull and beyond

remember our newly learned nautical terms – which I think impressed the Captain and First Mate.

En route to our overnight mooring Martin and Robert dropped off lobster pots for potential seafood delights for the next evening’s meal. At one point the Captain managed to lose a boat hook overboard but team effort resulted in its retrieval.

Keith and Richard were on dinner duty this evening and provided an excellent meal of chilli followed by pear cone.

Martin won the accolade of “Yachtie of the Day”.

...and Good Night!

To mull and beyond

DAY 4 impressed the Captain and First Mate.

Tobermory and the long goodbye

Decisions! Decisions! But eventually the decision was made for us when the alternator needed to be replaced and I was told of the chocolate factory. So off we set for Tobermory collecting the creels on the way. I attempted to do my exercise routine but found it too tricky and gave up.

Much to our amusement, as we were heading towards Tobermory, the alternator decided to function again and at the same time I realised that there was still some more chocolate cake left - so there was really no need to go to Tobermory, but we went anyway as we required more water.

Martin remained on board as the rest of us headed in to town to explore the shops and atmosphere of the famous tourist destination. Myra’s long legs gave her an advantage for “stepping” back on board.

To mull and beyond

Myra “stepping on” impressed the Captain and First Mate.

Then off we sailed, this time with me in the driving seat. Oh boy! Was this an everlasting event! We tacked up the Sound of Mull in some rather overcast and damp weather “lea ho-ing” and yanking ropes for what seemed like hours on end. Richard particularly enjoyed this experience. He kept pointing out that Tobermory seemed not to be getting any further away as he enthusiastically yanked and sorted the ropes.

  • We were all more than ready for dinner when we arrived at Lochaline. My parking skills certainly require improving.

  • The fresh catch was eaten as well as cauliflower cheese and rather more booze than usual which, I suspect, was due to the huge relief after our tacking experience. More hilarity as Brenda won the “Yachtie of the Day” for not being sick and reinforcing the Captain’s claim that he has never had anyone on board who has been sick two days in a row.

To mull and beyond

DAY 5 impressed the Captain and First Mate.

Sea Eagles and Whirlpools

The weather was calmer today and after yet more food we set off, this time around the east coast of Mull and down towards Jura. We were treated to a few more bouncy moments and so I gain opted on the side of caution and chose not to partake of lunch, in the rain, in the cold, on the bumpy sea. The offer of salad to the crew on deck, from Martin who was down below in the warm, was met with a certain amount of derision! (Much laughter was had later as we relived the event over dinner!) Unfortunately my back became sore for a while so I missed some of the journey which was spent lying horizontal down below. Despite my reassurances I think most of my crew mates were worried that I may have been feeling sea-sick.

We had guests pop in for a cup of tea as we were anchored just off Scarba. They told us of their sightings of whales and dolphins just a day or so before. (sickening, really!)

To mull and beyond

Then we moved a short distance and anchored just off Jura where Robert led a small party of us for a short walk around to see some caves. I couldn’t manage the full walk due to a bit of a scramble over rocks.

Looking across to Scarba from Jura

Back to the boat and off on a quick whizz through the Corryvrecken courtesy of the tide and current. Then, around the corner we spotted the sea eagles of Jura – such a beautiful sight. A seal kept an eye on us from a distance. Binoculars and cameras were in much demand.

We moored overnight nearby where we were treated to the infamous curry special – yummy!

To mull and beyond

To mull and beyond

Click Picture for movie. had shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate our last night together.

Click heare to move to next s;ide

To mull and beyond

Yachtie had shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate our last night together. of the day!

To mull and beyond

DAY 6 had shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate our last night together.

Home Sweet Home

Up at the usual time (far too early for me) and ready for breakfast – last night’s trifle for me and cheesy pitas for the rest.

Once cleared up and ready we went back for one last long look at the Sea Eagles and then headed over to Croav Haven for refuelling. Yet more “stepping off” and back on by some.

Then, a short distance across the pond to moorings, kindly provided by the Loch Melfort , where we feasted on yet more food – the “Bean Sailing Stew”.

All too soon we were on our way home, back to the mooring in Seil Sound and a grand clean up. Then, disembarking for the last time, we said our fond farewells before swaying to our cars for the final leg of our journey home.

To mull and beyond

HAIKUS FOR WEAVER had shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate our last night together.

“Helm-a-lee!” “Lee ho!”

Tacking down the Sound of Mull.

Progress so far? Nil.

Sitting on the deck.

Silver shapes gleam in the sea –

who’s just flushed the loo?

Martin at the bow.

A plaintive cry of “Robert!” –

still can’t anchor right!


To mull and beyond

DEFINITIONS had shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate our last night together.

  • Fish:

  • Any living creature that does not call the coastguard when it is submerged for more than one minute

  • Anchor:

  • Any number of hooked devices Known as a “Martin job “which will hold the boat until

    • 1 the wind exceeds 2 knots,

    • 2 The crew go ashore

    • 3am

  • JIBE The cause of a boom hitting you in the head or the unkind comment made on such an occasion.

  • Lee Ho :

  • A famous Chinese pirate known for frequently changing his mind about direction

  • Mizzen:

  • Itzybitze mast at ze e back of zee boat

  • Shower:

  • A secret kept by the skipper. The experience is like standing naked in a small cupboard with a large wet dog.

  • Wake:

  • The horizontal track left in the water

  • Also the ceremony if the track becomes vertical