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Concept V2.5. Lesson 7 Objectives: After completing this lesson, the learner will be able to: Describe some of the features and benefits of the Concept Programming Software.

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Concept v2 5
Concept V2.5

  • Lesson 7 Objectives:

    • After completing this lesson, the learner will be able to:

      • Describe some of the features and benefits of the Concept Programming Software.

      • State the different programming languages available from within the Concept package. Define the configuration rules associated with the Quantum Controller.

What is concept software
What is Concept Software ?

  • A Windows-based integrated application environment and tool set for PLC programming which complies with IEC1131-3

The benefits

Ladder Diagram

Sequential Function Chart

984 LL


Function Block Diagram



EFB Toolkit

C++, Borland C

Structured Text

Communication, Diagnostics,

PID Tuning Tool

Instruction List

The Benefits

  • Program an Entire Control System with One Tool Set

    • Choose the appropriate tool to most efficiently fulfill all aspects of an applications requirements

The benefits1
The Benefits

  • Optimize Productivity by Minimizing Duplication of Effort

    • Reusable function blocks, programs elements, macros and data structures

    • Quick and efficient to develop, design and debug

    • Guaranteed software consistency and greatly improved software quality

The benefits2
The Benefits

  • Point and Click Programming

    • Cut, Copy, Paste

    • Drag and Drop

  • Navigate Complex Programs with Ease

    • Project Browser Window for Quick Navigation

    • Powerful search functions

    • Hierarchical structure

  • Create the Perfect Graphic

    • Free-form graphic editor (FBD only)

    • Position documentation anywhere in program

The benefits3
The Benefits

  • Monitor and Modify On-Line

    • Powerful on-line monitoring of activity flow

    • Online grouped modifications - while system is running

    • Zoom into Derived Function Blocks

The benefits4
The Benefits

  • 16 and 32 bit IEC PLC simulators

    • Test your application before downloading it to the Quantum PLC

    • Provides the same animation and user interface characteristics as a real Quantum PLC

The benefits5
The Benefits

  • Comprehensive On-line Help

    • Controller hardware

      • Quantum

      • Compact

      • Momentum

      • Hot-Standby

    • Concept software

      • Editors

      • Function Blocks

      • Utilities

Concept security
Concept Security

  • Different Levels of Password Protection

  • Supervisor allocates access privileges:

Programming languages
Programming Languages

  • IEC Languages:

    • Function Block Diagram

    • Ladder Diagram

    • Structured Text

    • Instruction List

    • Sequential Function Chart

  • Non-IEC Languages:

    • 984 Ladder Logic

    • EFB “C” Toolkit

Derived FunctionBlocks

Custom Written




Iec function block diagram
IEC Function Block Diagram

  • Graphical

  • Data flow oriented

  • Continuous or Discrete Control Applications

  • Hierarchical: Elementary & Derived Function Blocks

Functions and function blocks
Functions and Function Blocks

  • Over 400 powerful build-in blocks delivered as standard

  • All blocks can be used in FBD, LD, ST, IL, DFBs and macros

  • Pre-canned functionality to meet the needs of any application

  • Can be supplemented with user-written custom EFBs

  • Conveniently grouped into functional libraries and sub-libraries

Iec ladder diagram
IEC Ladder Diagram

  • Cell oriented - intuitive powerflow animation

  • Discrete control oriented

  • Familiar

  • Easily maintained

  • Hierarchical - via DFBs

  • Multiple power rails

Iec structured text
IEC Structured Text

  • High level textual language

  • For complex calculationsand algorithms

  • Reusable functions speed program development

  • Import/export facility

  • Supports indirect addressing

  • Well suited to batch control applications

Iec instruction list
IEC Instruction List

  • Text-based boolean language

  • Supports jumps

  • Non-engineering based programming

  • Competitive product conversion potential

  • Import/export facility

Derived function blocks dfb s
Derived Function Blocks - DFB’s

  • User definable and reusable

  • DFBs support multiple nesting layers

  • Encapsulation of frequently used functionality

  • Underlying code only exists ONCE in the Quantum PLC

Iec sequential function chart
IEC Sequential Function Chart

  • Diagrammatic representation of process state

  • Activity flow oriented

  • Sequential control applications

  • Simplifies troubleshooting

  • Integrated step and transition time diagnostics with learning capability

  • Action and transition sections

984 ladder logic
984 Ladder Logic

  • Smooth Migration

    • Import of existing Modsoft programs

Efb c toolkit
EFB “C” Toolkit

  • A programming tool for protecting know-how and the development of custom-written, high-performance functions

    • Create your own library of Elementary Function Blocks and Functions

    • Once created can be used just like any standard EFB

    • Supports Borland 5.0 Compilers

    • Sold As Separate Product

    • 16 / 32 Bit EFB support

    • Can be tested with IEC simulators


Variable declarations
Variable Declarations

  • 32 Characters in Length

    • Variables

    • Named Constants e.g., MyPi instead of 3.14…...

    • Literals -can be changed on-line without download changes

  • Conforms to IEC Naming Convention

    • Must start with Alpha or Underscore Character

    • No spaces

    • International character set supported

  • Symbols can start with numbers (optional - not IEC1131-3 compliant)

  • Support of Unlocated & Located Variables

    • i.e., Pump_house vs. Pump_house @ 400001

Database import export
Database Import / Export

  • Monitor Pro (Factorylink)

    • Exported as Factorylink File Format

    • or use Monitor Pro Symbol Database Linker


    • Text Delimited File Format

      • Text delimited format supports initial values for data structure elements

    • ST and IL

Wide platform support
Wide Platform Support

  • Four Hardware CPU families

    • 16 Models !

  • Six I/O families

    • Over 190 module types !

Communications network support for programming
Communications Network Support for Programming

  • Modbus

    • Standard RS-232C support

    • Now more practical due to reduced download times

  • Modbus Plus

    • Good performance and network visibility

  • Ethernet TCP / IP

    • Utilizes the Quantum Ethernet Modules

    • Program from anywhere on the planet!

    • Check-out PEP1 at IP address