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PRAXIS I PREPARATION TIPS. Created by Peter Osborne, Resident Assistant University of Maine at Farmington

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Created by Peter Osborne, Resident AssistantUniversity of Maine at Farmington

I would like to submit this bulletin board I created for education preparing to take the Praxis I exam. This exam is required in many states for any student wishing to enter a teacher education program and is a source of great stress for many education students at colleges all over the country!

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Your Guide to ACING the Test!

Don t answer too quickly l.jpg
Don’t answer too quickly!

  • Make sure to read through all of the answer choices before picking an answer!

  • Often one choice will seem correct…until you examine the others more closely!

Pace yourself l.jpg
PACE Yourself!

  • Bring a watch to the test to make sure that you work at a reasonable pace!

  • Remember that the test is timed—make sure that you know how long each is and how long it leaves for each question!

Be in good mental and physical condition for the test l.jpg
Be in good mental and physical condition for the test!

  • Be well-rested for the test, so that you can stay calm and focused!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast to avoid hunger pangs that lead to distraction!

  • Don’t stay up the night before to cram—it’s not worth it!

If you don t know always guess l.jpg
If you don’t know—always guess!

  • Only your correct answers are used to determine your score!

  • If you don’t know an answer, use your powers of deduction to eliminate less likely answers and then guess—it can’t hurt!

Praxis i math l.jpg

  • Reacquaint yourself with (and memorize) basic math formulas and their variables—neither will be listed on the test!

  • FOCUS ON: Geometric shapes and basic equations and formulas.

Praxis i reading l.jpg
PRAXIS I Reading

  • Practice technical reading by checking out science journals and magazines and focus on comprehending the big ideas (and some important details!)

  • READ each passage (not just skim), and pick out the main ideas and relationships within each passage.

Praxis i writing l.jpg
PRAXIS I Writing

  • The writing section requires a strong understanding of sentence structure: the placement of direct and indirect objects, for example, and the basic parts of speech.

  • Being able to identify all the aspects of a sentence is the only way to ensure that you are able to rule out all incorrect answers!

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For more info…

Educational Testing Service (administers the PRAXIS Exams)

UMF Center for Human Development

Also check out CHD’s extensive resource library for paper versions of PRAXIS test-prep guides and resources!

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This bulletin board was created for an Education-themed floor for the month of November, when many freshmen sign up to take the PRAXIS I!