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Candy, Yoora , Joe. 1 Definition of Identity 2 Why 3 Who 4 Research 5 Brainstorming 6 Inspiration 7 Concept 8 Idea. CONTEXT. WHAT IS IDENTITY.

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Candy yoora joe

Candy, Yoora, Joe


1 Definition of Identity

2 Why

3 Who

4 Research

5 Brainstorming

6 Inspiration

7 Concept

8 Idea


What is identity

The state or fact of remaining the SAMEunder varying aspects or CONDITIONS. It is the condition of being ONESELFand not another with a sense of self and PERSONALITY.

We combined different definition from and made a new one with important elements that reflects our concept.

Candy yoora joe

  • With the rise of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook more and more people are questioning their identity

  • Virtual identity V.S The Real

  • Online persona: crafting yourself

  • People are self centered and have their own perspective, they don’t have enough personal time to connect

  • With the prominence of media attention on celebrity people want to emulate them

Candy yoora joe

  • Everybody is concerned with identity in this society

  • People view themselves in a certain way and are concerned how other people see them and if that matches up to their view.

  • People are losing their own identity and are following what is popular, trends

  • Everyone wants to be different and then everyone ends up the same.

Idea 1 distorting identity

One’s identity consists of every personality of oneself.

It depends on situation and each view people see. Sometimes inside of oneself, we can realise new personality or sometimes someone let us know new things of  us that we could not realise.

Like those pieces, it can be looked differently but true nature live. That’s us!

reference _ David Hockney’s Joiners

Idea 1 distorting identity

Candy yoora joe


Screen interaction by camera : original appearance – pixelation – rearrange

Through this, we can find and realise new characters inside of us.

1 take a photo of person

: Personality that know oneself


Different size

: Outstanding personality

and hidden personality

3 Rearrange

Keep shape

Change size

Use image two times

: personality that could

not realise before

4 in every 2 -3 seconds, take photo and image changes by movement