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High-Tech Industry Development PowerPoint Presentation
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High-Tech Industry Development

High-Tech Industry Development

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High-Tech Industry Development

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  1. La Trobe University High-Tech Industry Development Melbourne, Australia Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh Centre for Technology Infusion

  2. Scenario – High-Tech Innovation 80% of all future innovation in Automobileswill be driven by Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) ICT represents up to 80% of the production cost of warships and submarines (Defence) Telecommunication has become the most pervasive application of modern ICT ~1 billion cellular phones shipped per year Wireless LANs, GPS, RFID, high speed internet access, sensor networks are emerging markets Application of ICT inHealth, Energy, Security, Environment are new growth areas Source: AEEMA

  3. Scenario – High-Tech Innovation MARKET • Need to transfer Research Outcomes • Knowledge-intensive & high value-added product design in strategic sectors (impact) • Issues • Weak Commercialisation infrastructure • Prohibitive cost of design tools • Mastering fast changing technology

  4. Centre for Technology Infusion Fostering High-Tech Industry Development through Research, Innovation & Technology Transfer

  5. Centre for Technology Infusion • Partners • La Trobe University • Technology Providers • Industry clusters • Governments • Engagement • Students and Researchers • Companies • Research Organisations • Universities • Knowledge Transfer • IP • Demonstrator projects • Licensing • Start-ups & Spin-offs • Commercialisation • Research & Education • Industrial skilled PhD • Professional • development courses MODEL Centre for Technology Infusion • Research & Education • Product Realisation • Design and Test Services • Innovation • Engagement Niche Areas

  6. Microsoft Centre • Technology infusion initiative between Microsoft, La Trobe Universityand.Net industry cluster. Supported by Intel, WACOM, i-mate, State Government of Victoria • Environment for researchers/developers to bring ‘idea to life’ • Objectives • Provide students/academia/industry access to cutting-edge technology & simulating environment for research & innovation based on Microsoft platform • Student-to-Business (S2B) & Academia-to-Business (A2B) linkages • Develop IP and products for eventual commercialisation

  7. Microsoft Centre – Usage Guideline On-line Application

  8. Engagement • Evado • Medical software (AIIA Award finalist 2008) • ISA • Inventory Management (MYOB) • Microhaus • Business Intelligence Solution • Ennoble • Mobile Information Management System • Insfin • Web based financial product • i-Go-Plus • Navigation System (PDA) • Aerion Technologies • Games Development • LTU UG/PG/Research Students • Software development projects

  9. “Smart Home” Centre • Access to cutting-edge technology & simulating environment for research & innovation “Smart & Connected Home Demonstrator” • Smart Appliances, Entertainment, Security, Display, Communications, Convenience & Information Systems. • Smart energy monitoring/utilisation/management • AMR- real time tariff plan • Connectivity – convergence of technologies (PLC, BPL, Wireless, RFID, Embedded, IPv6) • Smart Appliances, Entertainment, Security, Display, Communications, Convenience & Information Systems. • Smart energy monitoring/utilisation/management • AMR- real time tariff plan • Connectivity – convergence of technologies (PLC, BPL, Wireless, RFID, Embedded, IPv6)

  10. Smart Home VisionBeyond Entertainment Services Communication Entertainment Security & Control Networking Remote healthcare Smart Living

  11. Technologies Communication infrastructure for home automation is currently available based on PLC/BPL Wired network Limited wireless connection Network complexity is increasing Require efficient network Wireless Efficient protocol Low cost High security High reliability Source: IBM

  12. Healthcare Smart monitoring Home PC • How to make a smart home health aware • Unattended remote monitoring of functional health status in the home • Part of a GP or local community centre’s Patient Management System • Automatic report generated by expert system

  13. Supply Chain Source: Texas Instruments BearingPoint

  14. Product Realisation Centre Analog, Mixed Signal and RF Testing Digital ASICS Embedded RF-MEMS Product Realisation Centre FPGAs, DSPs, ARMS Digital CMOS RF CMOS and SOS MACH-D RF MEMS Peregrine Semiconductor, etc Silicon Foundries (e.g. TSMC) MEMS Foundries Xilinx, Altera, AD, TI NNTTF Design • Technologies, Design tools, infrastructure and methodologies for product realisation and commercialisation • Provision of design and test services • Support Research, innovation & knowledge transfer in: • Telecommunication • Health Care • Environment & Energy • Transportation • Defence • Partner in: • NNTTF (MNRF) • MNC (NCRIS)

