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Bellringer. Post your short answer responses to question A! How did we do?. “It’s an Island-Wild Wednesday!” November 7, 2012 Mr. Houghteling. AP LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION. AGENDA. Review A and B short answer questions. Island Paradise : Compare and Contrast Homework. Bellringer.

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  • Post your short answer responses to question A!
  • How did we do?
  • Review A and B short answer questions.
  • Island Paradise: Compare and Contrast
  • Homework
  • Post your short answer responses to question A!
  • How did we do?
short answer a
Short Answer A
  • After the night-swimming, Edna does not want to go inside the cottage; instead, she wishes to stay outside in the hammock. When Leonce says, “You must come in the house instantly,” how does Edna respond?
short answer a response
Short Answer A ~ Response
  • Read the handout.
  • After reading, note:
    • How the sentences utilize both interpretation or summary with a direct quote.
    • How the response cites the page number of the quote.
    • The placement of the period, the quotation marks, and the parenthetical citation.
what do we have to read
What do we have to read?

(35) Edna in church ~ Remember this! I think it’s important!

(35-9) Edna and Robert in an island paradise

(40) “Couldst Thou But Know”

edna and robert on cheniere caminada
Edna and Robert on CheniereCaminada
  • Consider:
    • Connections to theme?
  • Consider:
    • Connections to theme?

How Edna feels in church

How Edna feels at and after Madame Antoine’s

background and setting
Background and Setting

Where is Grand Isle, and what is its significance to the author?

Who may have been the inspiration for the novel?

How may have the author’s experience influenced the novel so far?

  • 1. Read pages 40-49, sections XV through XVI.
  • 2. Write a response in which you compare and contrast Edna’s reaction to attending mass and the rest of her experience on the island (at Madame Antoine’s).
  • 3. Read and annotate “Couldst Thou But Know”
review and preview
Review and Preview
  • Section XIII - page 35: What happens in the church? What happens after the church service? What might this symbolize?
  • Section XV - page 40: Why is Robert going to Mexico? How does Mrs. Pontellier learn of this and react to it? Describe their goodbye.
  • Section XVI: Describe the relationship between Mrs. Pontellier and Mademoiselle Reisz. How does Mrs. Pontellier feel when Robert is gone? Why does Mrs. Pontellier suddenly turn on Mme. Reisz? (p. 49)