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ETS meeting 01/17/08 PowerPoint Presentation
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ETS meeting 01/17/08

ETS meeting 01/17/08

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ETS meeting 01/17/08

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  1. ETS meeting 01/17/08

  2. Operation Plan for 08/09 Personnel matters PWPs ASRs Progression scheme Everything else SCUBA-2 Acceptance integration What’s on the agenda?

  3. What is it? Defines the operational objective for 08/09 Defines the work to be completed in 07/08 What does it mean for the ETS? Clear priorities Flow down of objectives What does it mean for me? Flow down of objectives. Operational Plan

  4. Flow down of objectives Operational requirement ETS objectives SCS etc objectives Mech Objectives Electronics Objectives PWP Objective PWP Objective PWP Objective

  5. Example UKIRT mirror cooling Thermally Control M1 07/08 Provide mirror Cooling system SCS etc objectives Air Flush Cooling Control of system Recommission Air flushing Replace Glycol lines Develop PLC etc. PWP objectives

  6. Agreement between the line manager and the employee Duties for the year ahead Specific objectives Updated as circumstances change Operational duties (from job description) e.g. Maintenance Fault fixing Instrument Support Operational Objectives From ops flow down Personal development Targeted objectives Training Personal Work Plan

  7. Assessment of performance PWP feed directly into the ASR Did I fulfill my duties? Did I achieve the objectives? Checks and balances CS officer Head of division JAC Annual Review meeting Not a tool for assessing promotion Though feedback meeting can be used for this So what is? Annual staff review

  8. Technician progression • Individual technician level based on: • Level of supervision required • Responsibility taken on board • Self-Motivation/Attitude • Application of pertinent knowledge • Achieving the desired skill sets. • Not based on: • Length of service • Direct comparison with others

  9. Questions to ask • Where am I know? • Agree with line manager your current status • Do I want additional responsibility? • Some people are happy where they currently are. • What do I need to do to meet the criteria for promotion to the next level? • having answered the first two this should be obvious

  10. Personal assessment against the criteria for promotion • For Technicians this is set out in the document: • Roles and Responsibilities for JAC technician Levels • Knowing where you are you can establish your weak areas • Work on them • Do this require additional training? • Are there specific duties or objectives that will allow you to develop?

  11. Example

  12. Using your PWP • Ensure that you and you line manager are in agreement on the way ahead. • Develop a strategy to meet the requirements • Having specific objectives that meet the operational need of the JAC is a win/win • In conjunction with your line manager develop these objectives and add the ones that can realistically be achieved this year to your PWP. • Where they run into next year, can there be interim objectives?

  13. Tying it all together Operational duties ASR operational objectives PWP Promotion assessment Personal development Requirements Commitment Appraisal

  14. Annual leave Use it or loose it Use it during the year Do not anticipate having all of December off Relations with MKSS Questionnaire response They have the ability to make our lives miserable Do not wind them up Other items

  15. Other Items • Snow Clearance • Snow points are there to reward those who bust a gut on MK getting the telescopes operational • HR and others snipe at them all the time. Abuse them and we loose them • Five minutes snow clearing does not warrant 1.3 hours off in lieu. This should be considered part of our normal duties. • From now on the criteria for snow points includes a minimum clearance duration of 1 hour.

  16. Likewise OT calculations include vacation hours Driving! Speed limits Right hand side Passing other vehicles Other items

  17. SCUBA-2 Int. Schedule

  18. Acceptance testing Week of 2/4 Arrival 3/17 Shutdown #1 3/31-4/10 SCUBA-2 lift Initial alignment Shutdown #2 5/12-5/15 SCUBA-2 installation Working hours As far as possible normal working hours Maybe need for early start/late departure Maybe need to five day working week Shutdowns; usual hours. SCUBA-2 status

  19. Questions?