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The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg  PowerPoint Presentation
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The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg 

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The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg  Technology Day on RDI 19th October 2009 Ian Cresswell Senior Executive Advisor Agenda Luxembourg: an Overview RDI Statistics Financing of RDI (National & European) Public Research Actors Challenges for RDI Luxembourg: an Overview (1)

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The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg 

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Presentation Transcript

The RDI Landscape in Luxembourg 

Technology Day on RDI

19th October 2009

Ian Cresswell

Senior Executive Advisor



  • Luxembourg: an Overview
  • RDI Statistics
  • Financing of RDI (National & European)
  • Public Research Actors
  • Challenges for RDI

Luxembourg: an Overview (1)

  • Located in the heart of Europe
  • International airport linked to 50 major cities (London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich & Berlin are 1 hour by plane)
  • Excellent road and rail infrastructures
  • National currency: Euro
  • Capital: Luxembourg City
  • Area: 2586 km2

Luxembourg: an Overview (2)

  • Population: 493,000 habitants (Jan 09)
  • Foreigner born residents 43.7% of population
  • Foreign labour constitues more than 65% of working population (residents + commuters)
  • One national and three administrative languages:
    • Luxemburgish (National language)
    • French
    • German

Luxembourg: an Overview (3)

  • 12th Most competitive country in the world (IMD 2009)
  • 4th Highest quality of life in world (Economist magazine)
  • High degree of political and labour stability
  • One of world’s safest cities (Mercer Consulting)
  • One of Europe’s lowest personal tax regimes (max marginal tax rate 38%)
  • Favourable corporate tax rate (30.36%)




Luxembourg: an Overview (4)

Breakdown of the Economy by Sector

Economy dominated by service sector:

  • 84% of Gross Value Added (2007)
  • 76% of employment (2007)



Luxembourg: an Overview (5)

Some Well-know Companies Located in Luxembourg


RDI Landscape

Total R&D Expenditure as % of GDP (2007)


B 





RDI Landscape

R&D Expenditure per Country by Sector (Public/Private) (2006)


68% of R&D expenditure from private sector

66% of R&D expenditure from private sector

85% of R&D expenditure from private sector

Science, Technology and Competitiveness key figures report 2008/2009





RDI Landscape

Public & Private Researchers in Luxembourg (2006)


Search for talented researchers initiated

New measures were adopted to increase the attractiveness of the Luxembourg market for researchers (PhD and PostDoc scholarships + immigration)

One of the highest rates in the EU27

Science, Technology and Competitiveness key figures report 2008/2009


RDI Landscape

Public Researchers in Luxembourg (2006)


Dominance of researchers in private sector

Strong importance of Engineering & Technology Sciences plus Exact Sciences (maths, physics, chemistry, biology…)




RDI Landscape

Innovation Performance


European Innovation Scoreboard 2008

Innovation followers

Innovation leaders


R&D Landscape in Figures

Innovation Strengths

  • High level of tertiary education (qualitative)
  • Widespread IT infrastructure
  • High level of business R&D expenditure
  • Good collaboration between SME’s
  • Leader in IP management
  • High level of product & process innovation
  • High level of marketing and organisational innovation
  • Significant employment in knowledge intensive services
  • High level of export of knowledge intensive services

RDI Landscape

How is RDI Financed in Luxembourg?

Ministry of Higher

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Small Businesses

Education & Research

& Foreign Trade

& Tourism


National Agency for


Research Fund

Innovation & Research


Strategic Support

Institutes of Higher

Public Research




Public RDI

Private RDI


RDI Landscape

How is Public R&D Financed in Luxembourg?


RDI Landscape

How is Public R&D Financed in Luxembourg?


RDI Landscape

How is Public R&D Financed in Luxembourg?

The AFR grant scheme has no thematic limitations and is open to all researchers, regardless of their nationality, who wish to engage in research training in Luxembourg or abroad. The interest of the project in the context of Luxembourg R&D will be evaluated in the process


RDI Landscape

How is Private RDI Financed in Luxembourg?

  • RDI Legislation of Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade
  • Framework Legislation Ministry of Middle Classes & Tourism
  • Innovation Loans (SNCI - National Credit & Investment Bank)
  • Definition of R&D projects or R&D programmes
  • Notion of technological risk
  • Simple developments or on-going improvements are not included
  • Incentive effect
  • The aid has to be requested before the beginning of the project
  • Objective of common interest for Luxembourg
  • Positive knowledge spill-overs
  • Improved competitiveness of the company and of the Country
(New legislation as of 5th June 2009 allowing inclusion of innovation support)

New opportunities for support of innovation activities:

Technical feasibility studies

Industrial Property Rights costs (SME’s)

Young innovative enterprises (SME’s)

Innovation advisory services and for innovation support services

Loan of highly qualified personnel

Process and organisational innovation in services

Innovation clusters (investment & animation)

