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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

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  1. Artificial Intelligence By Ben Hackler and Taylor Buffum

  2. Basics • What is it? AI is computers that have the ability to think like a brain. ("wikipedia") • How much Progress Has it made? AI has only had some success in limited areas, but in five decades there has been not been very much progress in advancing the technology. ("wikipedia")

  3. How far away are we from sentient computers? • It is not defined in a time period but we are close we have computers that can read sarcasm and interact with humans based on textual language. ("wikipedia")

  4. Current Projects • Currently scientists are working on AI that is programmed to adapt to its environment and use social Darwinism to seek out the weak under developed intelligences(Bens Cousin). • There are also scientists working on robots that can read your face and tell if your lying. For example the 2 truths 1 lie game is a good test(Bens Cousin).

  5. Current Projects Cont. • Scientists are also working on robots that can sense the difference between sarcasm and normal talk(Bens Cousin). • The U.S. is currently testing sentient Predator Drones too(Mr. Juhl).

  6. Moral and ethical issues • There are many different beliefs about the issues of AI • Some say there are already too many people in poverty to add machines into the work force ("links999") • Others believe that machines that can think for themselves may try to rebel against the human race ("links999") • Or if we put them in the military they may make a wrong decision and kill people that don’t need to be killed ("links999")

  7. Deep Blue • Deep blue is a chess playing computer • It was able to beat the world champion of chess in a six game match ("") • The chess champion believes that the machine cheated by being controlled by a human, but the company that built Deep Blue refuses his claims and has taken apart the machine ("")

  8. Watson Super Computer • Watson is a question answering super computer that can answer question when asked in natural language ("ibm") • The computer has the ability to answer questions in three seconds("ibm") • It was showed on the jeopardy were it destroyed the all time money winner and the contestant with the longest streak ("ibm")

  9. Watson Super Computer

  10. Turing Tests • A Turing test is a test for machines to see how much human behavior they have ("wikipedia") • The test is performed with a machine talking to a human and the human has to decide or find out if what it is talking to is a human or machine ("wikipedia") • The test was first used by Alan Turing in 1950 ("wikipedia")

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