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eBook Presentation Heidi K.Jensen Key Account Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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eBook Presentation Heidi K.Jensen Key Account Manager

eBook Presentation Heidi K.Jensen Key Account Manager

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eBook Presentation Heidi K.Jensen Key Account Manager

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  1. eBook Presentation Heidi K.JensenKey Account Manager

  2. Why Dawson Books? • Dedicated on-going support of your account • At the forefront of technical innovation in partnership with libraries • One source for all your content needs, regardless of format • Market leading supply times • People who genuinely care about you

  3. Why dawsonera? • More than 240,000 ebooks… and growing! • Over 450 publishing partners • Fully integrated ‘print’ and ‘ebook’ acquisitions • Order via existing workflows ‘dawsonenter’, ‘EDI’ etc.. • Order confirmations and direct URL links within 6 hours and instant access with PDA. You “design your own platform” – Admin/Reader • OPAC ready MARC records AACR level II (Inc. 856 tag) • Link to ebooks at page, chapter and title level OPAC/VLE/MLE - course packs! • COUNTER usage reports • Integration with link resolvers, federated search and content discovery • Authentication via IP, Shibboleth, Athens, EZproxy, CGI or Username and Password

  4. Example of a Reader Portal welcome page.

  5. Example of Reader portal e-book collection

  6. Example of Admin portal – where you manage your account

  7. Example of how the reader portal could look

  8. Total Book ManagementOne source for all your content… Integration with Library Management System • Books/eBooks & AV Material: • Covered • Labelled • RFID inserted • RFID programmed • Security tagged • Barcodes • Ownership stamps • MARC records – AACR2 • Customised spine labels • Reclassification projects Order eBooks using the same workflow Outsource solution Titles available immediately in OPAC Significant cost savings to library budget Key Benefits Books reach end-user faster No cataloguing backlog

  9. Acquisition & Online Management Portal • Quick and easy search of 16.8 million titles of print, ebooks and AV material • Integration with our ebook platform, dawsonera • Filtered search results to identify the most relevant content • Online ‘track and trace’ information for order delivery • Simple, powerful new title alerting service based on Dewey 22 • Real time management information • Mapping of library acquisition, replicating preferences to model workflows • Proposals, vendor loaders and EDI ordering

  10. eBook Business Models • Perpetual Access Model • Build a tailored collection of ebooks • No minimum order • No platform fees • No annual subscription • Reader and Admin portal • Publisher’s list price • 325 to 400 Access Credits per year • 1 Credit = 24 hour access period per user • Credits renew annually - no additional cost Rental model Patron driven acquisition Tailored subject collections eCommerce – rentals for end users

  11. Perpetual Access • Flexible model – meets peaks and troughs of usage across the academic year • Only 1.4% second copy purchase • Sustainable business model

  12. Patron Driven Acquisition Benefits • Real-time access to content not owned by the library • Create a ‘profile selection’ or make 240,000 ebooksvisible • Allocate funds per dewey numbers to control purchases • Automatic warning when credit limits are reached • Option to upload MARC files to library catalogue • Free MARC records • Demand/usage based model - just in time instead of just in case! • Deliver the content end-users want, when they need it • Only pay for titles that your end-users actually use

  13. Patron Driven Acquisition 4 models/triggers that are inter-operable and allow the customer flexibility to build a model that best suits their needs, whilst protecting the budget. Underpinned by PDA reporting which clearly demonstrates ROI. • (x) Suggestions for purchase • (x) 5 minute previews, or reading for more than 5 minutes • (x) Rentals Read Online Remove Favourite Download (10.87MB)

  14. Rental Model User A rents title User B hits “request rental” to trigger Auto-purchase • Administrators can set up: • Rental budget limit • Individual rental price limit • Auto-purchase price limit • Max rental period – 1,2 or 3 weeks • No. of rentals before auto-purchase

  15. 5 Minute Preview Models User A previews title User B previews title again to trigger Auto-purchase OR after the 5 minute preview has finished, the user will be asked if they wish to continue reading. Clicking “yes” will trigger a purchase

  16. 5 Minute Previews 5 Min Preview • Reader is given access to the entire title • Max price can be set for auto-purchases

  17. Another example of a text

  18. Suggest for Purchase Model User A suggests a title for purchase User B selects the same title to trigger Auto-purchase • Administrators can set up: • Auto-purchase price limit • No. of suggestions before auto-purchase • Report of all suggestions available in the Admin Portal

  19. Suggest for Purchase Model

  20. Setting up PDA • Marc records are loaded into the Library catalogue - 856 tags included • Records can be filtered by DDC, publisher, language, readership level and place of publication and mirrored to the platform to ensure the available collection is exactly what you want • Titles can be suppressed by DDC and publisher in the Admin Portal • Over 240,000 titles to choose from • Funds per dewey number to ensure individual budgets per subject

  21. Case Study A recent PDA trial at the University of Huddersfield concluded that: PDA titles are twice as likely to have above average viewing stats than non-PDA titles Non-PDA titles are almost twice as likely to have not been viewed as PDA titles

  22. Table of Contents • Add Notes • Full Text Search within the PDF • Print 20% & Copy 10% • Export to Citation Manager • Read Aloud Direct Access Via Library Catalogue/VLE

  23. eCommerce – For Students/End Users

  24. Content Discovery Live • Serial Solutions – Knowledge Works, 360 & Summon • Bowker – Syndetics • ExLibris – SFX, Metalib & Primo Central Coming Soon! • WorldCat • Talis Aspire • Google • Ebsco Host • Aquabrowser Dawson can provide metadata for all dawsonera titles

  25. Subject Coverage

  26. Publication Date

  27. Popular Publishers • Jessica Kingsley • Butterworth Heinemann • Learning Matters • Channel View • Hodder Education • Cambridge University Press • O’Reilly DRM Free! • Nelson Thornes • Cengage • Taylor & Francis • Pearson • Open University Press • Sage • Wiley • Elsevier 15,000 titles unlimited access • McGraw-Hill • Palgrave

  28. New Title Alerts & Title Matching New title alerting when… • An ebook is added to the platform • An ebook is superseded by a new edition • We add the 'e' version of any printed title you have purchased Title match reports • Print book purchases • Subject set: short loan collection or reading list • Dewey classification or range

  29. Collection Development • New title alerts by subject profile • Subject base title matching/profiling • Title matching on historical print purchases • Title matching of OPAC export/Short loan collections or Reading lists • Publisher/title requests • Be Savvy • Review your usage reports/profiles to ensure ROI • Usage correlation to degree results? • Monitor student recommendations • Review ‘bundled’ content - quality over quantity • Look at Demand Driven Acquisition

  30. New Development For 2013 Reader Portal Redesign New Reader Device Compatibility

  31. New Development For 2013 • Open Access • Users will soon be able to discover dawsonera titles via Google without having to login first. • Reader Portal Redesign • A complete new design and refreshed look • Faceted Catalogue • A faceted search by subject areas • Device Compatibility • Ability to download and read online with the most popular devices such as iPhone, Android devices and Sony eReader

  32. Why dawsonera? • Over 240,000 e-books, from 450 publisher imprints • Publishers’ list price • Leading business models – multiple concurrent access at no extra • cost, no subscription fee nor platform fee, no minimum orders – you • only pay when you buy, meaning free access to the huge database! • You own the titles you purchase – we host them • At the forefront of technical innovation in partnership with libraries • People who genuinely care about you and will offer the best service

  33. Tak for Jerestid! • Heidi K. JensenKey Account Manager