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  1. G MONIRBA TIMES O L D E • EDITORIAL • Journey of a mile begins with a small step. MONIRBA is one of those institutions which have a glorious past with a promising future. Ever since its inception in 1965, it has an awfully beautiful bundle of wonderful memories to share. MONIRBA Times is an exemplary initiative to capture all those golden moments that are taking place now but will be cherished later. • This year we have reached another milestone of admitting our 50th Batch and thus it is a proud and joyous moment for all of us to celebrate our Golden Jubilee Year. • We express our heartfelt gratitude to the honorary Director Prof. J.N. Mishra upon whose words of encouragement we sincerely embarked on this endeavor. The contents of the newsletter are as concise and updated as possible which depict a perfect picture of the dais shouldering the young aspirants as to how and when to deliver according to the changing situations. • The editorial team is thankful for contributions made by our fellow Monirbans and sincerely hopes for their constructive support for the future additions of this newsletter. • Editorial BoardProf. A.K. Singhal Managing Director • Editors:Associate Editors: • Shivani Srivastava Ishita Verma Srishti Ojha Abhijeet Singh Rudraveer Singh Shivani Gupta Prateek Arya Saudamini Kesarwani Sanjeev Patel Amit Singh Chauhan N E D I T I 2.Monirba Impression 3.”Aaghaz 2014” - Fresher’s Function/ Teacher’s Day O 4.Effervescence- IIIT & Campus Beat 5.”Anubhuti 2013” – Alumni Meet N 6.”Udaan 2014” – Farewell Fest 7.Student Corner

  2. G MONIRBA-IMPRESSIONS O My association with MONIRBA is now 40 years when I got admitted to the M.B.A. program considered to be one of the most prestigious programmes across the country and one amongst the very few similar programmes available in Indian Universities. One can easily imagine the pride with which the programme must have been launched 10 years earlier in 1965 by the great stalwart Prof. A.N. Agarwala and his team compromising of such great scholars like Prof. B.N. Ashthana, Prof. J.S. Mathur, Prof. S.K. Mittal, Prof. B.C. Tandon and Prof. G.C. Agarwal, many of whom had exposure at Internationally renowned Management Institutes in U.S. and European Nations that facilitated their functioning as professional trainers and developers. MONIRBA enjoyed a position of distinction among industrialists, professionals and academicians. I think that is a pious duty of all those associated with MONIRBA directly and indirectly to leave no stone unturned to restore the past glory of MONIRBA and once again raise its level to international standards. BY:PROF. J.N. BHARGAVA L D E N E D I T I O N

  3. Fresher’s Function –Aaghaz 2014 G O L D E N Teacher’s Day Celebration Teachers are the beautiful potters who shape the clay and mud to groom students into all-in-one types, amazing human beings and the intellectuals who can use their potential for the growth of themselves, nation and the world as a whole. To express their love, respect and gratitude towards their teachers - the ultimate shapers of their future, 49th Batch this year celebrated Teacher’s Day on September, 5, 2014 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The function started with the welcome of the teachers and a heart touching poem by the YEC President, Shivani Srivastava which was followed by a melodious ‘Saraswati Vandana’ by Srishti Ojha. After that, there was a rocking dance by Krishna K. Sagar which captivated the audience. This performance was further followed by a beautiful song sung by Hemant Kumar and Rudraveer Singh. Sumit Tiwari gave a ‘Shayari’ performance which was a unique one, followed by a duet dance performance by Anjali Roy and Suman Kumari which stole everyone’s heart. Also a melodious classic was sung by Shailja Verma and an impromptu performance by Hemant and Srishti was the highlight of the function. The anchoring was done by Ambesh Kumar and Shweta Singh who added various flavours of love and respect for the teachers. Mementoes were presented to all our respected teachers and finally the “Teacher’s Day Cake” was cut. We will cherish the day throughout our lives. SRISHTI OJHA MBA-3rd SEMESTER E D I T I O N

  4. Effervescence – IIT 2014 G Monirbans were completely submerged in the euphoria of IIIT’s cultural festival “Effervescence” that lasted for three days. The function itinerary events which were conducted in a way that was very creative and can be imagined only in a state of phantasmagoria. Nevertheless, we Monirbans did manage to make an ever lasting impression on one and all by insidiously making the use of cornucopian talent and executed podium finishes in several events. Manju and Neha (49th Batch) participated in Arm Wrestling and Neha stood second in the competition.Sanjeev, Shubhojeet and Krishna participated and spoke their hearts out in “Tongue on Fire” and they made it to the finals.Our very own Krishna K. Sagar also participated in a solo dance competition “Carpe Diem” and Prateek Arya and Shubhojeet Mandal participated in a creative event called “Ad-mania” and both of them qualified for the finals. The last day was a total blast when we danced on to the tunes of Sona Mohapatra, who is a famous Bollywood playback singer. Her songs merged us into an ocean of profound bliss. That was the ultimate Live Experience anyone can ever have. In a nutshell, the whole sojourn at effervescence was nothing but a sort of a world-class experience. RUDRAVEER SINGH MBA- 3rd SEMESTER O L D E N E D Campus Beat I T I O N

