Tuner llrf of ilc
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Tuner & LLRF of ILC. Sun YI (孙毅)、 Wang Guangwei (王光伟) Lin Haiying (林海英)、 Qiu Feng (邱丰) Dec.7, 2010 3th workshop of KEK/IHEP on ILC. Outline. Conception is changed from RING to Linac A tuner have been fabricated and test Tuning loop FB on , to locked the frequency of MHI-04 cavity.

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Tuner llrf of ilc

Tuner & LLRF of ILC

Sun YI (孙毅)、Wang Guangwei(王光伟)

Lin Haiying(林海英)、 Qiu Feng(邱丰)

Dec.7, 2010

3th workshop of KEK/IHEP on ILC


  • Conception is changed from RING to Linac

  • A tuner have been fabricated and test

  • Tuning loop FB on , to locked the frequency of MHI-04 cavity.

Bandwidth 220khz q l 5897

8/9∏-mode influence


Bandwidth 220KHzQL=5897






Bead pull perturbation by zhai jiyuan
Bead Pull Perturbation ( by Zhai Jiyuan)

Antenna coupling and field flatness
Antenna Coupling and Field Flatness

Long antennas to increase the coupling (input coupler side 0.17, pickup side 0.32)

reduced the input power, but made the field flatness worse

put metal beads on the equator of cell#1 to increase the field and coupling in the input coupler side (not used now):

Ball disturbing
Ball disturbing

phase error

#9 cell

#1 cell

Ball disturbing cell 9 50khz 30 0 cell 1 10khz 10 0
ball disturbing cell #9 ~50KHZ 300 cell #1 ~10KHZ 100

ball speed=3mm/s

#1 cell

#1 cell

#9 cell

Tuner fb on under disturbing of cell 1 10khz 10 0 ball speed 0 3mm s
Tuner FB on under disturbing of cell #1 ~10KHZ 100ball speed = 0.3mm/s

tuner FB on

Disturbing off

FB off

#1 cell

Piezo on sine sawtooth rectangle
Piezo On (sine、 sawtooth 、 rectangle)

piezo 200V --8um --1.2KHz

phase error

piezo off

Piezo 200v 0 1hz rectangle sine measured by grating rule 2 5um
Piezo=200V 0.1HZ rectangle & sinemeasured by grating rule: 2.5um

Piezo 300v 0 1hz sine rectangle
Piezo=300V 0.1HZ sine & rectangle



Measured by grating rule


Why ?



PZ 300V --6.5um/2 --1.0KHz

Digital llrf is under adjusting
Digital LLRF is under adjusting

Dr.Qiu Feng

Ms.Lin Haiying

Next year plan
Next year plan

  • 80K LN2 →MHI-04 for test Tuner mechanic performance

    1) vacuum tank

    2) motor

  • CW→pulse mode for LLRF loops


  • The R&D of tuner and LLRF are initial, but we have the first 1.3GHZ Lab. over China, and have open the history.

  • the cavity frequency can be locked by the tuner FB loop within ±0.50, MHI-04 cavity Length can be changed 3um by the piezo.

  • A simple vacuum tank is under design for the future 80K cold test of tuner.