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To the World of 4-H Leadership PowerPoint Presentation
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To the World of 4-H Leadership

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To the World of 4-H Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To the World of 4-H Leadership. We Will Be Learning…. Leadership:. - Styles. - Roles. - Skills. - Qualities. Through. - Activities. - Role Playing. - Problem Solving. - Planning and Practicing. What Is Leadership?.

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we will be learning
We Will Be Learning….


- Styles

- Roles

- Skills

- Qualities



- Activities

- Role Playing

- Problem Solving

- Planning and Practicing

what is leadership
What Is Leadership?

Leadership is about accomplishing tasks and reaching goals through the efforts of others.

4 h teen leadership
4-H Teen Leadership

A structured method of learning leadership skills

With: adult guidance

Without: fear of failure

Through: practice, experimentation, experiencing and doing

In Order To: develop self-confidence and self-esteem (needed by all leaders)

leadership skills qualities
Leadership Skills & Qualities


First Impressions Public Speaking Demonstrations Listening Teaching Talk with, not at Parliamentary Procedure Debate Decision Making Vision

Advertising Media – Video, TV

Newspaper Interviewing Exhibits & Posters Art & Photography Public Relations Reading & Writing


Social Skills

Mentoring Work Ethic Conflict Resolution Supportive Goal Setting Task Completion Limit-Setting Boundaries Creativity Stress Management Management Skills Diversity and Tolerance

Self-Esteem Assertiveness Teamwork Types of Power Volunteerism Community Service Interpersonal Skills Leadership Styles Sportsmanship Group Management



Citizenship Responsibility Enthusiasm Motivated Motivating Personal Appearance Optimism Positive Attitude Dependability Organization

Trustworthiness Friendliness Patience Knowledge Honesty Punctuality Confidence Respect for Others Fair Treatment of Others

leadership styles
Leadership Styles

Autocrat: obedience, conformity, low concern for people

Laissez-Faire: chaos, anything goes, not concerned about person or job

Nice Guy: party time, concern is for others and not for the job

Democratic: accomplishes the job through wishes of the majority while being concerned for the minority as well


Boss:the maker of all significant decisions

(the autocrat)

Expert: the knower of all significant things

Doer: the doer of all significant things

Hero/Martyr: the doer gone sour

Abdicrat: retired without leaving

Enabler: better than most at pointing the direction

“I go – come with me”; people grower

the enabler style
The Enabler Style

Concerned about people and tasks

Involves others in planning, doing and making decisions

Is concerned about each team member

Uses skills of involving and delegating

leader centered vs group centered
Leader Centered vs. Group Centered

Pre-teens Early Teens Older Teens

Leader Makes Leader & Group Group Makes

Most Decisions Share Decision Most Decisions


leadership styles16
Leadership Styles

“We and Our” Club

“Leader Alongside” Club

“Leader Out Front” Club

“Hands Off Leader” Club

group leadership
Group Leadership

Understand your members in the context of the groups they are in.

Every group is different and in a different state of readiness

As a leader your job is to:

- resolve a problem or conflict - get the group to do something you want them to do - get the group to set and achieve a goal


Every situation you find your

group in will be different.

Is the group willing or unwilling, prepared or unprepared?

your leadership role
Your Leadership Role

will vary depending on your group

If your group is ready and willing

Assure the group of your trust.

Help the group to define the problem or and to set realistic goals.

Be a resource person and provide feedback.

Delegate to more than one in the group.

Be patient.


If your group is willing

but not ready

Be a facilitator

Be supportive

Draw out ideas from group

Teach skills

Establish a trusting atmosphere

Listen actively and provide feedback

Help group devise strategies

Participate where appropriate


If your group is ready

but not willing

Communicate well

Justify ideas


Anticipate reactions

Assess needs of the members

Be assertive but fair

Act decisively and quickly


If your group is neither

ready nor willing

Work on their readiness first

Will take a lot of motivating on the leader’s part

Try to catch individual members being good


Getting Others to Follow

Mission: what is our group all about?