  5. Anubhuti 2013 – Alumni Meet G O L D E N E D I T I O N

  6. Udaan 2014 – Farewell Fest G It’s hard to say goodbye,Even harder to let you go,Now when you’re not here,We learn from your shadow. O L D E N On April 2nd, 2014; YEC organized a farewell function Udaan- 2014 to bid farewell to their beloved seniors. The function proceeded with the welcome address of YEC General Secretary, Shivani Srivastava. Our Hon’ble Director, Prof. J.N. Mishra spoke encouraging words and gave his best wishes to the forth going students. Our senior, Snehshikha Ma’am sung a melodious ‘Saraswati Vandana’ that marked the beginning of the nostalgia, fun and frolic. A solo dance by Krishna K. Sagar stole every heart, mesmerized many and set the stage on fire. Our singers weren’t behind and left us all spell bound. Where Srishti’s beautiful voice gave goose bumps to many, Shailja’s sweet innocence left us with a beautiful smile for long hours. Hemant’s splendid baritone was applauded and Rudraveer’s charm caught many hearts. Our “duo-magic” Anjali and Suman were two “Baby Dolls” who wowed us with their smashing performance. Sadhana and Sadaf did filler that was the highlight of the function. They were cheered and eulogized by everyone for their witty remarks and clever titles to the seniors. A group dance by boys and girls was a perfect way to end the function, which was thoroughly applauded. The highlight of the event was the announcement of Mr. MONIRBA and Miss. MONIRBA by our TPO, Prof. A.K. Singhal. The coveted lucky winners were Edward John Sir and Spriha Ma’am respectively. Vaibhav Sir was selected as Mr. Best Dressed and Shweta Ma’am as Miss. Best Dressed. SHIVANI SRIVASTAVA MBA-3rd SEMESTER E D I T I O N

  7. Student Corner G GOLDEN YEARS- A TRIBUTE TO MONIRBA O I turned the pages of a Golden book,thought I might just take a little look.It took me to a place so unknown,that made my love for it so grown. I got my hopes high, left my fears,I can feel the glory of its yesteryears.The pages though old, but you can smell,a fragrance of past, just enough to tell. I read all the wonderful stories and tales; I tried to trace the adventures and trails.Of everything I read about the golden past,shall stay inside my heart forever to last. But oh! Where is the last page gone?I just noticed something when I turned on,A note was addressed to me from yesteryears,“You are one of us. Sincerely, Golden Years”. SHIVANI SRIVASTAVA YEC PRESIDENT L D E N BRICS SUMMIT - 2014 BRICS, a grouping of major emerging economies that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa held its sixth summit at Fortaleza ,Brazil..ArgentinePresidentCristina Kirchner was a special guest of the summit. Though Brazil hosted a four-member BRICsummit in April 2010, 2014 marked its first full BRICS summit;the 2010 summit in Brasília did not officially include South Africa, who were only invited as guests as a prelude to their gaining full membership in December 2010. The 6th BRICS summit culminated with the official declaration of theNew Development Bank. The 6th BRICS summit was Narendra Modi's first major international summit as Prime Minister of India. On 15 July, the BRICS group signed a document to create the US$100 billion New Development Bank(NDB) and a reserve currency pool worth an additional US$100 billion.Documents on cooperation between BRICS export credit agencies and an agreement of cooperation on innovationwere also signed. In a press release, the group wrote: "We remain disappointed and seriously concerned with the current non-implementation of the 2010 International Monetary Fund (IMF) reforms, which negatively impacts on the IMF's legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness.Some analysts read the announcement of the NDB as a challenge to the IMF and World BankThe NDB is designed to represent all five of the group's member nations – its headquarters will be in Shanghai, the institution's first president will be from India, the bank's first regional office will be in Johannesburg, the inaugural chairman of the board of governors will be from Russia and the first chairman of the board of directors will be from Brazil. The presidency, with a term of five years, will rotate among the members of the BRICS. Russian President Vladimir Putin said of the summit that it sought to reduce dependency on the U.S. dollar and strengthen the rule of international law. Mike Billington of the Executive Intelligence Review said about creation of the new bank that "BRICS nations have essentially changed world history. They have established a new paradigm for the world..." During the summit,the Chinese premier Xi Jinping offered Narendra Modi that China was willing to consider expanding the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to include India as a full member at the 2014 SCO summit . The New Development Bank can be seen as a game changer in the International Fiscal Arena as it would act as a counteweight,rather than as a challenge to the hagemony of IMF and World Bank in the global economic forum as being dubbed by few analysts. AMIT SINGH CHAUHAN MBA – 1ST SEM E D I T I O N

  8. Monirba Times “Togetherness Is Happiness”