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The Evolution of Printing Technology

The Evolution of Printing Technology. Sanat Hazra IPPTA, Golden Jubilee Seminar March 6 th , 2014. Print : Evolution over 600 years. The Digital . Unprecedented Rates of Change. Unprecedented Rates of Change. Strategy. Flexible Printed Electronics.

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The Evolution of Printing Technology

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  1. The Evolution of Printing Technology Sanat Hazra IPPTA, Golden Jubilee Seminar March 6th, 2014

  2. Print : Evolution over 600 years

  3. The Digital

  4. Unprecedented Rates of Change

  5. Unprecedented Rates of Change

  6. Strategy

  7. Flexible Printed Electronics • Uses existing graphics publishing industry manufacturing capacity • To produce square miles of circuitry • At high speeds • And vastly reduced costs • Using screen, offset, gravure, flexo, inkjet technologies • In the 10-20 microns range • This vibrant new industry, which combines the breadth of the printing industry with the technical sophistication of smart electronics, provides a compelling, yet unproven, market opportunity.

  8. Printed Electronics : The Process

  9. Printed Electronics : New Requirements Ink Splitting

  10. Printed Electronics : Desired Attributes Foldable Each One Unique Environ-mental Biocompatible & Edible Largest Common Market Needs LOW COST FLEXIBLE LIGHT WEIGHT HIGH VOLUME Thin Rollable Wearable Fault Tolerant Stretchable Edible

  11. Printed Electronics : Products

  12. Printed Electronics : Products

  13. Printed Electronics Market : Forecast

  14. Future Challenges How to co-exist with development of electronic media?

  15. Evolution of Newspaper Printing Technology.

  16. Newspaper Printing Technology THEN NOW 1440 Guttenberg Movable Type 6 x 2 90,000 cph

  17. Evolution of Newspaper Printing Technology 1440 - 1950 1950 Technology Guttenberg’s movable type to Rotary Letterpress Lithographic Offset Evolves XXX-Triple wide Double Circumference 90,000 cph Double wide Double Circumference 60,000 cph Single wide Single Circumference Slow speed Speed Single Color Single side Poor Registration Four Color Back to back print Perfect registration Single Color Back to back printBetter Registration Quality Virgin Pulp 50-52 gsm 64” wide Recycled Pulp 38-40 gsm 44” wide Substrate- Newsprint

  18. Universal Challenges • It does not matter what industry we are in, someone, someplace, somewhere is trying to develop a product, process and/or business model that will entirely dislodge our business. • In Newspaper industry it has already happened. Someone has already redefined what it takes to be successful in our business.

  19. Trend in the west…

  20. Closer home….

  21. Newsprint Markets World Market Indian Market

  22. Future Challenges For Newsprint Mills • Deep understanding of printers’ needs • Working closely with printers • Better pricing with lower total cost • Value propositions - Innovation leading to reducing cost and enhancing performance. • Meeting environmental guidelines. • Maintaining sustainable growth.

  23. Protocol “The success of an economy (or an organization) depends on its ability to invent and embrace a new set of protocols.” David Brooks, NYT

  24. Agenda - Making innovation everyone’s job, everyday. - Create highly engaging work environment that will inspire employee to give their best. - Accelerating the pace of strategic renewal. - Breakout performance.

  25. Breakout Performance

  26. Thank You Sanat Hazra Times Of India

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