mineral materials permits google maps and on line purchase l.
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Mineral Materials Permits: Google Maps and On-line Purchase PowerPoint Presentation
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Mineral Materials Permits: Google Maps and On-line Purchase

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Mineral Materials Permits: Google Maps and On-line Purchase - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mineral Materials Permits: Google Maps and On-line Purchase. Suzan Hixson, I-Web Program Manager, WO Richard H. Adams, IRM Consulting Group, Inc. I-Web Project Tom Potter, GIS Coordinator, USFS, Prescott NF, AZ. e-Permits – Business Case.

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mineral materials permits google maps and on line purchase
Mineral Materials Permits: Google Maps and On-line Purchase

Suzan Hixson, I-Web Program Manager, WO

Richard H. Adams, IRM Consulting Group, Inc. I-Web Project

Tom Potter, GIS Coordinator, USFS, Prescott NF, AZ

e permits business case
e-Permits – Business Case
  • USDA Forest Service (FS) personnel issue more than one million permits annually, to more than 500,000 citizens and more than 50,000 businesses and groups.
    • These permits cover over 50 different types of activities and are governed by specific rules, regulations and processes.
    • Though issuance of permits is primarily the responsibility of field personnel, the specific rules governing permitting activities are developed by various FS staffs.
  • With the advent of the World Wide Web and the President’s Management Agenda for E‑Government (e-Gov), citizens and businesses expect permits to become easier to understand, more consistent, increased accessibility, and the application process as automated as possible.
    • The E-Government Act of 2002 reinforces this expectation and encourages the Forest Service to become more efficient when providing permitting information and issuing permits.
e permits i web solution
e-Permits – I-Web Solution
  • After several meetings, discussions, and workshops with a variety of relevant FS Forest Management personnel, it was decided that the I-Web development team would begin an e-Permit application that would focus on streamlining the permitting process for several permit applications that already exist in I-Web, but, are currently issued internally by the field staff.
  • This application represents the first I-Web “outward-facing” internet application. The first release will include over-the-counter (OTC) Mineral Materials permits (non-commercial).
  • The e-Permit application will focus on providing secure, internet-based issuance and payment processing (credit card and eCheck). Additionally, the application will encompass the electronic transmission of financial information to the Forest Service I-Web System, Pay.gov and FFIS financial system

e-Permits – I-Web Solution (cont.)

  • Additional Permit Types to follow are:
    • Special Uses (SUDS)
      • Commercial Filming Permits
    • Minerals
      • Locatable Minerals
        • Notices of Intent
      • Salable Minerals
        • OTC Mineral Material Permits
        • Commercial Mineral Materials Permits
    • TIM
      • Fuel wood Permits
      • Mushroom Gathering Permits
    • Range
      • Grazing Permits
new challenges for i web
New Challenges for I-Web
  • First “Outward-facing” application for I-Web.
    • I-Web has always been a back-office, “Inward-facing” application suite that resided (and used) behind the firewall.
  • Presents new challenges along multiple fronts:
    • Public access to application imposes new data & application security requirements.
    • Interfacing w/public requires compliance with OMB, PRA/GPEA/OGC requirements, e-Government Act, etc.
    • Collection of fees on-line requires that Fiscal requirements are understood and met.
    • LEO Concerns / Requirements

E-Permits Solution – Hosting Options

  • Several e-Permits application hosting options were investigated, including creating stand alone applications.
  • After extensive research, integration with the FS Web Portal solution looks like the most viable hosting / integration option for e-Permits.
    • Initially met with FS Web Portal Team on November 25th to discuss potential integration.
    • Arrived at potential solution based on very preliminary analysis and discussions.
    • The I-Web e-Permits development group went back and looked at the potential solution in greater detail, identifying topics and issues for further discussion.

E-Permits Solution – Hosting Options

FS Web Portal Integration

  • Potential solution details:
    • e-Permits application would be co-hosted with FS Web Portal.
    • Use ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) to interface with I-Web data.
    • Up-front spatial and tabular drill-down features maintained within the FS Web Portal application.
      • Can take advantage of GSTC spatial efforts (mapping portal) that FS Web Portal Group has been looking at.
      • Interface with I-Web data for drill-down (Mineral Sites, locations, commodities/prices etc.) exposed through ESB.
    • Permit transaction maintained by I-Web.
      • Exposed through ESB
      • Credit Card Transaction via pay.gov (OCI-I method).

E-Permits Solution – Hosting Options

FS Web Portal Integration (cont.)

  • Solution offers numerous advantages for e-Permits:
    • FS Web Portal is a “Certified and Authorized” environment to host the e-Permits application.
    • Integration of front-end drill-down w/FS Web Portal both offers and ensures seamless customer experience.
      • Consistent UI between FS Web Portal and e-Permits drill-down.
      • As FS Web Portal UI evolves and changes, e-Permits front-end drill-down UI will change with it.
    • Use of ESB offers:
      • Queuing features offer potential of extending e-Permits hours of operation beyond I-Web’s.
      • Is architecturally consistent with CIO office future direction.
      • Saves development cost by leverage existing I-Web ESB efforts.
moving into the future
Moving into the Future
  • e-Permits application fits into existing ESB and isconsistent with CIO office future direction.
  • e-Permits application is not redundant. It is a a new piece of an existing application.
  • The application leverages the FS Portal Interface and Pay.gov.
  • Portable to future web interfaces.
  • A successful implementation will be a model for the development of other permit applications (0.5+ Million transactions per year).
a bigger picture not just permits freedom of information
A Bigger Picture: Not Just Permits - Freedom of Information
  • Information Access / Sharing / Transparency
    • Resource applications could be developed to access All I-Web information through the FS Portal ESB architecture (not just permits).
    • Provide I-Web information access to the Public and to USFS Personnel.
    • Similar ESB application could be to provide access to all USFS information/data (transparency).