Vision: what do we want our group to be?

System:what must our group do to get us there?

Values: what principles will guide our group?

Motivation: how do I help our group get there?

my leadership plan steps to follow
My Leadership PlanSteps to Follow

1. Assess your own leadership skills.

2. Identify a goal – what leadership

skill(s) do you want to work on?

3. Read up on the particular skill(s).

4. Think of activities in 4-H

(or elsewhere) you can do that

will focus on this skill(s).


5. Develop a plan of action – with your

agent, leader, etc. – “What do you

want to do?”

6. Action – conduct or lead the activity


7. Ask someone to observe you in your

leadership role in relation to the skills

you are working on.

8. Evaluate.


Club Scenarios

The Rockets 4-H Club (the club is two years old)

Membership: three 5-7 year olds; nine 8-10 year olds; four 11-13 year olds; and no 14-18 year olds. One assistant leader who is not very dependable. Two parents who work night shifts who are willing to help but cannot attend club meetings.

Project: club members want to learn how to build rockets, how to launch them, have a community rocket launch demonstration, and take a field trip to NASA in Titusville.

Reaching Out 4-H Club (the club is 23 years old)

Membership: nine 5-7 year olds; eight 8-10 year olds; eleven 11-13 year olds; seven 14-18 year olds. Other leaders: two assistants, six project and four activity.

Project: club members again decide they want to do 3 different club projects based on project curriculum, go on 2 field trips, do 3 service projects, and have 3 fund raisers.

Soaring High 4-H Club (the club is 11 years old)

Membership: two 5-7 year olds; one 8-10 year old; six 11-13 year olds; eight 14-18 year olds. Other leaders: six – but no designations.

Project: the club needs to develop its annual program plan

The Lucky Clovers 4-H Club (the club is six years old)

Membership: four 5-7 year olds; three 8-10 year olds; five 11-13 year olds and two 14-18 year olds. Four parents help as project or activity leaders.

Project: the members express an interest in doing a community service project, but they aren’t sure what, when, where, etc.

assessing my leadership skills qualities
Assessing My Leadership Skills & Qualities

Put an S by those you feel are one of your strengths and a W by those you feel are a weakness.

___ Making a first impression ___ Public Speaking ___ Teaching ___ Demonstrations ___ Listening ___ Talk with, not at ___ Vision ___ Advertising ___ Parliamentary Procedure ___ Debate ___ Video ___ TV ___ Interviewing ___ Newspaper Writing ___ Radio ___ Exhibits & Posters ___ Art & Photography ___ Public Relations ___ Writing ___ Decision Making ___ Mentoring ___ Conflict Resolution ___ Work Ethic ___ Assertiveness ___ Limit-Setting Boundaries ___ Task Completion ___ Self-Esteem ___ Teamwork ___ Community Service ___ Types of Power ___ Supportive ___ Volunteerism ___ Interpersonal Skills ___ Goal Setting ___ Creativity ___ Sportsmanship ___ Diversity and Tolerance ___ Stress Management ___ Citizenship ___ Responsibility ___ Management Skills ___ Leadership Styles ____Enthusiasm ___ Motivated ___ Group Management ___ Trustworthiness ____Motivating ___ Patience ___ Personal Appearance ___ Knowledge ____ Honesty ___ Punctuality ___ Fair Treatment of Others ___ Respect for Others ____ Optimism ___ Confidence ___ Positive Attitude ___ Dependability ____ Organization

My Leadership Goal (the skill(s) I want to work on:

Activity(s) to do to work on this skill(s):

** Share this with your County 4-H Agent or your 4-H Club Leader and ask them to help you develop a plan of action for leadership for the coming 4-H year.


Certification of Completion of PowerPoint Lesson

4-H Teen Leadership

Return to the Washita County OSU Extension Center, 125 W Main, Cordell, OK 73632.

Name _____________________________________________

Club _________________________________

Date Completed_______________________