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Quickbix Documents Suite

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Quickbix Documents Suite. Document Management system for Microsoft CRM 4.0. Quickbix Documents Suite.

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Quickbix Documents Suite

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quickbix documents suite

Quickbix Documents Suite

Document Management system for Microsoft CRM 4.0

quickbix documents suite1
Quickbix Documents Suite

One-click documents at your Dynamics CRM fingertips!Documents Suite enables your organization to handle your business documents in Dynamics CRM in a natural way with just a few clicks in every moment.You can generate, edit, save and send the documents in a timesaving optimized process.All documents are securely saved in Dynamics CRM either as Note attachments or in integrated Sharepoint document libraries.

Quickbix Documents Suite for Microsoft CRM 4.0Supports Office -2007 and -2010.Supports Sharepoint -2007 and -2010

office integration
Office integration…


Document to Office ProcessThis process is used when the user wants to edit the document in Office before saving and attaching it to an email activity.



1. Open Quote from MS CRMPress “Quick Open in Office” button2.Select your template …and optionally select what sub parts of the document to include in the merge3. Edit the generated Quote in Word/Excel4-5. Save it back to CRM and Send it to the Customer as PDF in one easy processThe Quote is saved as a Word/Excel file in MSCRM and has been sent to the customer as a PDF.



office integration1
Office integration…


Send as PDF ProcessThis process is used when the user wants to send the generated document without editing.

1. Open Quote from MS CRMPress “Quick Open in Office” button2.Select your template Check the “PDF Direct” checkbox and press “Create”!3. Send your document. A new email activity with everything filled out for you will be displayed + the document attached as a PDF. Just for you to press “Send”



office integration2
Office integration…


Open as PDF ProcessThis process is used when the user wants to produce a quick PDF-version of the template.

1. Open Quote from MS CRMPress “Quick Open in Office” button2.Select your template Check the “PDF Direct” checkbox and press “Create”!3. View your PDF. The document is presented in Acrobat Reader, where you can view and save it.



one click documents
One-click Documents

One-click DocumentsInside Microsoft CRM, you can add buttons that is predefined to automatically run a template without any dialogs….

Depending on how you have configured the button, you can have your document...

Opened in Word/Excel/Powerpoint

Attached to a new email as PDF

Opened in Acrobat Reader

generate documents
Generate Documents…
  • Multi document mergeLets the user decide what sections to include into the finished document.(if no sections exists, the selection is hidden)
  • Data-driven mergeLets data from Microsoft CRM decide what sections to include into the finished document.
  • Unlimiteddata accessYou can have all your CRM data appear in your documents. We use filtered views to connect your data from Microsoft CRM to the layout.
  • All entities supportedYou can use Documents Suite for all entities, customized included.
save documents
Save Documents…

1. Save from Office menuPress the “Save in CRM” button found in Word/Excel/Powerpoint.

2. SaveIn the “Save in CRM” menu, you can change the document name if you want and then press “Save”.(you can also optionally create an new email activity and send the document as a PDF)

3a. Note attachmentThe document is saved as a Note Attachment behind the entity you opened it from in Microsoft CRM.3b. SharepointThe document is saved in an integrated Sharepoint Document Library.




sharepoint integration
Sharepoint Integration…

We can offer you two different ways of saving your documents in Sharepoint. The first attaches a dedicated Site and document library to each Account (often). The second stores all documents in a single Site and filters the out what documents to show on each entity in Microsoft CRM.In both scenarios you will have a document overview that shows all documents related to an Account and since we are tagging each document with metadata from Microsoft CRM, your entire organization will be able to find these documents through Sharepoint!

1. Site & Folder withMetadata scenarioThis scenario creates a dedicated Sharepoint Site Document library for each root entity (often Account) in Microsoft CRM. Sub entities (contacts, opportunities, quotes, orders, contracts…) are connected to a folder structure inside this Sharepoint Site.

2. Pure Metadata scenario

The pure Metadata scenario stores all CRM documents in the same Site document library.All documents are tagged with Metadata of your choice and then filtered and grouped on each Microsoft Entity Form.

grouped data
Grouped data…

Grouped dataWhen creating templates for Quotes, Orders, Invoices and other documents with line data rows, you can group these rows in every way you want using both Microsoft Word or Excel. Since the data source is a SQL query, all attributes can be accessed from Microsoft CRM filtered views, grouped and ordered by you!

excel objects in word
Excel objects in Word…

Excel objects in WordSay you have an Excel document saved for each Account with calculations and graphs. You now want to display this information in a carefully designed Word document together with information from Microsoft CRM. Documents Suite now has the ability to dynamically extract any named table or graph from such an Excel sheet and display it seamlessly in a new Word document together with information from Microsoft CRM.And it’s very fast too!

office templates
Office Templates…

When installing Quickbix Documents Suite you’ll get a variety of professional business documents included in the package, all tailor made for the entities in Dynamics CRM. Some of them shows the possibility to merge selectable subdocuments into one final and others shows the Dynamic data feature, which enables you to let the data in Dynamics CRM decide which documents to be included in the merge.Included templates for:Account – Contact – Opportunity – Quote – Sales order – Invoice – Contract - Case

Working with TemplatesQuickbix Documents Suite Templates are actually ordinary Word /Excel /Powerpoint files.It is fairly easy to create your own set of company templates. You need a basic knowledge of SQL and also knowledge about what data to extract from the Dynamics CRM filtered views.Our document “Working with Templates.docx” will step by step guide you through this process.We at Quickbix are experts in creating Templates and are happy to help you get started. Contact us: sales@quickbix.com