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Capital Structure I PowerPoint Presentation
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Capital Structure I

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Capital Structure I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capital Structure I
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Capital Structure I Capital 0ENCS005 Equity Analysis Capital Analysis Weight of Equity 0ENCS036 Equity 0ENCS019 Total Dept 0ENCS034 Cost of Capital 0ENCO001 Weight of Dept 0ENCS035 Stockholders Equity 0ENCS032 Weighted Average Cost of Capital 0ENCO053 Issued Stock 0ENCS025 Cost of Equity 0ENCO005 Capital Stock0ENCS007 Residual Income 0ENPR037 Stock Analysis Preffered Stock0ENCS030 Common Stock 0ENCS013 Net Income 0ENPR018 Preffered Stock Ratio0ENCS010 Common Stock Ratio0ENCS008 Common Stock Leverage 0ENCS014 Net Asset Value 0ENCS028

  2. Capital Structure II Balance Sheet Anylysis Liabilities and Dept Structure Capital 0ENCS005 Asset Structure Total Assets 0ENCS033 Liabilities 0ENCS026 Equity 0ENCS019 Capital to Liabilities 0ENCS012 Capital to Assets 0ENCS011 Liabilities to Capital 0ENLI017 Total Assets Turnover 0ENCT006 Sales 0ENPR026 Liabilities to Equity 0ENLI018 Fixed Assets Turnover 0ENCT004 Current Liabilities 0ENCS015 Fixed Assets 0ENCS020 Noncurrent Liabilities 0ENCSxxx Current Assets 0ENCS015 Borrowed Capital Ratio 0ENCS004 Total Dept 0ENCS034 Noncurrent Assets 0ENCS029 Short Term Dept 0ENCS031 Long Term Dept Ratio 0ENCS027 Long Term Dept 0ENCS027 Liabilities to Assets 0ENLI019

  3. Capital Structure III Balance Sheet Anylysis Liabilities and Dept Structure Asset Structure Capital 0ENCS005 Total Assets 0ENCS033 Liabilities 0ENCS026 Equity 0ENCS019 Fixed Assets to Total Assets Ratio 0ENCS020 Stakeholders Equity 0ENCS032 Current Liabilities 0ENCS015 Fixed Assets 0ENCS020 Sales 0ENPR026 Current Assets 0ENCS015 Noncurrent Liabilities 0ENCSxxx Fixed Assets to Stakeholder‘s Equity 0ENCS022 Noncurrent Assets 0ENCS029 Total Dept 0ENCS034 Capital Employed Ratio 0ENCS006 Fixed Assets to Long Term Dept Ratio 0ENCS021 Short Term Dept 0ENCS031 Asset Coverage Ratio 0ENCS001 Long Term Dept 0ENCS027 Funded Capital Ratio 0ENCS024

  4. Capital Structure IV Working Capital Analysis Average Working Capital 0ENCS003 Working Capital 0ENCS037 Current Assets 0ENCS015 Current Liabilities 0ENCS015 Working Capital Turnover 0ENCT007 Current Assets to Working Capital Ratio 0ENCS016 Current Liabilities to Working Capital Ratio 0ENCS018 Sales 0ENPR026 Inventory to Working Capital Ratio 0ENCT007 Working Capital to Long Term Dept 0ENCS003 Inventory 0OPPLAN012 Balance Sheet Analysis Acid Test Ratio 0ENLI001 Long Term Dept 0ENCS027 Current Ratio 0ENLI010