'Get Fit with your Feet'
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'Get Fit with your Feet'. Presented by Kimberley Bush. About Me. Why I am studying this topic?. Foot Health is neglected. Challenging. Area of Interest. Future Development. Sam Leitch.

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Get fit with your feet

'Get Fit with your Feet'

Presented by Kimberley Bush

Get fit with your feet

Why I am studying this topic?

Foot Health is neglected


Area of Interest

Future Development

Get fit with your feet

Sam Leitch

Is my supervisor. He is passionate about foot health and is an excellent roll model for people aspiring to make a change in there chosen field.

Get fit with your feet

Background on Australian

Podiatry Council of Australia…

  • established in 1990 to advance research into the causes, prevention and treatment of foot problems.

  • received generous donations from the podiatry community podiatrists, medical suppliers and grateful patients

  • APERF has supported more than 25 projects in the past 20 years

Get fit with your feet

Facts about the foot

  • The average person will walk / run over 128,000kms this is more than 3 times around the earth

  • The foot has joints, ligaments and muscles

  • The foot has 52 bones

Get fit with your feet

The Podiatrist





Get fit with your feet


- The state of our health is reflected in our feet

- The first signs of many diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and coronary heart disease, show up in the feet

- Walking is a great form of exercise with a huge range of social, physical and mental health benefits.

Get fit with your feet

What I am doing

- 60% of people have reported foot pain sometime in their lifetime

- 2/3s of those in the last 12 months

-Yet 2/5 seeked professional treatment

Reference: Newspoll research relesased by Australasian Council (2002)

Get fit with your feet

Key Duties

  • Literature Review

  • Prepare and conduct a survey with 50 people aged between 45 –60 years

  • Analyse results and determine what barriers are present

  • Organise a community information or workshop which will offer advice and a ‘free’ assessment

  • Analyse information session / workshop and suggest ways to improve for the future

Get fit with your feet

Don’t ignore your feet they might be trying to tell you something….

Your feet are the gateway to your health and happiness

Thankyou for listening to my presentation