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http://googlesightseeing.com/locality/continents/north-america/states/northcarolina/page/2/ http://www.bcca.org/misc/qiblih/latlong_us.html#NEWxMEXICO. History of Video Game Consoles. Ralph Baer.

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  1. http://googlesightseeing.com/locality/continents/north-america/states/northcarolina/page/2/http://googlesightseeing.com/locality/continents/north-america/states/northcarolina/page/2/ • http://www.bcca.org/misc/qiblih/latlong_us.html#NEWxMEXICO

  2. History of Video Game Consoles

  3. Ralph Baer The genius behind all this and thus one of the pioneers of video gaming is Ralph Baer. Already in the early 50's he began thinking for the first time about using television for playing games.

  4. Also in vented Simon

  5. Pong- one of the first games to be released (1972) Click here

  6. 1972 Pong First widely available video game http://www.bafta.org/awards/video-games/play-pong-online,678,BA.html

  7. Atari Pong- 1975 http://www.thegameconsole.com/

  8. Many consoles were created, but went belly up • Link

  9. Telstar 1976- 1 million units sold

  10. 1976 Color began to be introduced • http://www.2600online.com/videopinball.html • http://www.2600online.com/ • 1979 Lunar Lander

  11. Early 1980s Atari 5200 • http://www.webworksllc.com/games/Invaders.cfm

  12. 1979-1982 • The most popular games were Spaces Shooting Games or Sports

  13. Had it’s own monitor 1982 Vetrex

  14. Commodore 64 • http://c64s.com/toplist/

  15. Coleco 1982 • First to offer Donkey Kong

  16. 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System • The gold standard for video game systems • It put Nintendo on the map and kept them there. • The most popular game series of all time was introduced.. • Online play

  17. Atari came and went SEGA began its introduction

  18. 1987 • http://www.nescafeweb.com/game.play.php?gameid=3

  19. 1989 Sega Release the Genesis • Knocked Nintendo of the top • The most popular game on the genesis was Sonic • 1 • 2

  20. 1991 • SEGA dominated the market, but Nintendo came back with the SNES • Kirby became a popular game

  21. Nintendo went to Sony to develop a cd reading game console • They deal went bust and thus we now have the Sony Playstation line

  22. Websites Used: • http://www.thegameconsole.com/videogames94.htm • http://www.dan-dare.info/

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