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FOR Internet Voting. Jill Zityniuk CIS 1055 Section #001. Internet Voting.

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For internet voting

FORInternet Voting

Jill Zityniuk

CIS 1055

Section #001

Internet voting
Internet Voting

  • With the advancements of modern technology, such as the Internet capability and accessibility, one needs to consider the implication of Internet Voting. With its vast array of advantages it only seems fit that voting, too, joins the twenty-first century.

What is internet voting
What is Internet Voting?

  • A worldwide, government run website where registered voters can easily and securely vote with the click of a button. People everywhere who have Internet access can simply vote without having to travel to poll booths and wait to cast their vote. Essentially voter turnout would increase.

What are the benefits of internet voting
What are the benefits of Internet Voting?

  • No paper use = environmental friendly, no need to waste paper especially for ballots to go unused.

  • A beneficial source that costs much less. No carbon emissions being used from driving to poll booths

  • Electronically and automatically submit very easily.

  • Comfort ability of a home atmosphere.

  • Time consumption. No waiting in line!

  • Military can vote without having to fax/mail over votes and never knowing if their vote counted.

  • Helps Seniors, sick, or diabled without having to find resources to provide them access to a poll booth.

Military can vote
Military can vote!

Disabled can vote
Disabled can vote!

"Touch screens are the only system which allows a voter with a disability to cast a secret and independent vote...

The audio ballot and adaptive aids, such as sip and puff and jelly switches, make it possible for all of these citizens to cast a secret and independent ballot... Tens of millions of Americans can and will vote secretly and independently if, and only if, they use a touch screen voting machine."

-- Jim DicksonVice President, American Association of People with Disabilities Testimony before the U.S. Election Assistance CommissionMay 5, 2004

2000 presidential election
2000 Presidential Election

  • President George Bush (R) and Al Gore (D) were the candidates. As the ballots were being counted, they noticed Florida was too close to call so they had to recount.






Bush lead: 1,725 930 537

More pros on internet voting
More Pros on Internet Voting

  • Automatic tallying ensures eliminating human error

  • Secure encryption on website so no hackers

  • Government doesn’t need to hire people to work poll booths

  • No disputes about “chads”

  • People at work can vote from office

Don t have a home computer
Don’t have a home computer?

As years pass, and technology evolves, more computers are being made available for almost everyone. Even if you do not have a home computer, local libraries have them, Internet cafes are starting to establish more, and most likely a friend or neighbor has one.

Voter turnout increase
Voter turnout increase

  • More places to vote



    -Dorm rooms


  • Absentee ballots not needed

  • Voice recognition and talking ballots for the blind

  • Large print visibility on screens for the blind

  • Students can vote from their dorms

  • Employees can vote from their office

  • Patients can vote from the Hospital

Computerized internet voting better than paper ballots
“Computerized Internet VotingBetter than paper ballots”

  • Computers offer new possibilities for casting votes, How it would work, Fancy Voting and Advantages.



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