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  1. Science Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Crime Classics Author Matrix Family Humour Supernatural Animals Sport First users press I

  2. Symbols The Lightning Bolt will take you to the genre of that colour. The house symbol will return you to the Home Page. The Blue Star at the top right of a slide indicates that the author may also write for older readers (age 11+). Clicking on the author’s name will take you through the alphabetical sequence of author’s in the Author Matrix. The arrows on either side of the house will move you backwards or forwards through the slides, if requried. The information symbol on the genre pages will take you back to these instructions.

  3. Douglas Adams The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The Restaurant at the end of the Universe Life, the Universe and Everything So long, and Thanks for All the Fish Mostly Harmless

  4. Richard Adams Watership Down Shardik Maia The Plague Dogs

  5. Allan Ahlberg,,1000000334,00.html It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Woof! My Brother’s Ghost Jolly Postman The Jolly Postman Cops and Robbers Burglar Bill Adventures of Bert Funnybones Each Peach, Pear Plum Happy Families Series And Poetry: Heard it in the Playground Please, Mrs Butler

  6. Joan Aiken Wolves Chronicles – 12 Books Wolves of Willoughby Chase Black Hearts of Battersea Whispering Mountain Cuckoo Tree Arabel and Mortimer – Series – 13 Books Felix Trilogy A Necklace of Raindrops

  7. Louisa May Alcott Little Women Little Men Jo’s Boys

  8. David Almond • Skellig • Kits Wilderness • Clay • The Fire Eaters • Secret Heart • Counting Stars • Heaven Eyes • Jackdaw Summer • The Savage

  9. Philip Ardagh The Eddie Dickens Series Awful End Dreadful Acts Terrible Times Dubious Deeds Horrendous Habits Final Curtain Unlikely Exploits The Fall of Fergal Heir of Mystery The Rise of the House of McNally

  10. Isaac Asimov I Robot Robot Dreams The Return of the Black Widowers Foundation Foundation and Empire Second Foundation Naked Sun Like stars, like dust

  11. R. M Ballantyne The Coral Island Deep Down Digging for Gold Sunk at Sea The Island Queen An Author's Adventures

  12. Steve Barlow Mad Myths - Series Quick Reads Series Star Bores Tales of the Dark Forest - 4 books The Outernet Vernon Bright Series The Lost Diaries See also Steve Skidmore

  13. J. M. Barrie Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens The Admirable Crichton The Little Minister The Little White Bird Peter and Wendy

  14. Frank L. Baum The Oz Series (14 books) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Marvelous Wizard of Oz Ozma of Oz Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz The Road to Oz Other Books Mother Goose in Prose Dot and Tot in Merryland The Adventures of Santa Claus Queen Zixi of Ix

  15. Betty G. Birney Humphrey – Series – 5 Books

  16. Holly Black and Tony Diterlizzi The Spiderwick Chronicles Series The Field Guide The Seeing Stone Lucinda's Secret The Ironwood Tree The Wrath of Mulgarath

  17. Malorie Blackman • Pig Heart Boy • Hacker • A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E • Hostage • Thief • Dangerous Reality • Computer Ghost • Lie Detective • Whizzywig • Operation Gadgetman • Forbidden Game • Animal Avengers Older Reader • Noughts and Crosses - trilogy

  18. Adam Blade Pseudonym used by a team of writers • Beast Quest Series • Beast Quest: Golden Armour Series 35+ books in series

  19. Judy Blume Fudge series: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Super Fudge Fudge-A-Mania Double Fudge Blubber It's Not the End of the World Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Then Again, Maybe I Won't

  20. Lucy M. Boston • The Green Knowe Series: • The Children of Green Knowe • The Chimneys of Green Knowe • The River at Green Knowe • A Stranger at Green Knowe • An Enemy at Green Knowe • The Stones of Green Knowe • Novels: • Yew Hall • The Castle of Yew • The Sea Egg • The House that Grew

  21. Tim Bowler Blade Series: • Playing Dead • Closing In • Breaking In • Running Scared • and 4 more • Starseeker • Shadows

  22. Frank Cottrell Boyce • Millions • Framed • Cosmic • Desirable

  23. Ray Bradbury • Now or Never • Farewell Summer • The Illustrated Man • The Homecoming (coming soon) • The Martian Chronicles • Dandelion Wine

  24. Theresa Breslin • The Dream Master • The Medici Seal • Remembrance • The Divided City • Whispers in the Grave • Death or Glory Boys • Missing • Kezzie

  25. Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre

  26. Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights

  27. Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code Angels and Demons Digital Fortress Deception Point

