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Literary Terms Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Literary Terms Review

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Literary Terms Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Literary Terms Review

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  1. Literary Terms Review Click for Final Jeopardy Round

  2. Who's involved?– 10 points The main character of a story. Who is the Protagonist?

  3. Who's involved?– 25 points A person, animal, or imaginary creature in a literary work. What is a Character?

  4. Who's involved?– 50 points The source of conflict for the main character. Who is the Antagonist?

  5. Who's involved?– 75 points The reader is a character in the story when told from this point of view. What is Second Person (point of view)?

  6. Who's involved?– 100 points The narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all the characters; there are multiple perspectives. What is Third Person Omniscient (point of view)?

  7. What happened? – 10 points This is the sequence of events in a story. What is Plot?

  8. What happened?– 25 points A less important sequence (or series) of events within the main plot. What is Subplot?

  9. What happened?– 50 points This part of a plot introduces the characters and setting. What is the Exposition?

  10. What happened?– 75 points This is the use of clues to suggest events that have yet to occur. What is Foreshadowing?

  11. What happened?– 100 points This device interrupts the sequence of events to relate to an earlier time or event. What is Flashback?

  12. Just styling– 10 points A writer’s typical way of writing. What is Style?

  13. Just styling – 25 points Refers to the atmosphere or feeling created in the reader by the literary work. What is Mood?

  14. DAILY DOUBLE! Just styling– Wager Your Points! The form of a language spoken by people in a particular region or group. What is Dialect?

  15. Just styling– 75 points The writer’s attitude toward the readers, characters, and the subject. What is Tone?

  16. Just styling– 100 points The voice through which an author tells a story. What is Persona?

  17. Figuratively speaking – 10 points This is anything that stands for or represents something abstract. What is Symbol?

  18. Figuratively speaking– 25 points This is a comparison of two things using like or as. What is Simile?

  19. Figuratively speaking– 50 points This literary technique involves surprising, interesting, or amusing contradictions. What is Irony?

  20. Figuratively speaking– 75 points “…the undyingwindssank some objects” is an example of this figurative language technique, which gives human qualities or actions to non-human things. What is Personification?

  21. Figuratively speaking – 100 points The phrase “raining cats and dogs” is an example of this type of figurative language. What is an IDIOM?

  22. It's complicated – 10 points A struggle between two opposing forces. What is Conflict?

  23. It's complicated– 25 points Harry Potter battling Voldemort is an example of which type of conflict? What is Character vs. Character?

  24. It's complicated– 50 points This type of conflict involves outside forces such as other characters, nature, community, fate. What is External Conflict?

  25. It's complicated– 75 points This causes a plot to become tense or entangled as a result of the conflict. What is Complication?

  26. DAILY DOUBLE! It's complicated– Wager Your Points! An example of this type conflict is the protagonist struggling to make an important decision. What is Internal Conflict AND Character vs. Him/Herself?

  27. Once Upon a Time – 10 points This is the central idea, concern, or purpose of a story. What is Theme?

  28. Once Upon a Time – 25 points The time and place in which a story takes place. What is the Setting? 28 28

  29. Once Upon a Time – 50 points A conversation between characters in a story is called this. What is Dialogue? 29 29 29 29

  30. Once Upon a Time – 100 points The highest point of interest and/or suspense in a story. What is the Climax? 30 30 30 30 30 30

  31. Once Upon a Time – 75 points A division or type of literature, such as novel or short story. What is Genre? 31 31 31 31 31 31

  32. Literary TermsFINAL JEOPARDY ROUND

  33. CATEGORY: “Literally Speaking”Write your name (or team’s name) & how many points you will wager on a slip of paper. Then turn it in to your teacher (or moderator).

  34. Literally SpeakingAn idea or feeling a word invokes in addition to its literal meaning. Answer: What is CONNOTATION?

  35. Oh ya!