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Explore MICHIGAN 2001 MultiMedia Project Shepherd High School LOCATIONS RECREATION Locations Upper Peninsula Ann Arbor Grand Rapids Detroit Lansing Recreation Hunting Casino Skiing & Snowboarding Watersports Detroit in General Detroit was founded in 1701.

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2001 MultiMedia Project

Shepherd High School





Upper Peninsula

Ann Arbor

Grand Rapids







Skiing &




Detroit in General

Detroit was founded in 1701.

Incorporated as a city in 1815.

139 square miles

Is part of 8 counties

1990 census population: 1,027,974

9th largest city in the U.S.

Made up of over 250 separate districts and municipalities

detroit s economy
Detroit’s Economy
  • “Automobile Capital of the World”
  • Leader in Research and Development Activities
  • Making of Distilled Liquor
  • Machine Tool Accessories
  • Leader in Potato Chip Production
  • Internal combustion engines, iron and steel forging, plumbing fittings, metal cutting tools- Either leads nation or is in top 3
detroit education and health care
Detroit Education and Health Care
  • 9 universities
  • 7 colleges
  • 10 community colleges
  • 64 hospitals
  • 11,000 physicians
  • Medical Research in immediate vicinity- Detroit Medical Center and The University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.
more about detroit
More About Detroit
  • 4 Newspapers
  • 8 Television Studios
  • 59 radio stations
  • Six Freeways, two airports, and 26 airlines
  • 18 Malls/Shopping Districts
  • Five Pro Sports teams
test your memory
Test your memory….

How many pro sports teams

are located in Detroit?






Nice Try

But the Answer was 5

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ann arbor
Ann Arbor
  • Ann Arbor was developed as a agricultural trading center when the Michigan Central Railroad arrived in 1939, which connected it to Detroit.
  • Nickel’s Arcade, on State Street, was the first enclosed mall in the US.
ann arbor16
Ann Arbor
  • Ann Arbor is one of the leading centers for aeronautical, space, nuclear, chemical and metallurgical research
  • University of Michigan, known for its Engineering, is also a leader in Medicine making Ann Arbor a top quality medical center.
test your memory17
Test your memory…..

Ann Arbor was named after

what relation to the founders?


Best Friend




Nice Try

But the Answer was Ann

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grand rapids facts
Grand Rapids Facts
  • Louis Campau, a French trader, established Grand Rapids as a trading post in 1826. He purchased the modern downtown area from the federal government for $90.
  • The combination of an abundance of pine and hardwood trees and the waterpower generated from the Grand River waterfalls promoted the growth of the furniture making industry.
  • In the year 1876, Grand Rapids was recognized for its fine furniture production. To this day it leads the nation in office furniture production.
gerald r ford
Gerald R. Ford
  • Former president Gerald R. Ford chose to put his presidential museum in his boyhood hometown. He is the first president to separate the two major functions of his presidential libraries. The other half of his archives is on his alma mater campus of the University of Michigan. The museum is celebrating 20 years of operation in 2001. Some highlights of the museum are a holographic tour of the Ford White House, a replica of the 1976 Republican National Convention, and a Watergate gallery including the actual burglary tools used.
grand rapids trend setter
Grand Rapids: Trend setter
  • In 1945 Grand Rapids was the first city to add fluoride to its drinking water.
  • During the Great Depression Grand Rapids created jobs programs which preceded the actions of the federal government.
  • The Grand Rapids Public Library is the second largest library in Michigan and it houses the country’s most important collection of books on furniture production and manufacture.
test your memory23
Test your Memory…..

How much did Louis Campeau purchase the downtown district of Grand Rapids for?






Nice Try

But the Answer was $90

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facts on the upper peninsula

Lake Trout

Brown Trout

Coho Salmon

Isle Royale

165 miles of hiking

36 campgrounds

Physically cut off from mainland

Edmund Fitzgerald

Sank 11-10-75

Largest ship to go down in Great Lakes

Ishpeming's Sarah Rosenbaum was the designer of the official Olympic Logo 1994 Lillehammer Norway.

The National Ski Hall of Fame is located in Ishpeming.

Facts on the Upper Peninsula
test your memory27
Test your memory…..

What meal was created to

fit in a miner's shirt pocket in the UP?



Sub Sandwich



Nice Try

But the Answer was the Pastie

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The population of Lansing is

127,825 (1998 estimate).

The city of Lansing covers a land area of 87.5 sq km (33.8 sq mi), with a average elevation of 252meters.

lansing facts
Lansing Facts
  • Detroit was the original capitol of Michigan. The legislation felt it was too vulnerable to invasion so the capitol was moved to the middle of the state to Lansing township.
  • When Lansing became the capitol there were eight registered voters in the township.

Test your memory….

During how many seasons

does the Lansing Zoo operate?






Nice Try

But the Answer was all 4.

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water sports
Water Sports
  • People do many different sports on both the Great Lakes and many inland lakes.
  • The water sports that are done in Michigan are water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, canoeing, kayaking and other types of boating.
  • There is a sail boat race that is from Chicago to Mackinaw Island.
inland rivers
Inland Rivers
  • There is 7,000 miles of canoe able streams.
  • There are over 13,000 miles of water with trout with many access sites.
test your memory37
Test your memory……

Which one is a Great Lake?

Lake St. Claire

Lake Champlain

Lake Erie

Lake Champagne


Nice Try

But the Answer was Lake Erie.

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snowboarding and skiing
Snowboarding and Skiing
  • People have skied in Michigan for a long time, both cross country and down hill.
  • In the past few years Snowboarding has grown in popularity even to the extent that resorts are installing Snowboard parks.
skiing and snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Boarders and Skiers participate in many methods going down the hill.
  • Some race while others do tricks and jumps.
  • Most people however just go down the hill in whatever manner they please.
test your memory42
Test your memory…

Who mainly uses a half pipe?




Cross-Country Skiers


Nice Try

But the Answer was Snowboarders.

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soaring eagle casino resort
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

The Feeling of home without the hassle. The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is a wonderful place for the whole family to vacation. There is fun for all ages.

resort facts
Resort Facts
  • This is the only four-diamond hotel in Michigan.
  • There are a variety of gaming options; Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and Slots.
  • Bingo is another form of fun at the Soaring Eagle Casino.
  • Food is never hard to locate. There are seven restaurants and room service available at the resort.
  • Big-name musicians and comedians often perform at the resort.
  • Gallagher was there Wednesday, February 21, 2001.
  • A video arcade is available to the young age or the young at heart.
  • Conferences often take place at the resort on the 26,000 square feet of meeting and function space.

Test your Memory…..

Who performed at the

Casino on 2-21-01?



Backstreet Boys

Britany Spears


Nice Try

But the Answer was Gallahger.

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Hunting in Michigan is very popular.

Deer, turkey, bob cats, bear, small game, elk, and fowler are all animals that are hunted in Michigan.

  • There are three ways to hunt
    • Bow
    • Rifle
    • Musket
test your memory53
Test your memory…

What day is the opening day

of the rifle Deer season?

Oct. 28

Dec. 15

Nov. 15

Jan. 1


Nice Try

But the Answer was Nov. 15.

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