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BMS – Billboard Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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BMS – Billboard Management System

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BMS – Billboard Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BMS – Billboard Management System. Tracking System based on Active RFID Technology. What is BMS ?. BMS is a Active RFID based Billboard Tracking System developed by TOTAL to enable tracking and monitoring of Billboards and digital displays.

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BMS – Billboard Management System

Tracking System based on

Active RFID Technology

what is bms

What is BMS?

BMSis a Active RFID based Billboard Tracking System developed by TOTAL to enable tracking and monitoring of Billboards and digital displays.

BMSwill enable tracking of the Billboards and Digital Displays and shall enable the users to track them using a handheld device from a distance of 30 meters.

Active RFID Tags are attached to the Billboards and can be tracked by the handheld in real time.

The handhelds will be able to track the Billboard with RFID tags in 30 meters range.

bms architecture

Active RFID Tag on Billboard





30 meters range

Handheld device with RFID Reader

BMS Architecture

how bms works

How BMS works?

BMScomprises of the following components

Handheld Device


The handheld device with the RFID reader which will be used by the user to track the Billboard in real-time.

Active RFID Tag placed on the hoarding and its used to monitor and track the hoarding in real-time by the Handheld.

The user can move with the Handheld in a specific area and track all the hoarding with the Active RFID Tag installed on them in that area. The proposed system shall have a coverage of about 30 meters.

We have chosen handheld from a leading industrial handheld company and the RFID tags & PCMCIA RFID Reader are from a innovative tracking technology company.

where bms working

Where BMS working?

HubliDharwad Municipal Corporation

First time in INDIA, This Unique Solution has been implemented successfully at HDMC

HDMC is quite happy to become first in India to use such Unique System by this HDMC has become the Ideal City

contact us

Contact Us


# 122, 1st Main, Kengeri Upanagar, Bangalore – 560 060,

Ph : 080-28486764

Email :