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California Wildfires A Call to Action PowerPoint Presentation
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California Wildfires A Call to Action

California Wildfires A Call to Action

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California Wildfires A Call to Action

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    1. California Wildfires A Call to Action! Be prepared or risk getting burned

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    12. 12 Prevention & Mitigation Evacuation Plans After the Fire Insurance Coverage Claims Process Wildfire Overview

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    14. 14 Create 100 of Defensible Space Fire Resistant Landscaping Irrigate Landscaping Remove Debris from Roof and Gutters Rake Leaves, Dead Limbs and Twigs Clear Branches Near Power Lines Mow Grass Regularly Remove Vines from Walls of Home Install Mesh Screens over Openings to Attic and Crawl Spaces Inspect and Clean Chimneys Annually Add Spark Arrester to Chimneys and Stovepipes Use Fire Resistant Materials on Roof and Exterior of Home Or treat combustible materials with UL-approved fire retardant chemicals Wildfire - Prevention & Mitigation

    15. 15 Wildfire Evacuation Plans

    16. 16 Plan Evacuation Route and Destination Have an alternate back-up plan Establish Remote Family Contact Person Create Emergency Supplies Kit First aid supplies & medications Battery operated radio Flashlight and extra batteries Cash, credit card or travelers checks 3 day supply of water & non-perishable food One change of clothing and shoes Sleeping bag or blanket for each person Store in easy to carry containers (back-pack, duffle bag, etc.) Disconnect Automatic Garage Door Openers Wear Protective Clothing If you Have Time, Take Steps to Protect your Home Evacuate Immediately when Advised to do so Wildfire Evacuation Plans

    17. 17 If you Have Time, Take Steps to Protect your Home Turn off gas at meter Turn off pilot lights Turn on interior lights to make home more visible in heavy smoke Close windows and doors Close fireplace screens Turn off propane tanks Connect long garden hose to outside tap Wet or remove shrubs within 15 feet of home Place lawn sprinkler on roof and/or near above ground fuel tanks and turn on Place combustible patio furniture inside Evacuate Immediately when Advised to do so Wildfire Evacuation Plans (continued)

    18. 18 If You Are Caught in a Wildfire Get to a fire-proof place if possible 1st Choice: Get into water swimming pool, pond, river, swamp, etc. 2nd Choice: Lie flat near rock or concrete Cover head and upper body with wet fabric or soil Breathe air close to ground through a wet cloth to prevent smoke inhalation Wildfire Evacuation Plans (continued)

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    20. 20 Watch for Hot Spots Check the Roof for any Sparks or Embers Check the Attic or Crawl Space for any Hidden Embers or Sparks Photograph and Inventory any Damaged Property Do not dispose of any damaged items until checking with your insurance adjuster Immediately Report any Damage to your Insurance Company After the Fire

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    22. 22 Do You Have Enough Coverage to Replace Your Home & Possessions? Review Coverage Limits Annually with Sales Representative Compare Amount of Insurance per Square Foot v. Local Cost of Construction Timely Report Any Additions/Remodeling to Home Unusual or Significant Out Structures? Do You Need Scheduled Items Coverage? Replacement Cost v. Actual Cash Value Civil Authority Evacuation Coverage Usually for 2 weeks - save your receipts to document additional expenses incurred Photo/Video Inventory of Home and Personal Property Insurance Coverage

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    24. 24 Confirm Available Coverage Limits Insurance Adjuster Role Documentation Needed Photo/Video Inventory Architectural or Construction Plans, Floor Plan Recorded Interview Decision Rebuild or Purchase New Home Elsewhere? Contractor Selection Construction Process Debris Removal Permits Code Upgrades Mortgagee Involvement Personal Property Claim Contents Replacement Service Temporary Housing Liberty Mutual Customer Care Team Claims Process

    25. 25 ANY QUESTIONS ?