  15. Wireless Smart Sensor Network Health care Transportation/Logistics Environmental application Sink Industrial monitoring Military application WLAN, WMAN, WWAN, Internet or Satellite Sink Sink Sink Sink Sink Central Processing Data base

  16. Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC)“re-named to WAVE (802.11p)” Traditional sensors, like radar & vision based have limitations: Limited range (sense immediate vehicles) Limited Field of View (FOV) Expensive Cooperative Collision Warning (CCW) systems explore the feasibility of using wireless comm. for vehicle safety – WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment) 6 5 8 4 7 3 2 1 TRADITIONAL SENSORS COOPERATIVE COLLISION WARNING (CCW) “360 Degrees Driver Situation Awareness” using wireless comm.

  17. Research Projects Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Impact of rapid repetition of broadcast messages on the packet reception failure of random access protocols Development of optimal broadcast rate and optimal distributed algorithm Smart broadcast algorithm for inter-vehicle communication Vehicle-to-vehicle safety messaging in DSRC Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Broadcast reception rates and priority of access Bandwidth sharing in DSRC Human-Machine interface Human behaviour upon warning Device: Display, audio, vibration Warning algorithms: Timing, message Co-operative driver assistance systems based upon inter-vehicle communication Impacts: information and warning functions, adaptive cruise control systems, co-operative assistance systems, emergency notification, traffic jam monitor, etc.

  18. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) • V2V, V2I, Safety • Information: “Roadside Kiosk” • Fleet Management • Electronic Payment • etc Source: NEC

  19. Smart Meter/Utilities PLC/Wireless technologies Incorporated in Stalon & SiMAC Chip Where next - Wireless Capability for SiMAC User Interface Power Line Network Door Lock Security Sensor Smoke Alarm Gateway Power Line Network Electric Meter Gas Meter Water Meter Hot Water Meter

  20. AMR System – Stalon/SiMAC 380V

  21. Core Strategic Partners

  22. LA TROBE UNIVERSITY Melbourne - Australia

  23. About La Trobe University 8 Campuses across Victoria ~30,000 students and nearly 3,000 staffs 5 multi-campus Faculties 450 undergraduate and postgraduate courses >33 Research Centres, R&D Park & Hospital New Buildings R&D Park New Biosciences Research Centre – DPI/LTU

  24. Major Companies in Park CAVAL Collaborative Solutions Its objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the educational and research activities of its member institutions by continually increasing the excellence of their library services Walter & Eliza Hall Institute WEHI has developed Biotechnology Centre to house the platform technologies, and ramp up the Institute's capacity to contribute to biotechnology development. Victorian Police Forensic Laboratories VPFLstudies the Advanced forensic science techniques, such as DNA matching technology, to enable police to stack the odds against crime. Environmental Protection Authority EPA’s objective is to protect, care for and improve our environment. Victorian Agribiosciences Centre VABC is a world class agribiosciences facility, established to increase the support of R&D in agricultural biotechnology sector. Tenants include Department of Primary Industries, Molecular Plant Breeding CRC, etc. Rio Tinto RT is a world leader in finding, mining and processing the earth's mineral resources.

  25. Other Technology Based Companies in R&D Park • Acoustic Consulting Australia • ASTA Solutions P/L • Aviation Data Systems (Aust) P/L • Bright Sparks/Split Pea Technologies/RTFM • Business Intelligence Technologies • Chameleon Technology • Cognology • Cornerstone Computing Pty Ltd • Desktop EDA P/L • Florigene • GE Healthcare • Insurance Watch • IQ Sys • LongReach Plant Breeders • Molecular Plant Breeding CRC • Obilon Pty Ltd • • QNA International • Rapid Map Global P/L • Social Compass Pty Ltd • The Biomedical Initiative Pty Ltd • Peptide Solutions Pty Ltd • The Excellent Programming Company • Ultimate Business Systems • Websyte Corporation Pty Ltd • Winworld Computer Services • XS Software • IOVIS