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Link List. Submitted by Submitted to Mukesh (5765) Er . Dheeraj Maam Vijender(5755) Lect. In Comp. sc. BCA 2 nd Year. Definition. 1. Header Link List. 2. Circular Link List. 3. Two-Way Link List. 4. Overview. Definition.

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Link List

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    1. Link List Submitted by Submitted to Mukesh (5765) Er .DheerajMaam Vijender(5755) Lect. In Comp. sc. BCA 2nd Year

    2. Definition 1 Header Link List 2 Circular Link List 3 Two-Way Link List 4 Overview

    3. Definition • A Linked List is a list of elements, or nodes, that are linked to one another such that each element references the next. Linked lists and arrays are similar since they both store collections of data, however an array has a fixed size, at least in most commonly used languages; where as a linked list as an arbitrary length, which allows the list to grow and shrink as needed by the client. 

    4. Header Link List • A header linked list is a linked list which always contains a special node, called the header node, at the beginning of the list. • The following are two kinds of widely used header lists: • Grounded Header Link List • Circular Header Link List Header Node

    5. Grounded Header Link List • A grounded header list is a header list where the last node contains the null pointer. (The term “grounded” comes from the fact that many texts use the electrical ground symbol to indicate the null pointer.) Start Header Node

    6. Circular Header Link List • A circular header Link list is a header list where the last node points back to the header bode. The chains do not indicate the last node and first node of the link list. In this case, external pointers provide a frame reference because last node of a circular link list does not contain null pointer.

    7. Circular header link list

    8. Circular Link List • A linked list whose last node points back to the first node instead of containing the null pointer, called a circular list. In a circular link list “next” pointer field of last node store the address of the first node.

    9. Circular Linked Lists

    10. Two way link list • A two-way list is a linear collection of data elements, called nodes, where each node N is divided into three parts: • An information field INFO which contains the data of N • A pointer field FORW which contains the location of the next node in the list. • A pointer field BACK which contains the location of the preceding node in the list

    11. Two Way List

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