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Launchpad Marketing Automation Platform. Where data meets marketing automation. Launchpad Marketing Automation.

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Launchpad marketing automation platform

Launchpad Marketing Automation Platform

Where data meets marketing automation.

Launchpad marketing automation
Launchpad Marketing Automation

Where data meets marketing automation. A unique SaaS-based, cloud-hosted technology portal makes it push-button easy to streamline the marketing process, manage and execute multi-channel campaigns, and gain a complete view of all your customer messaging and interactions as a result.

  • Automated email marketing

  • Display advertising

  • Social media marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Direct mail lists

  • Data analytics

  • Data lookup

  • Data enhancement

  • Reporting

  • Data visualization

Our technology
Our Technology

V12 Group is committed to providing the most reliable and available platform in the industry. Our solution is divided into specialized services that scale independently, resulting in two geographically-disparate data centers. These co-located data centers offer multiple SAS 70 Type II compliant features.

V12 Group has state-of-the-art infrastructure that concentrates on five areas of excellence:

  • Security – our data resides in the cloud in an SSA16 Type II environment and includes some of the most sophisticated security measures available in the marketplace today;

  • Reliability – our server infrastructure has built in replication to guarantee uptime to near 24 / 7 reliability;

  • Scalability – within hours, we can add new equipment to our environment and have a limitless capacity to grow;

  • Speed – we take proud in the lightning fast speed of our equipment and services and continuously strive to improve our performance on a daily basis;

  • Accessibility – we constantly monitor our equipment and services with both live people and software to ensure that our customers can access our products and services.

Launchpad email marketing
Launchpad: Email Marketing

Automated email marketing platform that leverages V12 Group’s data warehouse of 3.4 billion records to help you create and deliver one-to-one, real-time messages.

  • 86million unique subscriber email database

  • Acquisition and CRM data capabilities

  • 260+ selects to improve targeting including geographics, demographics, specific lifestyle, interests (dog lover, sports fan), and more

  • Reporting feature to show who reads, clicks, and forwards your email

  • Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more

  • Flexibility to add your logo, company colors, etc.

  • Automatic spam checker to ensure inbox delivery

  • Seed list input and suppression options

  • Forward to a friend and social share features

Launchpad display advertising
Launchpad: Display Advertising

Launch, coordinate, measure and evaluate your online display advertising campaigns. In one integrated platform, our industry-leading Display Advertising Application brings together everything you need for a successful campaign:

  • Target 83 million domestic


  • Over 330+ audience segments

  • Campaign management

  • Inventory optimization

  • Results measurement

Launchpad social media
Launchpad: Social Media

Manage posts and integrated campaigns; it digs deep to deliver your entire social data picture and integrate social media across your entire marketing organization:

  • At-a-glance access to critical stats and performance ratios

  • Tracking conversions from the top of the sales funnel on down

  • Advanced automation tools to feed the content beast

  • One-stop creation and tracking of social ad campaigns

Launchpad mobile marketing
Launchpad: Mobile Marketing

Our mobile marketing application puts the power of mobile marketing in the palm of your hand.

Cross-channel: One-stop access to SMS, MMS, IVR, QR codes, even social

Powerful campaign creation: Create any campaign type in seconds with easy-to-use templates

Simplified subscriber management: Manage and segment lists for personalized engagement

Robust reporting & analytics: Knowledge is power with real-time reporting

Short codes and compliance: Manage multiple short codes from a single account

Launchpad direct mail lists
Launchpad: Direct Mail Lists

Direct Mail Lists from V12 Group combine the power of postal with the economy of email, giving you a proprietary list selection tool to identify new prospects via a single interface. Run queries, view counts and output lists with confidence, knowing you’re backed by the V12 Group data warehouse of 3.4 billion records:

Consumer— 200+ Million

Automotive—150 Million Vehicles

Business— 40 Million

Personality — 16 segments

Targeting — 260+ selects

Launchpad data analytics
Launchpad: Data Analytics

From vehicle ownership to charitable giving, marital status to buying interests, our advanced analytics and marketing intelligence offer a descriptive snapshot of your database as it is today. This provides two huge advantages: valuable intel on current customers and the parameters for finding highly receptive new ones.

  • Find hidden data patterns, and score and segment your data

  • Identify the most descriptive traits and segments of your ideal customer

  • Understand behaviors, target unique segments, and determine the mix of products or services that are most effectively marketed together

  • Determine what lifestyle levers impact value in a particular segment of your customer database

  • Build application-specific models, identify and prioritize prospects, identify gaps, even reactivate dormant customers

Launchpad data enhancement
Launchpad: Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement offers 24/7 access to tools formerly available only to the pros:

  • Email and phone append — Considering a B2B or consumer telemarketing or email campaign? Give us a match point like a postal address and we’ll hunt down a phone number or deliverable email address and return a permission-based list with the highest possible match rates.

  • Email and phone reverse append — Only have a phone number or email address? Reverse the process and enrich your B2B or consumer data with appends like a postal address, job title, SIC code and more.

  • Firmagraphics — B2B marketers, rejoice! In just minutes, you can add contact names, titles, SIC codes, primary industry, phone, fax, sales volume, # of employees and more. Unlike lesser data providers, V12 Group can match on just about any select.

  • Demographics — A full suite of demographic components complete your customer picture by matching your file against 260+ elements including martial status, interests, home ownership and income.

Launchpad report center
Launchpad: Report Center

Launchpad’s report center tracks and measures all key activities in the platform enabling you to easily view results in real-time:

See how your campaigns are performing

  • View email opens and click-through to mobile messages received, get a clear picture of the performance of each campaign

  • Test and optimize your campaigns with A/B testing

  • Compare your social media activity and your presence to that of your competition

  • Use the results to set goals for improvement

  • Measure your return on investment

  • Much more

Launchpad data visualization
Launchpad: Data Visualization

V12 Group’s interactive Data Visualization dashboards make it easy to see what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly why and why not. From cost per lead to competitive intelligence, measuring results to calculating risk, a smartly designed custom dashboard can make you a skilled trend spotter. It also takes the headaches out of analyzing customer needs, market conditions or other key performance indicators (KPI) including performance analysis, category analysis, competitive intelligence, segmentation analysis and much more.

Technology partners
Technology Partners

Launchpad works closely with leading technology companies to provide our customers with resources to meet any of their business needs.

Affiliates organizations
Affiliates & Organizations

Forrester is a global research and advisory firm serving the marketing automation industry.

Winterberry Group is a consulting firm that works with advertising, marketing, and information organizations to grow value.

Inc. 500/5000 names V12 Group the fastest growing marketing company in the markets it serves.

DMA is the world’s largest association dedicated to advancing and protecting responsible data-driven marketing.

The IAB educates marketers, agencies, and media companies about the value of interactive advertising.



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