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Literary Review

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Literary Review. Select an interest that you would like to expand. Narrow that to a topic that relates to your interest. Then ask a few questions about the topic of interest.

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literary review

Literary Review

Select an interest that you would like to expand.

Narrow that to a topic that relates to your interest.

Then ask a few questions about the topic of interest.

Ask the what for, why, when, who with, or any other question that you may think of when developing your initial topic of interest.

your research strategy
Your Research Strategy
  • Gather about 5 articles from your initial search.
  • See if any are written by the same author, or if when you began, one author wrote multiple times on the subject.
  • Save that author, they’re probably the authority.
  • Bounce of their bibliography for sources.

Write out an outline of what you are reviewing.

  • For example it may be in outline format.

Alcohol abuse by children of alcoholics.

  • Types of Alcoholics

1. Binge Drinkers

2. Sneaking Drinkers

3. Everyday Drinkers

  • Female children of Alcoholics.

1. etc

2. etc.

3. etc.

structure of your essay
Structure of your Essay
  • Design it like an expanded 5 paragraph essay.
  • Take the time to construct a well defined topic sentence that acts as a thesis statement.
  • Break it into the parts that you will describe in the following paragraphs.
  • If there are 3 major areas you are examining, then your body would be 3 paragraphs.
  • Your conclusion should then restate your opening and relate to the body of your work.
ace enrollees
ACE Enrollees
  • Your paper will be 12 to 15 pages.
  • Since you will be writing more, just go into greater detail with your topic and it will naturally extend itself.
  • Work on it in chunks. Say a page a day or two and you will see once you start you’ll knock out a couple pages each time you spend an hour on it.
  • You are required to include an abstract, which is an overview of your paper that is after your title page.
your bibliography
Your Bibliography
  • You will follow the APA style of citation.
  • can be used in order to make sure your page is constructed properly.
  • The site has a means to even save your works cited page.
  • If anyone knows of a different or more efficient way, I will consider it.
structure of your paper
Structure of your Paper
  • Your paper will have three separate parts.
  • A Title Page, as I will show an example.
  • The main body of the work, as per instructed, expanded 3 paragraph essay.
  • Finally a separate work cited page.

The Title of Your Paper

Your Name


Mr. Wenturine

Period ?


Your Last Name & page #

Your paper will be 12 font double spacing. Make sure you indent on each paragraph and double space after each period. Your paper will look more professional. In text citations are authors last name and page number in parenthesis (Courtois, 2004). In text Journal citation are similar, (Hughes, Brestan, & Valle, 2004).


Works Cited

Your works cited page has its title (see above).

Every source is listed alphabetically. See APA Example:

Miller, W.I. (2003). Faking It. Cambridge, England:

Cambridge University Press. will automatically place your reference in this style. APA must be used for the ACE enrollees.

psychology lit review topics
Psychology Lit Review Topics
  • Addictions ADHD
  • Alzheimer's Anger
  • Anxiety Eating Disorders
  • Hate/Hate Crimes Hypnosis
  • Learning & Memory Marriage/Divorce
  • Military and or PSTD Sleep / Dreams
  • Schizophrenia Phobias
  • Sports Psychology Testing Issues
  • Kids & Media Kids & Technology
  • Shyness Compulsions & Issues