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Broadcast Journalism. Actualities, Technology, Wraparounds, & Lead-ins. Actualities – What are they and why are they important??. What is an actuality? A recorded segment of a newsmaker speaking, generally lasting from ten to twenty seconds. Why are they important?

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Broadcast journalism

Broadcast Journalism

Actualities, Technology, Wraparounds, & Lead-ins

Actualities what are they and why are they important
Actualities – What are they and why are they important??

  • What is an actuality?

    • A recorded segment of a newsmaker speaking, generally lasting from ten to twenty seconds.

  • Why are they important?

    • Think of it like a history question. Why would we rather have Christopher Columbus’ diary than a historian’s account of what happened?

    • It’s more believable and exciting – and who could capture what it was really like to “discover America” and kill everyone better than Columbus himself?


  • How do we get actualities for our class?

    • Sign out recorder, go find the teacher, get an interview, plug recorder into the computer, edit in less than a minute. Done.

  • How did reporters get actualities before we had digital recording devices?



  • So, how as technology made this easier for us?

Broadcast journalism

  • Newsbreak – a prerecorded break in the show

    • Advertisements

    • National news feeds

    • Local news inserts

  • With new technology…

    • They are recorded in advance with relative ease.

    • Can be edited to stretch or squeeze into the allocated time slot.


  • Defined: an actuality sandwich on newscaster bread.

  • (aka: a technique using the voice of the newscaster in the beginning and end of a story with the voice of a newsmaker [actuality] in the middle).

  • Note: sometimes the sandwich has more than one layer with multiple slices of bread. (see example).

Lead ins

  • Every sound byte (actuality), wraparound, and report from the scene included in a news script must be introduced by a line or phrase known as a lead-in.

  • For example, a group may have two talents (James & Kyle), but the field reporter (Michelle) may have prerecorded a wraparound. Kyle would then write a lead-in to introduce Michelle’s prerecorded wraparound.

  • SAY WHAT?! … let’s look at the example.

This week s reading assignment
This week’s reading assignment…

  • None.

  • Enjoy.

  • You’re welcome.

  • No problem.

  • Now move your desks into production teams, please.

  • Unless I took the whole period to do this PowerPoint.

  • Which is possible.