RDI Landscape

RDI Legislation of Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade


RDI Landscape

7th Framework Programme

  • Overall situation up to February 2009:
  • 261 applicants in eligible proposals
  • 49 applicants retained (giving a success rate of 18,8%)
  • 35% companies and 65% public institutions (25 different organisations)
  • 9.5 mio EUR of EC financial contribution for retained applicants
  • 34 coordinators in submitted eligible proposals
  • 7 coordinators retained (giving a success rate of 20,5%)

RDI Landscape

European Space Agency (ESA)

  • Luxembourg is 17th member of ESA (30th June 2005)
  • Contribution to ESA by Luxembourg is 50 mio EUR for period 2009-2013
  • 30 private companies and 3 public institutions have participated in project programmes
  • 80 projects launched for a total value of 27.5 mio EUR
European initiative aiming to provide a quality label to collaborative R&D projects

Easy access to national public funding

High complemantarities with FP7 but more flexible

Currently 11 Eureka! projects running in Luxembourg


Information technologies (Cluster ITEA)

Telecommunications (Cluster CELTIC)

4 More projects to start in 2009 (ITEA, CELTIC, Eurostars)

RDI Landscape


CEPS Centre for Population Studies, Poverty and Socio-economic Policies (1978)

Public Research Centre Henri Tudor (1987)

Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann (1987)

Public Research Centre for Health (1988)

University of Luxembourg (2003)

RDI Landscape

Who are the Public Research Actors?

Founded in 1978 within framework of 1st European Community programme to combat poverty

International network for studies in technology, environment, alternatives, development

Multi-disciplinary research institute specialised in the collection & analysis of socio-economic and geographical data

Currently 57 researchers in 5 research units

Population and employment

Industrial organisation

Professional relations & employment

Geography & development

Training, international R&D

RDI Landscape


Founded in 1987

Aim: to reinforce economic fabric of country through creation of new technological skills within the Centre and by transferring this know-how to companies

200 researchers & staff in 4 departments:

EVA (Environment and Agro-biotechnologies)

ISC (IT, Systems & Collaboration)

REA (R&D in Equipment for the Automotive Industry)

SAM (Science & Analysis of Materials)

Represented by Dr Thierry Girot (SAM)

RDI Landscape

Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann

Founded in 1987

Aim: contribute to the improvement and stregthening of the innovation capacity of enterprises & public organisations

Currently 350 researchers & staff in 10 departments:

AMS (Advanced Materials & Structures)

CITI (Centre for IT Innovation)

CRSantec (Resource Centre for Healthcare Technologies)

CRTE (Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies)

CRTI-B (Resource Centre for Technologies & Innovation in Construction)

CVC (Technology Watch Centre)

LTI (Laboratory for Industrial Technologies)

SITec (Lifelong Learning for Technological Innovation)

Technoport (Technology-based Business Incubator)

FOSS (Free & Open-Source Software Innovation Platform)

Represented by Dr David Ruch (AMS)

RDI Landscape

Public Research Centre Henri Tudor

Founded in 1988

Aim: to generate knowledge on the pathenogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases with large impact on public health (clinically oriented biomendical research) and to perform epidemiological surveillance of these diseases and researrch on health-related determinants in the population

Currently 250 researchers & staff in 6 departments:

Virology, allergology & immunity



Cardiovascular diseases

Public health

CIEC (Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Centre)

Represented by Dr Jean-Claude Schmit

RDI Landscape

Public Research Centre for Health

Founded in 2003

University with a strong emphasis on research

Multilingual university with courses in 3 languages (English, German & French)

Bologna process integrated from start

Currently 776 collaborators (167 professors or associate professors)

3 Faculties:

Law, Economics and Finance

Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education

Sciences, Technologies and Communication

2 Interdisciplinary Research Centres

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability & Trust

Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biology

Represented by Prof’ Pascal Bouvry

RDI Landscape

University of Luxembourg


R&D Landscape

The Challenges for RDI in Luxembourg?

  • Increase public R&D expenditure to 1% of GDP
  • Orientate public research projects to defined themes (particularly Life Sciences)
  • Improve the governance of the National Innovation System through the use of Performance Contracts
  • Increase the supply of highly skilled personnel for public and private research
  • Develop collaborations between public research institutions and business at a National and a European level (PPP)
  • Encourage more companies to undertake R&D activities
  • Encourage the creation & development of new innovative companies
  • Develop advantageous Intellectual Property Rights conditions

R&D Landscape

The Future for RDI in Luxembourg?

Development of City of Science, Research and Innovation at Esch Belval (south west of Luxembourg)

Future location for all RDI activities in Luxembourg!

3,000 Teachers & researchers

27.34 Hectare site

475,000m2 Working area


Les Clusters Luxembourgeois

Ian Cresswell

Luxinnovation GIE

7, rue Alcide de Gasperi

L-1615 Luxembourg – Kirchberg

B.P. 1372 L-1013 Luxembourg

Tél. +352 43 62 63-1

Fax. +352 43 81 20

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