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Get Fit In Your Own Home

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Get Fit In Your Own Home

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Get Fit In Your Own Home

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  1. Get Fit In Your Own Home Mike Consalvi

  2. Goals • Make exercising convenient by developing ways to work out at home • Save money that would be spent on a gym membership • Create a more comfortable exercising experience for those who do not like to exercise in public

  3. TRX • Suspension Training equipment • Adjustable rope with two handles • Can be attached to doors, beams, etc. as an anchor point • The angle of the body from the ground can be changed to create a different workout • Purpose: use gravity against the individuals own body weight to develop balance, strength, and core stability

  4. TRX Use/Value: Easy to set up at home. Hundreds of different exercises possible. Cost: $137.00 Where to buy: Source:

  5. Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper • Foldable stepper for cardiovascular workouts • Can be easily transported and stored away because of its folding capability • Equipment provides a smooth stepping motion • Battery-powered display indicates statistics of training session • Purpose: Low-intensity cardiovascular workouts that tone legs, buttocks, and hips

  6. Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper Use/Value: At-home cardiovascular training. Portable and easy to set up/store away. Cost efficient. Cost: $138.99 Where to buy: Source:

  7. Altus Weighted Jump Rope • 9 foot jump rope • 2 removable ½ pound weights • Purpose: increase aerobic capacity and tone body

  8. Altus Weighted Jump Rope Use/Value: provides aerobic workout wherever and whenever desirable Cost: $8.79 Where to buy: Source: www.

  9. Perfect Pushup • Rotating handles designed to modify the basic pushup exercise • Each hand grasps a separate handle that rotates independently • Rotating is facilitated by ball bearing technology • Purpose: make the arms rotate while performing a pushup, making it a compound exercise and targeting the muscles of the triceps, biceps, forearms, chest, and deltoids

  10. Perfect Pushup Use/Value: increase upper body strength and target a wider range of muscle groups by modifying a basic pushup Cost: $19.95 Where to buy: Source:

  11. MyFitnessPal • Software application designed for tracking fitness progression • Count your calories by entering the foods you have eaten • Find out how many calories you have burned by entering the exercises you have performed • Accessible on the internet or as an app for smart phones • Purpose: help users reach their fitness goals

  12. MyFitnessPal Use/Value: Calculates ratio of calories consumed to calories burned to help reach desired goals Cost: FREE! Source:

  13. Getting fit can be simple, stress free, and cost efficient by using these five items. Each item is easy to use and readily available at all times. For those who do not like the crowds of judgemental people at the gym, you can now reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. For those on a low income or those who like to save money, this package will only cost you $304.73. Conclusion