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Revolutionary War!

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Revolutionary War! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revolutionary War!. People - 10. Who was a strong supporter of the policies that lead to the American revolution (causes of the war) and opposed independent government in the colonies?. People Answer – 10. King George III. People - 20.

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Presentation Transcript
people 10
People - 10

Who was a strong supporter of the policies that lead to the American revolution (causes of the war) and opposed independent government in the colonies?

people answer 10
People Answer – 10
  • King George III
people 20
People - 20

Who did the colonists select to run the Continental Army? Why?

people answer 20
People Answer – 20
  • George Washington
  • His experience from fighting in the French and Indian War made him a brave and skilled soldier
people 30
People - 30

Who was the Patriot hero of the battle of Saratoga and a member of the Sons of Liberty?

people answer 30
People Answer – 30
  • Benedict Arnold
people 40
People - 40

Who was known for saying “Give me liberty or give me death?” in one of his speeches? What did he mean by this?

people answer 40
People Answer – 40
  • Patrick Henry
  • I’d rather die than be forced to live without my natural rights
people 50
People - 50

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence and doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase?

people answer 50
People Answer – 50

Thomas Jefferson

causes 10
Causes - 10

What was the first cause that lead to the Revolutionary War? How did that lead to the Revolutionary War?

causes answer 10
Causes Answer – 10
  • The French and Indian War
  • It cost Britain a lot of money
causes 20
Causes - 20

Why did King George III tax the colonists? What was the first tax he imposed?

causes answer 20
Causes Answer – 20
  • To pay for the French and Indian War
  • The Stamp Act
causes 30
Causes - 30

What was the Stamp Act? How did the colonists respond to this?

causes answer 30
Causes Answer – 30
  • A tax on anything printed on paper
  • Colonists boycotted (refuse to buy, sell, or use certain goods) British goods
causes 40
Causes - 40

Why did the colonists refuse to buy or sell the tea from the East India Tea Company even though it was cheaper than the smuggled (illegally imported and not taxed) tea? (Give 2 reasons)

causes answer 40
Causes Answer – 40
  • Colonists still didn’t want to pay a tax they hadn’t agreed to
  • Didn’t want only 1 company to control the tea trade
causes 50
Causes - 50

What happened at the Boston Tea Party and why? What was the punishment King George gave the Colonists for the Boston Tea Party?

causes answer 50
Causes Answer – 50
  • Colonists refused to buy or sell the tea from the East India Tea Company and Britain refused to take it back so it sat in the Boston harbor unloaded. Sons of Liberty boarded ships illegally and threw tea into the Boston Harbor
  • King George punished the colonists with the Coercive Acts/ Intolerable Acts
battles 10
Battles - 10

Why did the Battle of Lexington and Concord happen? Why was it important?

battles answer 10
Battles Answer – 10
  • The British soldiers heard that the patriots (colonists who opposed British rule) were storing gun powder and cannons in Concord
  • British traveled to Concord to destroy the supplies and search for hidden weapons
  • It showed the Patriots that they needed an army
battles 20
Battles - 20

What happened at the Battles of Lexington and Concord? What was the result?

battles answer 20
Battles Answer – 20
  • British went to Concord to search for hidden weapons
  • Minutemen (people who received special training for battle) forced them to turn back toward Boston
  • On the way back, colonists shot at British from behind trees and stone walls
      • Result: More than 250 British soldiers were hurt and killed before they got to Boston
battles 30
Battles - 30

Why was the battle of Yorktown important? (Give 2 reasons)

battles answer 30
Battles Answer – 30
  • Last big battle of the war
  • Victory meant that America had won the war and their independence
battles 40
Battles - 40

Which battle was the turning point of the war? What happened and why was it the turning point?

battles answer 40
Battles Answer – 40
  • Battle of Saratoga
    • Americans won & forced 5,000 British soldiers to surrender
    • This war was a turning point b/c it convinced the French that America could win
  • France became our ally and sent money, soldiers, and powerful navy to help the Americans. They also taught the Americans to march together and use their weapons properly (our army was new at this point)
battles 50
Battles - 50

What happened at the Battle of Yorktown?

battles answer 50
Battles Answer – 50
  • British went to Yorktown b/c it was located between 2 rivers. They thought it would make it easy to get troops and supplies to the British
  • Washington’s army (Continental Army) and French navy met them at Yorktown
  • French navy blocked Yorktown harbor so the British ships couldn’t rescue the British army.
  • British were trapped, had no way to escape
  • British surrendered (gave up)
dec of ind 10
Dec. of Ind. - 10

Part 2 of the Declaration of Independence explained that all people are born with natural rights (freedoms protected by the government’s laws) that no one can take away. It also said “all men are created equal.” What does this mean?

dec of ind answer 10
Dec. of Ind. Answer – 10
  • “all men are created equal” means that everyone should have the same rights
dec of ind 20
Dec. of Ind. - 20

Part 2 of the Declaration of Independence explained that all people are born with natural rights (freedoms protected by the government’s laws) that no one can take away. What did it say the people have the right to do if the government does not protect these rights?

dec of ind answer 20
Dec. of Ind. Answer – 20
  • Said the government should protect these rights or the people have the right to start a new government
dec of ind 30
Dec. of Ind. - 30

Part five of the Declaration of Independence has the delegates’ signatures. Out of the people we studied, who were the people who signed the Declaration of Independence? (There were 3 who signed) Why was it a big deal that they signed?

dec of ind answer 30
Dec. of Ind. Answer – 30
    • Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin
  • Signing was risky because they could be charged with treason (fighting against your own government)
dec of ind 40
Dec. of Ind. - 40

Part 3 of the Declaration of Independence listed many ways King George III had abused his power (complaints against him). What are three ways King George III had abused his power?

dec of ind answer 40
Dec. of Ind. Answer – 40
  • Taken away the colonists’ rights
  • Forced taxes on them
  • Sent soldiers to control them
dec of ind 50
Dec. of Ind. - 50

Why was the Declaration of Independence so important? (Give 2 reasons)

dec of ind answer 50
Dec. of Ind. Answer – 50
  • It declared the colonies independent from Britain (part 4)
  • Marked the moment when Americans chose to rule themselves
vocabulary 10
Vocabulary - 10

Who were the Patriots and the Loyalists?

vocabulary answer 10
Vocabulary Answer – 10
  • Patriots - colonists who opposed British rule
  • Loyalists – People who were loyal to King George III
vocabulary 20
Vocabulary - 20

What is a tax?

vocabulary answer 20
Vocabulary Answer – 20
  • Money people pay the government for services
vocabulary 30
Vocabulary - 30

What are natural rights? (Give the definition and tell what the natural rights are)

vocabulary answer 30
Vocabulary Answer – 30
  • Freedoms protected by the government’s laws
  • Right to live, be free and seek happiness – “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
vocabulary 40
Vocabulary - 40

Who were the Sons of Liberty?

vocabulary answer 40
Vocabulary Answer – 40
  • Groups across the colonies that formed and protested against the taxes
vocabulary 50
Vocabulary - 50

What is a representative?

vocabulary answer 50
Vocabulary Answer – 50
  • Someone who is chosen to speak and act for others