michigan s e grants project http www michigan gov egrants l.
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Michigan’s E-Grants Project http://www.michigan.gov/egrants PowerPoint Presentation
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Michigan’s E-Grants Project http://www.michigan.gov/egrants

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Michigan’s E-Grants Project http://www.michigan.gov/egrants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan’s E-Grants Project http://www.michigan.gov/egrants. Presented by: C. Douglass Couto Agency Services Information Officer Department of Information Technology State of Michigan. Two Components of E-Grants System. PORTAL. GRANT Automation. Grantee Apply for grants on-Line

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Michigan’s E-Grants Project http://www.michigan.gov/egrants

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michigan s e grants project http www michigan gov egrants

Michigan’s E-Grants Projecthttp://www.michigan.gov/egrants

Presented by:

C. Douglass Couto

Agency Services Information Officer

Department of Information Technology

State of Michigan

two components of e grants system
Two Components of E-Grants System


GRANT Automation


Apply for grants on-Line

Send electronic progress and Financial reports

View agreements

Search & Find general information about all grants

Register my organization to receive email notification


Create grant application

Review grants

Create Report Format

Review Grants

Create agreements

Enterprise reporting for all grants

e grants portal overview
E-Grants Portal Overview
  • E-Grants one stop-shop for all grants within the State of Michigan
  • Provide comprehensive information on all grant opportunities
  • Provide grantors with enterprise reporting for all grants
    • Creating and managing ad-hoc and pre-defined reports
    • Allows the ability to download data on a need bases
  • Allows potential grantees to receive email notifications for competitive grants
  • Notification requests can be based on user defined criteria
    • Specific State agencies
    • Specific grant categories or classifications
  • Supports Register, Un-subscribe & Change email & notification criteria
e grants automation of grants
E-Grants - Automation of Grants
  • E-Grants enables state agencies to automate and streamline grant procedures
  • Allows agencies to create new grant and business rules for grant application
  • Provide grantors and grantees with an efficient workflow
    • Allows grantor to review, approve, and deny application
    • Allows grantor to monitor/track grantee performance/progress reports
    • Allows grantee to assign users with different levels of security
enterprise e grants grant automation application configuration features
Enterprise E-Grants – Grant AutomationApplication Configuration Features
  • Design, Setup and Validate Grant applications
    • Setup of master parameters, email message types, user login / password rules, security questions, miscellaneous text
    • Set up of various master and look up codes used by the E-Grants system
    • Configuration of email message text
    • Set up of Workflow templates and rules
    • Preview & Publish Grant Application kit
  • Copy Designer components
  • Configure grant agreement template
enterprise e grants approve award post award
Enterprise E-Grants – Approve, Award & Post Award


  • Rank Order List with FIFO Allocation
  • Multiple Levels of Approval
  • Online Acceptance, View Contract
  • Update Contract and Other Tracking Info
  • Online Progress Reporting
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Review & Approval of Progress Reports
  • Closeout Process
e grants benefits
E-Grants Benefits
  • Allow state agencies to use the information for strategic decision making, statewide and agency specific reporting
  • Decrease costs (to agencies) for future E-Grants development and maintenance
    • Costs associated with manual processing, data validation, and error correction
e grants benefits cont
E-Grants Benefits cont.
  • E-Grants will eliminate duplication of grantee information across state agencies
    • Single source grantee organizational profile
    • Allows for regular maintenance of grantee organizational profile
    • Allows grantee to apply, upload attachments, and submit a grant within a secure environment
  • Protect the confidentially, availability and integrity of the data
e grants contact information
E-Grants Contact Information

For additional information please contact:

Viji Jayaraman

Project Manager, Department of Information Technology


Phone: (517) 241-5792