trend micro message archiver enabling storage management e discovery n.
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Trend Micro™ Message Archiver: Enabling Storage Management & e-Discovery PowerPoint Presentation
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Trend Micro™ Message Archiver: Enabling Storage Management & e-Discovery

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Trend Micro™ Message Archiver: Enabling Storage Management & e-Discovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trend Micro™ Message Archiver: Enabling Storage Management & e-Discovery. Chris Taylor Global Product Marketing Manager. Company Overview. Founded Headquarters Employees Market Revenue 2007. United States in 1988 Tokyo, Japan 3,200+ Secure Content and Threat Management

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trend micro message archiver enabling storage management e discovery

Trend Micro™ Message Archiver: Enabling Storage Management & e-Discovery

Chris Taylor

Global Product Marketing Manager

company overview
Company Overview





Revenue 2007

United States in 1988

Tokyo, Japan


Secure Content and Threat Management

US$848 million (117.58JPY=1USD)

CEO | Eva Chen

  • Operations in more than 30 countries; 7 global R&D centers
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (4704)
what is email archiving
What is Email Archiving?

Email Archiving:

  • Stand-alone application that works with the email server to archive an organization’s email
  • Captures and indexes all email flowing in/out of the email server for quick access
  • Different from backup
    • Backup: preserves data with snapshots to protect from disaster
    • Archiving: continually preserves information to make it efficient to search and access

Why do customers need it?

  • Enables fast search of email information
  • Reduces email management and storage costs
  • Enables compliance with regulatory rules for record retention
customer pain growing use reliance on email
Customer Pain : Growing Use & Reliance on Email
  • Business processes commonly use email for digital approval
  • Contains huge amounts of information but is difficult to search
  • More email use = higher costs


“E-mail contains as much as 80% of a company's intellectual property.” 1

  • Law Technology Today, “EDD Tips for Email from the Front Line,” March 2007, Frank Chambers
  • Radicati “E-mail Archiving Market, 2007 - 2011.” May, 2007, Masha Khmartseva and Sara Radicati, Ph.D.
customer pain increasing email regulation and email search requests
Customer Pain: Increasing Email Regulation and Email Search Requests
  • Governments increasingly regulating how long email records must be kept
  • Email is typically the first item requested during litigation
  • Severe consequences for not producing email during litigation:
    • Fines
      • Morgan Stanley $15M1
    • Lost lawsuits or early settlements
      • City of Dallas $1.5M2
  • The Dallas Morning News, June 28, 2007, Michael Grabell,
introducing trend micro message archiver
Introducing Trend Micro Message Archiver
  • All internal and external email copied to archive as it passes through the mail server
  • Mail deleted from the mail server with a deletion rule or replaced with a shortcut…(Example: 90 days)
    • Mail can still be quickly searched and viewed without restoring from the archive
  • Mail is deleted from the archive after a specified time period….(Ex: 5 years)
  • Effortless employee experience
  • Consistent archiving to reduce risk




XX Months


XX Years



how does message archiver work







Message Archiver

How Does Message Archiver Work?


All internal & external email

more efficient email storage

Email Server

Email Server

Email Archive





More Efficient Email Storage
  • Message Archiver reduces the amount of email data on the mail server by up to 80%
    • Older emails can be deleted from the Exchange server and stored in the archive
    • Attachments can be replaced with shortcuts in the inbox (stubbing)
  • Shortens Exchange server backup time

Without Archiving

With Archiving

four user types to protect privacy
Four User Types to Protect Privacy


Privileged users: Typically HR or Legal team, can search all email within the organization. Every search is audited to prevent abuse.

Data Guardian: Each search by a privileged user triggers an audit message which is emailed to a designated data guardian such as a company officer or union representative



Email Archive


Admin user: IT staff have the ability to monitor the system, but no access to other’s email. All activity is stored in secure logs.

Normal users: All employees have access to an archive of their own archived email.

message archiver launch plans
Message Archiver Launch Plans
  • Public announcement & first customer shipment: March 10, 2008
  • Targeting Medium Businesses
  • US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand
  • Pricing: Per user pricing varies by seat count and price decreases with volume. For the 501-1000 seat level, TMMA is $33.70 per user. This price includes search and compliance capabilities and the first year of maintenance. 
      • Simple pricing structure includes e-Discovery, first year maintenance
  • 100% sold through channel
3 reasons to buy message archiver
3 Reasons to Buy Message Archiver

Optimizes the mail system by reducing mail server data by up to 80%

Increases productivitywith easy access to vast amounts of intellectual property inside the email system

Protects the companyduring lawsuits or regulatory audits with built-in e-Discovery and compliance capability



Background material follows

how is trend micro message archiver different from archiving alternatives
How is Trend Micro Message Archiver Different from archiving alternatives?


  • Easy to deploy and manage (installs in 30 minutes)
  • No database to license or maintain

Secure Design

  • Proves an email is authentic with fingerprints on every message
  • Prevents tampering – all activity logged and audited. Data is stored encrypted. No accessible database which could provide a backdoor into the system

Privacy Protected

  • Protects unnecessary employee search (audit sent to Data Guardian”)
  • Protects confidential data inside the archive (data encrypted, access limited to authorized users)
advanced search for electronic discovery
Advanced Search for Electronic Discovery
  • Full content indexing
  • Granular search capability to find any email
    • Wildcard queries in any field
    • Search for words close to one another (proximity)
    • Search out keywords with the same root (stemming)
    • Find words that sound similar or are misspelled (fuzzy logic)
  • Search results can be saved in a folder for review or exported in native format
electronic discovery review
Electronic Discovery Review

Search results can be saved to a folder where a Privileged User can:

  • Add comments
  • Tag messages as “Ignore”, “Critical” or “Follow Up”
  • Track which messages have been reviewed

Search results can be exported native format

trend micro in secure content and threat management market

Trend Micro Message Archiver

Trend Micro in Secure Content and Threat Management Market

Secure Content & Threat Management