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Group 5. 00121348 蔡昀秀 00121360 王冠懿 99121371 大橋麻美. A Crime Scene by Albert Van Hoogmoed. He'd just come home from working all night and found her like that, a terrible sight. The younger policeman looked on with dismay. He'd never forget that terrible day.

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group 5

Group 5

00121348 蔡昀秀

00121360 王冠懿

99121371 大橋麻美

He'd just come home from working all nightand found her like that, a terrible sight.The younger policeman looked on with dismay.He'd never forget that terrible day.

He saw the young woman from behind the doorand empty milk cartons all over the floor,

Scattered strawberries, slices of fruit,and spoonfuls of sugar and honey to boot.''Who could have done this terrible thing?''His voice had a horrified, pitiful ring.''Just look at the clues,'' replied Sargeant Miller.''It looks like the work of a cereal killer.''
a true gentleman by roann mendriq
A True Gentlemanby RoannMendriq

What makes a man a gentleman?Is it the dandy way he's dressed?Is it the sparkling whiteness of his shirt?or the way his clothes are pressed?Is the way he bows his charming headand greets you when you meet?Or is it the way he clicks his heels,and offers you his seat?Is it his crisp annunciation?and his diction when he speaks?Or the way he looks up heavy books,to find answers that he seeks?

Could it be his oratory skills?And the theories he expounds?The words of wisdom that he shares,and the cultured way he sounds?No, a true gentleman is gentle,in word and way and deed;Goodness makes him sparkle,Kindness is his creed.His shirts may be all rumpled,His diction not too clear,But he'll never raise his hand on you, He'll never cause you fear.Well spoken words are pointless,when they cause misery and pain;Purported gentlemen will fail,No matter how they feign.