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Ryan Building Materials’ Invitation Site

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Ryan Building Materials’ Invitation Site - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ryan Building Materials’ Invitation Site. Stephen Anders & Carrigan McCatty. Company Consultation. Drywall and building material supplier with several locations in Metro Detroit Has expressed a need for a more modern approach to business concerning the internet

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Presentation Transcript
ryan building materials invitation site

Ryan Building Materials’ Invitation Site

Stephen Anders & Carrigan McCatty

ryan building materials

Drywall and building material supplier with several locations in Metro Detroit

  • Has expressed a need for a more modern approach to business concerning the internet
  • Just recently opened a new store on the east side
Ryan Building Materials
consultation with company

Original plan was to overhaul the current site

  • Webmaster found out, and decided to fix the site
  • New idea was proposed, an invitation site
  • Met March 16th, at 5 pm
Consultation with Company
invitational site proposal
Idea was to create a site that would serve as an invitation for east side store opening

Was suggested that it include a Google map plugin

Should be set up like a regular invitation, and feature the Ryan site color scheme

Invitational Site Proposal
team consultation

Goals of the meeting:

  • Configure a rough meeting schedule
  • Divvy up general responsibilities
  • Figure out how we wanted to pursue this project in the creative sense
  • Met March 17th at 5 pm
Team Consultation
balsamiq mockups
A simplistic format, following the old Ryan color scheme was our design philosophy

Had to be user friendly

Had to look like an invitation

Had to have a picture of a truck

Had to link back to homepage

Balsamiq Mockups
company consultation1

Agreed that the balsamiq mock up was what they were looking for

  • Suggested the picture be a truck
  • A clear navigational bar was added as an idea to put on the site
  • Overall, went very well
  • Met March 25th at 4 pm
Company Consultation
site draft one

First rendering of site

  • Was created for the usability tests
  • Stayed pretty true to the balsamiq mock ups
Site, Draft One
usability tests
Usability Tests

Results of surveymonkey.com surveys


The surveys were administered on surveymonkey.com

  • Participants were invited over facebook, or email
  • 4 multiple choice questions, with an added comment section
  • 14 responses total
  • Went live on April 6th, at 2:15 p.m.
general comments

“it was a little to formal it didn’t look like an invitation”

  • “more color and more detailed info”
  • “more information”
  • “clarity”
  • Pictures that were more relevant
  • Phone number
  • Centering of the info
General Comments
usability presentation

Presented our usability evaluation to class

  • Discussed results from survey testing
  • Received valuable advice
Usability Presentation
final revisions

Survey suggestions were integrated into the design

  • More invitation oriented look
  • Shifted the background to a lighter template, to differentiate it from the web site
  • More relevant information was included
  • Cleaner look
Final revisions
final consultation

Presented final site to head of company

  • Very satisfied
  • Thought the .gif was innovative
  • Added yes or no rsvp option for rough head count
  • Webmaster for Ryan plans on integrating site within the next month
  • Met on April 22nd, at 5 pm
Final Consultation

Stephen constructed the HTML and CSS for the site, helped to send out surveys, and compiled screenshots and other info for the final presentation.

  • Carrigan consulted and coordinated with the Ryan, created and helped distribute the surveys, created the usability evaluation, and created the final presentations.