  28. Jeff Brown Flat Stanley Series Stanley in space Stanley, Flat again Invisible Stanley Stanley and the magic lamp Stanley’s Christmas Adventure

  29. John Buchan The 39 Steps The Magic Walking Stick Greenmantle and many more

  30. Anthony Buckeridge Jennings Series Jennings Goes to School Jennings Follows a Clue Typically Jennings! Speaking of Jennings! Jennings at Large Jennings Again! That's Jennings (26 titles in all)

  31. Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden A Little Princess Little Lord Fauntleroy

  32. Victor Canning • The Runaways • Flight of the Grey Goose • The painted Tent Prolific author and travel writer who wrote mainly for adults

  33. Humphrey Carpenter,,1000051622,00.html The Mr. Majeka Series

  34. Pseudonym for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland Alice Through the Looking Glass

  35. Bob Cattell Glory Garden Series Glory In The Cup Bound For Boundary The Big Test World Cup Fever League Of Champions Blaze Of Glory Down The Wicket The Glory Ashes Butterfinger Series Butter-finger Shine on Butter-Finger (with John Agard)

  36. Rob Childs • Sandford - Series • Wicked... Series • Soccer Stars Collection • Big...Series • Time Rangers - Series • County Cup - Series • Soccer Mad – Series • Phantom Football – Series Over 70 books, many of them on football

  37. Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express The ABC Murders Cards on the Table Death on the Nile And Then There Were None N or M? Death Comes to an End (to name just a few!)

  38. Arthur C. Clarke Space Trilogy: Islands in the Sky (1952) Earthlight (1955)3 The Sands of Mars (1951) Space Odyssey: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 2010: :Odyssey Two (1982) 2061: Odyssey Three (1985) 3001: The Final Odyssey (1996)

  39. Michael Coleman Angels FC Squabbling Squads Awesome Attacking Touchline Terror Shocking Shooting Dazzling Dribbling Foul Football Non-fiction series

  40. EoinColfer Artemis fowl Artemis fowl and the Arctic Incident Artemis fowl and the Eternity Code Artemis fowl and the Opal Deception Artemis fowl and the Lost Colony Artemis fowl and the Time Paradox Airman Super naturalist The Wish List Half-Moon Half moon investigations The Legend of Spud Murphy The Legend of Captain Crow’s Teeth The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World

  41. Wilkie Collins The Moonstone The Woman in White No Name No Thoroughfare Poor Miss Finch

  42. Susan Cooper Dark is Rising – Series Over Sea, Under Stone The Dark is Rising The Greenwitch The Grey King The Silver on the Tree King of Shadows Green Boy The Boggart The Bogart and the Monster Victory

  43. Andy Cope,,1000068298,00.html Spy Dog Spy Dog 2 Spy Dog Unleashed Spy Dog Superbrain Spy Dog Rocket Rider Spy Pups The secret life of Lara, Andy Cope’s dog… …who is really a secret agent!

  44. ZizouCorder Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Lion Boy Lion Boy: The Chase Lion Boy: The Truth Lee Raven, Boy Thief

  45. Robert Cormier The Chocolate War Beyond the Chocolate War I am the Cheese We All Fall Down (1991) Tunes for Bears to Dance To (1992) In the Middle of the Night (1995) Heroes (1998) The Rag and Bone Shop (2001)

  46. Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series ( 24 books) Starbuck Chronicles (4 books) Arthur series (3 books) Grail Quest (3 books) Saxon Stories (5 books)

  47. Bruce Coville My Teacher is an Alien My Teacher Fried my Brains My Teacher Glows in the Dark My Teacher Flunked the Planet Russell Troy, Monster Boy Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Jennifer Murdley’s Toad Charlie Eggleston’s Talking Skull Juliet Dove, Queen of Love Aliens ate my Homework The Dragonslayers Goblins in the Castle Monster of the Year The Monsters of Morley Manor The World’s Worst Fairy Godmother Thor's Wedding Day

  48. Joe Craig Jimmy Coates: Killer Jimmy Coates: Target Jimmy Coates: Revenge Jimmy Coates: Sabotage Jimmy Coates: Survival Jimmy Coates: Power Jimmy Coates: Blackout

  49. Sharon Creech Absolute Normal Chaos Bloomability The Castle Corona Chasing Redbird Granny Torrelli makes Soup Hate that Cat Heartbeat Love that Dog Pleasing the Ghost Replay Ruby Holler Walk Two Moons The Wanderer

  50. Helen Cresswell Bagthorpe series - 10 Titles Lizzie Dripping series – 6 Titles Two Hoots series – 6 Titles Winklesea series – 3 Titles Other Novels including: Moondial Dragon Ride