the novice coach s guide to coaching novice n.
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The Novice Coach’s Guide to Coaching Novice PowerPoint Presentation
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The Novice Coach’s Guide to Coaching Novice

The Novice Coach’s Guide to Coaching Novice

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The Novice Coach’s Guide to Coaching Novice

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  1. The Novice Coach’s Guide to Coaching Novice …or my year spent as a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Rhode Island Women’s Rowing Team.

  2. THANK YOU Shelagh, Jessie, and Bridgid- Thank you for all your guidance and encouragement throughout this wonderful learning experience.

  3. UNFINISHED BUSINESS • The normal rowing lifestyle • Belief in the Coaches’ methods • Wanted to help others reach their potential • Learn a new aspect of rowing

  4. My Experiences as a Novice Coach… • Shadowing the Coaches • Being a leader • Learning to think in a new way that best effects the team and the individual athlete • Trusting my own judgment • Incorporating the lessons I learned into daily life


  6. COMMITMENT“Can’t want it more than they do.” • Strong understanding of what this element entailed • But how to teach athletes to become committed • Have I done everything I could to help them reach their potential

  7. RESPONSIBILITY“No one cares more about you than you.” • Rower wasn’t working to her potential • Nervous the first time I was coaching alone • Personal responsibility means accepting mistakes as well as accomplishments

  8. ACCOUNTABILIITY“I got lost?” • Difference between responsibility and accountability • Missed my boat because I was late to race • Lowest point as a coach, because I wasn’t acting like one. • Accountability is being able to explain decisions and actions you’ve made.

  9. FAIRNESS“Working hard is a matter of opinion.” • John Nash “The greatest outcome results from the individual doing what is best for itself and the group.” • Evaluate a situation from both a rower’s angle and coach’s angle • Who makes the boat faster • Every day is a seat race

  10. CONSISTANCY“PRUZ, I can’t believe you did that!” • Being consistent was difficult when testing the waters as a coach for the first time • Consistently doubted myself • Did not want to want to be an unapproachable coach • Both coach and athlete share the same goal of making each boat reach its potential.

  11. RESPECT“It’s a process…” • Athletes must trust their coaches • Transitioned from rower to coach • Once I realized my involvement, I was a benefit to have around

  12. The Big Picture • Flashes of brilliance sparked epiphany moments • Once a person gains knowledge, it is necessary for that person to spread that knowledge to a younger generation. • “Find a job you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”