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November 2010 Transit Service Changes PowerPoint Presentation
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November 2010 Transit Service Changes

November 2010 Transit Service Changes

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November 2010 Transit Service Changes

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  1. November 2010 Transit Service Changes

  2. Overview • Service change date - Sunday, November 7th 2010 • New Branding of Resort Corridor and Express Services • Opening of Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) • Opening of Westcliff Transit Center and Park and Ride • Restructuring of Resort Corridor Services (Deuce/Gold Line) • Route 113 & MAX Consolidation • Route 409 Elimination • Other timing/span of service adjustments

  3. New Branding • No ACE or ACExpress references • Gold Line will now be called the Strip and Downtown Express (SDX) • ACExpress Routes (C-Line and W-Line) will now be called Centennial Express (CX) and Westcliff Airport Express (WAX) • All future BRT and Express routes will be named similarly; i.e. Boulder Highway Express

  4. Bonneville Transit Center (BTC) • Located at the intersection of Bonneville Ave. and Casino Center Blvd. • Replacement for DTC • Service will operate through DTC until the end of service day Saturday November, 6 (approx. 2AM Nov. 7th) • Shuttle to be provided during overnight hours between DTC and BTC to facilitate any passengers that are caught in the transition period • All current routes that serve DTC will also serve BTC • Additionally, Express routes (Centennial and Westcliff Airport Express) will serve this terminal • NO BACKING FROM BAYS REQUIRED!!

  5. Westcliff Transit Center & Park & Ride • Located at the southwest corner of Durango Drive and Westcliff Boulevard (just south of Summerlin Parkway) • Will be served by Routes 207 (Alta-Stewart), 208 (Washington), 209 (Vegas/Owens) and new Westcliff Airport Express • Routing west of Rainbow for all three routes will be revised to provide more coverage in the area • Opening November 7th for fixed route service • Parking Lot will not be available until December 12th when the Westcliff-Airport Express route begins • Over 100 parking spaces available

  6. Routes 207, 208, & 209 Modified to Serve WTC

  7. NEW Westcliff Airport Express Route • Westcliff-Airport Express (WAX) begins on Sunday, December 12, 2010 • Will operate from Suncoast Casino to McCarran Airport via the Westcliff Transit Center, downtown Las Vegas, BTC and the Strip (Trop. and LVB) • Additional park and ride to be established at Suncoast Casino • Is NOT a Ticket Now Route • Boarding process is the same as any other residential route • Residential Route Fare Structure • TVM’s will be at certain locations, but payment prior to boarding is not a requirement • Operates 7 days a week • Monday through Friday service will operate from 5:25AM until 11PM • Weekend service will operate from 6:05AM until 11PM • Coordinated some transfers from Westcliff Airport Express to Centennial Express at BTC to minimize wait between coaches • Will use primarily 40-foot CNG vehicles

  8. Deuce on the Strip /Strip and Downtown Express • Deuce will be rerouted to serve BTC • Northbound routing will utilize 4th Street to Colorado, then north to 3rd Street and enter the busway currently used by the Gold Line. Buses will use the existing Arts District and Transit Center stops • Southbound, Deuce will utilize a new stop on Casino Center (in a turnout adjacent to BTC) heading back to Las Vegas Blvd. at Gass Street • No service on Las Vegas Boulevard between Carson and Gass • Strip and Downtown Express (SDX) will continue its normal current routing. • No SDX service between 12:30AM and 9AM (except during major conventions where service will operate earlier) • Combined productivity of the Deuce and SDX is very low overnight • Special Deuce AM Routing to be established • Deuce will be extended to SSTT during this time and serve existing SDX stops at Town Square/Callaway Golf, George Crockett and LVB and the South Strip terminal • Maps and Transit Guide have specific information regarding this change • Passengers will be required to board through front door only

  9. Route 113/MAX • Consolidation of services to provide more efficient and even service along North Las Vegas Blvd. Corridor • Introduction of dual-staircase double-deck vehicles on Route 113 • Route 113 will be restructured to serve all MAX stops in addition to normal bus stops in between (typically ¼ mile apart) • Route 113/MAX will alternate serving MAX stations every 15 minutes • This means that Route 113 will operate every 30 minutes and MAX will operate every 30 minutes (every other coach will be a Route 113 and every other coach will be a MAX vehicle) • Route 113 will continue to operate 24 hours a day while MAX will only operate between 5AM and 7PM, seven days a week • Boarding process for Route 113 will be the same as it is now for MAX ONLY at MAX stations between the hours of 5AM and 10PM • All other stops for Route 113 will require boarding through front door only. • Boarding through front door only between 10PM and 5AM at ALL stops • Fare Enforcement Officers will ride both routes to verify proof of payment

  10. Currently Routes 203 and 213 operate ¼ mile apart from each other along Desert Inn Road and Spring Mountain Road west of Las Vegas Blvd. Ridership is spread out fairly evenly among the two routes Particularly light ridership on Route 213 between Durango and Rainbow Route 203 will now operate along Desert Inn Road between Durango Drive and Grand Canyon Road to replace both branches of Route 213 (to Sahara and Fort Apache and to Nevada Cancer Institute) There will be no service along Grand Canyon, Red Hills and Fort Apache north of Sahara Route 213 will terminate at a new layover on northbound Lindell Road north of Spring Mountain Road This location allows for convenient transferring to Route 203 to continue west Routes 203/213

  11. Routes 108 / 109 • Due to location of BTC, Route 109 has been modified to not serve Maryland Parkway/13th Street north of Bonneville Avenue • Would have created a significant time delay for those needing to transfer to other routes by having 109 operate along existing route and then head to BTC. • Route 108 will be extended to cover this portion • Surveys were conducted along impacted areas and revealed that most need the existing routing to transfer to an east/west route. Those that need to travel specifically on Maryland Parkway south of Charleston will have a transfer opportunity at Bonneville and Maryland

  12. Elimination of Route 409 • Very low productivity • Route 108 duplicates majority of route • Industrial Road between Northbridge and Wyoming will not have service • Alternate service located within ½ mile (Route 108, Deuce, Strip and Downtown Express)

  13. Route 402 • Will be operated by Southern Nevada Transit Coalition (SNTC) • Will use existing RTC 40-foot hybrid and diesel vehicles • Garage will be based in Boulder City • Fueling/Probing will take place at Sunset Maintenance Facility • Some timing adjustments to compensate for additional time needed to travel to BTC

  14. Other Changes • New schedules for Centennial Express • Minor reduction in frequency during peak hours (currently every 10 minutes) to every 15-20. • Includes coordinated transfers with Westcliff Airport Express • Some late evening Route 202 trips short-turned on the east end • Will only go as far as Flamingo and Nellis • Trip modifications to Route 408 • Elimination of 3:08PM trip from Beltway Business Park to SSTT and 3:42PM trip from SSTT to Beltway Business Park • Continued marketing and performance monitoring of route

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