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Reflection of the Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Reflection of the Day

Reflection of the Day

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Reflection of the Day

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  1. Reflection of the Day 27 October 2010 Rev. Kristi Christian, Indonesia

  2. A Peace Song Salam damai, salam damai Salam, salam Damai Kristus besertamu Salam, salam Tentrem rahayu sing Gusti kita Tumrah mring kita Tentrem rahayu sing Gusti kita Tumrah mring kita

  3. A Javanesse Wisdom Sepi ing pamrih, rame ing gawe, hamemayu hayuning bawana Sepi ing pamrih: not ask for grace Rame ing gawe: working hard Hamemayu hayuning bawana: make world beautiful

  4. A Story About Human Right Struggle As the lady from Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) said, many people disappeared during 32 years Suharto’s regime. At this present, every Thursday the family of the disappeared people and family of human rights abuse hold protest in front of President Palace, wearing black as a symbol of their grief. Not only because their lost, but also because the condition of the country. And what happen now? Nothing! But they still struggle and never stop come, every Thursday.

  5. They don’t ask for a grace or something that will benefit their self. They working hard using what they have. What the purpose? To make their country, their world beautiful. • No one can stop them. Because just like Jesus said, “When they stop shouting, the rocks and stones themselves will start to shout.” It means even if someday they died and stop their struggle, there are many other people will continue.

  6. Will we?