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Lyon, february 16th, 2011

Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility. Paul Dekkers, SURFnet. Lyon, february 16th, 2011. Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility. “ Integration with other operators ” Wrap up Difficult topic; what do we want to do? I wrote stuff down when people discussed topic Plans at SURFnet Call for arms.

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Lyon, february 16th, 2011

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  1. Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility Paul Dekkers, SURFnet Lyon, february 16th, 2011

  2. Enabling Ubiquitous Mobility “Integration with other operators” • Wrap up • Difficult topic;what do we want to do?I wrote stuff down when people discussed topic • Plans at SURFnet • Call for arms

  3. There’s a lot we can do • What is exciting, where can we collaborate or (just) share experiences • Investigate roaming technologies • Collect best-practises • Offload 3G (with eduroam) • Make 3G cheaper, MVNO, MVNA • Where could vendors, operators help? • Brainstorm • Collect usecases

  4. Usecases • Collect usecases • Access to institution-only stuff? • What is the mobile-market not providing? • What is needed by our (research) community? • Internet of things? • International (roaming) experiments? • Branding?Do institutions or NRENs want to sell phones? • Can we speed up research, “internet of things”,what is not commercially available? Disposable SIM?

  5. Coverage, use-cases • Coverage issues at campuses? • Less femtocells in EuropeSmaller cells compared to the VS • But: more and more people (also employees) work with Laptop + GSMWiFi is not always sufficient • Coverage outside campuses, 3G offload via eduroam • Use-case for commercial wifi operators

  6. @SURFnet Investigate and translate needs to requirements. Focus on: • What is the market not providing? • What is needed by our community?Internet of things? • (Coverage) issues on campuses? • Workshop in march Furthermore: • Improve eduroam coverage (3G offloading!)with commercial operators

  7. Now what…  • EUM is a “new” task • Who is active in this area? • What are your plans? • How do you want to collaborate?(Build a wiki? Have a VC, brainstorm?) • Can we use the help of vendors, operators? <insert typical “we need you” image here> Let’s have a VC/brainstorm! Paul.Dekkers@surfnet.nl

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