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world war 1 by lucy

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world war 1 by lucy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The trench experience involved the terror of mud, slime and disease and the constant threat of shellfire. Heavy artillery and new weapons such as poison gas threatened deaf from afar ; but hand to hand combat with clubs and knives killed many during the grisly business of trench raids. When troops were not fighting, they were locked into trench deadlock, at which point boredom became a serious problem.


Many people died during the great war, infact 37,000,000 soldiers died in the war. 20,000,000 were badly injured.


Albert 1 (1875 - 1934) was king of the belgians throughout the war, organising resistance to German occupation of much of belgium. He came to the throne in 1909, succeeding his uncle, leopold 11. King Albert was killed in a mountaineering accident in eastern belgium in 1934, at the age of 58, and he was succeeded by his son leopold.


Many dangerous weapons and gases and bombs were used during the great war. There was quite a few deadly gases but one of the deadliest gases is mustard gas. Mustard gas is a yellow gas that can blind and even kill people. Also grenades were quite deadly. Although there very small and look like chocolate pieces they are very dangerous.


The trenches were not a nice place to be during ww1. While most women were tucked up on the sofa in the evening, soldiers were fighting and trying to sleep in the terrible,muddy trenches.